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So this drabble is more Aoi centric since I decided that I need to build up a little more of her character and reveal more stuffs about her past. The next two or three drabbles would also be Aoi centric with slight appearances and mentions of Kakashi. But they will have more of Minatio and Kushina (for all ya MinaKushi fans) =D

In this chapter, I used the english translation of Kushina's catch phrase "tebane" as "Ya know" because honestly it sounds pretty weird if I use "tebane" after the english sentences. :P

Anyway, enjoy!


Aoi sat waiting. Even after she urged herself to believe what Kakashi had told her the night before, she knew deep down that it was no use. There was a reason that she was still sitting in the front porch of the day care centre waiting and he had already gone. Her Academy inauguration was going to start in less than ten minutes and there was still no sign of her father.

She had seen Hatake Sakumo for the first time when he came in the morning to pick Kakashi up. She had heard about him much like every other living soul in the village, like how his power even overshadowed that of the Sanin and how he was such a strong ninja. Basically Kakashi hardly ever stopped talking about him and even though Aoi got annoyed about having to hear the same thing so many times, she was almost always listening intently and wishing secretly to see the man who could be that astonishingly powerful. Even Kushina sensei was overbearing with respect at the sight of him when she was handing an overjoyed Kakashi back to his father.

Oddly enough, Aoi had imagined Hatake Sakumo to have this dangerous sort of face that would make everyone cower in fear but in reality it was nothing like that. He had the softest smile on his face as he greeted his son and Aoi thought that smile didn't at all go with his reputation. But at least even a busy ninja such as himself found it in himself to keep his promise and come to his son when he needed him. She felt a pang of envy at Kakashi but she shook her head and drew back before she could be noticed by either of them. It wasn't his fault that Aoi's dad didn't care about her. She had no doubt about the fact that he wouldn't come since she practically stayed more nights at the day care centre than at home. Her dad always found something to do so as to avoid staying with her for too long. It hurt to think like that. But she slowly learned to accept it.

She could always show up at the Academy alone and she knew at the end of the day she would have to. Amidst all the kids with their parents she would be like a lone figure. Very much out of place.

Uzumaki Kushina saw the look on Aoi's face and it saddened her instantly. Aoi was never really sad. Angry, hyper, happy, sarcastic these were all part of Aoi's character but Kushina had seldom seen her sad and had never seen her cry. Aoi wasn't shedding tears now but in her utmost effort of not wanting to shed them, Aoi's cheeks were puffing up slowly.

'Kushina,' someone called her and she turned her head to see it was Nara Shikaku who spoke. And she could see Aburame Shibi not very far behind.

'Shikaku?' Kushina asked surprised at his sudden appearance.

'Hokage-sama picked you as the third member of this mission team,' Shikaku said. 'Which was a wise move. This mission will need your skills. We need to set off now.'

Kushina was surprised. A mission! That was a first in like forever! Hokage sama! You're the best, ya know!

But then she looked at Aoi still sitting silently at the porch and her heart broke again.

'Shikaku, do you think it will be possible to delay the mission for at least an hour?' Kushina asked.

'Delay?' Shikaku raised his eyebrows.

'I can't just leave her here, ya know,' Kushina said. Shikaku glanced at Aoi.

'Look, I'll just escort her over to the Academy and the hand her over to someone else to take care of her while I'm gone,' Kushina said. 'It's not gonna take much time.'

'Only family goes to the Academy Kushina,' Shikaku reminded her.

'I'm her sensei. She lives more with me than her actual family.' Kushina said heatedly. 'It's family enough, ya know!'

'Then who will you hand her over to?' Shikaku asked.

'Minato,' Kushina said automatically. 'He's supposed to be in the village for a while as far as I heard. And since there's no more kids left here, I'll close the place down before my replacement arrives.'

Shikaku sighed. There was no convincing Kushina when her mind was made up. 'Fine, one hour,' he said. 'Meet us at the gates.'

'Done!' Kushina said flashing him a smile. 'Thank you.'

Shikaku and Shibi disappeared and Kushina went in front of Aoi.

'Aoi-chan, c'mon, I'll take you to the Academy,' Kushina said kindly with a smile. Aoi looked up at her with big confused eyes. 'C'mon.'


Kushina shook her head and cut her off. 'You have to work hard to be a ninja and get one of these, ya know,' Kushina said, tapping her forehead protector. 'And it all starts at the Academy.'

'But only family-,' Aoi started confused again.

'I'm your sensei,' Kushina said. 'You're my student. That's family enough to me. If those Academy people have anything to say about it, I'll just have to give them a piece of my mind.' Kushina said the last past fisting her hands in a dangerous fashion. Then she looked down and to her surprise she found the tears Aoi was holding back with such effort slowly fall down her face. Her nose was running freely too.

'S-sensei,' she choked. 'T-thank y-you.' Aoi stood up and hugged Kushina now effortlessly sniffing and sobbing. Aoi barely reached above Kushina's legs.

'C'mon then Aoi chan,' Kushina said smiling at her again and ruffling her hair. 'We're getting late, ya know! And you know a shinobi should never show her emotions.'

Aoi knew that. But this time she just couldn't help it.

So let me know how you liked this! =D


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