Who would have guessed?



'Oi, do you think everything will be alright tomorrow?' Aoi asked, her voice muffled by her pillows and covers. 'Oi, are you asleep? I know you're not. Don't pretend.'

Kakashi sighed from the bed next to hers. 'Really, how much more annoying can you get?'


'Rhetorical question,' Kakashi clarified. 'I really don't want to know.' He did not want any more mice running around in his bed or green goo in his hair or actual glue in his sandals or…there was no end to it.

'Too bad,' Aoi said. Then she sighed. 'Is the Academy scary?'

'I wouldn't know,' Kakashi answered. 'I start tomorrow too.'

'Aren't you nervous?' Aoi asked.

'No,' Kakashi stated. 'I'm planning on graduating in less than a year.'

Even though she couldn't see his face in the darkness, Aoi could tell from his voice that he was being serious. And even though she would rather die than admit it to him, she knew that he could actually do it.

'Not if they set mice on you, you won't,' Aoi said.

'Not that again,' Kakashi said.

'We're supposed to take someone from the family with us tomorrow,' Aoi said.

'I know,' Kakashi replied.

'You're not worried that you're father might not be here in time?'

'No,' he replied. 'He promised me, he will come. And so he will.'

Aoi didn't ask any further questions. After about an entire minute of silence, Kakashi spoke. 'Go to sleep Aoi. You're dad will be here too, don't worry so much.'

Somehow, Aoi highly doubted that. But still she had never heard Kakashi be so…considerate. Was he actually consoling her?

Aoi nodded, and then realized Kakashi couldn't see her.

'Thank you,' she said in an incredibly low voice as though she was deliberately trying not to let Kakashi hear that. But she was pretty sure he did.

Then she shook her head. It's not like she liked him now or anything. No way! She still hated his guts. Yes she did!

She only said it because she felt bad about putting those mice in his bed.

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