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So this chapter reveals more about Aoi's past and it has more of Kakashi than the last two chapters did. Also this scene is taking place before the death of Minato and Kushina but after the death of Obito and Rin.

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He was fourteen years old and he had lost more people in his life than he could handle. First his mother, then his father and then his teammates. Kakashi sighed as he made his way to the memorial. Life had given him every reason to visit this one place every day from a very early age.

It was pretty late. Night had already fallen. He didn't usually visit so late at night but it couldn't be helped. His mission had kept him and he couldn't get any sleep anyway. Well, at least he hoped the place would be peaceful and quite at a time like this. But as soon as he set foot in there, he got the biggest shock of his life.

Aoi? In the memorial? In the entire ten years of time that he had known Aoi, he had never seen her in the memorial and he was basically a regular there. She was kneeling down in front of someone's grave and then suddenly she stood up. Her hand went to her face. Was she rubbing off tears? The first time he had seen her cry was when Obito died. This would be the second time if she really was crying, that is. Kakashi stepped back. Maybe she needed her space. She would feel embarrassed seen like this, he knew. So it was better to disappear before she-

'I know you're there,' Aoi's voice said suddenly. It wasn't shaking or anything. It gave no indication that she was crying at all. Then she sighed. 'I thought you had come during the day and wouldn't come now.'

Kakashi walked out of the shadows and Aoi looked up at the sky.

'I know you're dying to ask, mask face,' she said. 'So ask.'

It was true. He was dying to know whose grave she was visiting but he shook his head. 'You don't have to tell me anything. I'm just a little surprised to see you here. You don't usually come here.'

'Says who?' Aoi asked with a slight smirk.

'I-I just never see you here,' Kakashi replied a little taken aback by her reply.

'That's because I make sure never to be here when you are,' Aoi said. 'I seemed to have miscalculated the timing tonight.'

Kakashi shook his head again. 'I couldn't come during the day. Mission. And I couldn't sleep.'

'Oh well, I'll leave you to it then,' Aoi said picking up her katana from the ground.

'Will you tell me if I ask?' Kakashi asked suddenly as she started walking away. He couldn't believe he knew this girl for ten years and hardly knew anything about her past.

Aoi smiled. 'It isn't exactly a taboo topic, mask face,' she said. 'I just never gave anyone a chance to ask before. Well, looks like you have it now.'

'I go to there every day,' Aoi told Kakashi ten minutes later as they sat on the soft grass near the river. 'And made sure never to go whenever someone I knew was around. It would just bring up questions and I wasn't really comfortable answering.'

Kakashi didn't interrupt. He let her continue in her own pace.

'It's my mother and by brother,' Aoi said.

'I didn't know-.'

'-I had a brother?' Aoi finished Kakashi's sentence for him. 'Yeah, few people do.'

'What happened?'

'Came back dead from a mission when I was four,' Aoi said. 'That was some time before I started the Academy. He was in ANBU. I don't even know yet how he died. You know, ANBU and all. All classified information.'

'And you're mother?' Kakashi asked. He knew Aoi when they were four. She irritated the hell out of him. And to think she was going through the death of a brother the entire time.

'My mother,' Aoi said slowly. 'Well, I killed her.'

Kakashi did a double take at first and then looked at her warily. What she said somehow felt very familiar to him.

'Aoi, you-.'

'It's the truth,' Aoi said with a shrug. Then she clutched her head with her hand like she was having a headache. She sighed and then looked up again. 'I'm sorry, this part I really don't want to talk about. I don't even know what happened.'

Kakashi didn't push her into saying more. He could see it was a frustrating topic for her to discuss.

'But you know, I give you full permission to find out what happened,' Aoi said. 'You'll get more information that way anyway.'

Kakashi had no idea what in the world that meant.

'Who else knows about this?' he asked.

'Minato sensei, Kushina sensei, Sandaime sama and my father,' Aoi said. 'Few other people but I don't specifically know them.'

Kakashi nodded. 'You could save me the trouble and just tell me, you know,' he said.

'Oh because you tell me everything the easy way,' Aoi said sarcastically.

Kakashi knew what she was talking about. And that was one topic he didn't like talking about at all.


'Oh shut up,' Aoi snapped. 'I didn't ask you to elaborate. I just said you don't tell me stuff the easy way. Doesn't mean I don't find out stuff.' She paused and then said. 'I know. Or at least I know the most of it anyway.'

This time Kakashi failed to conceal his surprise. 'When did you find out?'

'A few minutes ago,' Aoi said casually.

'What?' this time he was really confused.

She turned her face to look at him. 'When I said I killed my mother, you didn't give the right reaction. Your reaction was…empathizing.' She sighed, shook her head and stood up. 'So I'm guessing not a lot of people know exactly how Rin died then?'

Kakashi looked at her in shock, not being able to respond.

'Oh well, I'll head home,' Aoi said. 'See ya later, mask face.' She turned and walked away leaving a still baffled Kakashi behind.

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