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Aoi was throwing stones in the river in competition with Guy and sadly Guy was winning.

'Aoi-chan! Try harder!' Guy urged as though it was a game of life and death.

Aoi rolled her eyes and threw her stone harder trying to release all her nervous tension with it. But it ended in the stone sinking on the first landing with a splash rather than skipping over some distance on the water surface.

'What?' Guy exclaimed. 'That was the worst I have seen yet!'

'Guy, would you just shut up?' Aoi said. 'I'm not really in any mood to do stone throwing competition or whatever the hell I'm doing right now with you!'

'You're no fun,' Guy said. 'I miss my rival! Kakashi when will you come back?' And he started shedding tears.

'God, help me,' Aoi muttered.

'Aoi-chan you'll make it through,' Guy said rubbing off the tears. 'Don't be nervous! You have youth on your side!'

'Guy?' Aoi asked.


'Why didn't you apply?' she asked. 'I mean even after Kakashi and I did?'

Guy gave her a smile. 'Not my cup of tea.'

'How do you know that?' Aoi asked.

Guy shrugged. 'Why shouldn't I? I'm talking about myself aren't I?'

Aoi sighed. Guy was always very sure of himself.

'I miss my rival!' Guy announced again. 'He made the matches challenging.'

Aoi didn't know how that worked since Kakashi always seemed to want to play rock, paper, scissors to end the match quickly.

'You don't get a lot of time to ponder around when you're in the ANBU,' Aoi said. 'He's been in the ANBU a week and I think I have seen him once the entire week.'

'I wouldn't be able to see Aoi-chan too!' Guy wailed.

'Given that I do get in,' Aoi corrected. 'I don't get it. Hokage sama said someone from the ANBU would give me my results by noon. It's evening and there's no sign of the guy!'

'There he is,' Guy pointed behind Aoi. Aoi turned, the nervousness almost overwhelming her stomach to the point of throwing up. There was a masked ANBU guy standing there, his ANBU mask bordering in red and he had appeared as silently as the word silence could stretch.

Aoi rolled her eyes. 'Oh, it's you,' she said in a bored voice. 'I thought someone more official would be coming.'

'Excuse me?' the ANBU guy said. 'I don't know what you're talking about.'

Aoi's brow twitched. The nerve of him.

'Aoi-chan, you know him?' Guy asked.

Exactly how clueless could this guy get?

'You're hair's a dead giveaway,' Aoi stated. 'Exactly how many ninjas are here in Konoha who had that sort of grey hair? I'd say one. And excuse me, I think I heard your annoying voice since I was like three so I think I know what it sounds like.'

Then she stepped right in front of him fuming with anger that he had to take a step back.

'And,' she said, her hands clenching into fists. 'YOU ARE FOUR FUCKING HOURS LATE!'


'Tell me Hatake, what's stopping me from beating you to a pulp and throwing you in that river!' Aoi demanded.

'I have you're results?' Kakashi replied, calmly enough though he was stepping back slowly.

Aoi tapped her feet waiting for him to reveal it.

'You're in,' he said finally.

Guy jumped. 'YYeess!' Aoi-chan I told you so!'

Aoi however only sighed and pushed past Kakashi and walk away.

'You shouldn't bother wearing that mask, mask face,' Aoi advised as she walked away. 'It doesn't make much of a difference.'

Kakashi sighed. His ANBU life just got a little tougher now that Aoi was in too and not to mention in the same squad. But then when he thought about it, it got a lot less boring too.

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