Who would have guessed?




Kakashi slowly walked through the corridor towards the door that led to the Hokage's office. He knocked.

'Come in.'

Kakashi opened the door and walked in.

'Kakashi?' the Hokage looked up from a vast amount of paperwork. 'What can I do for you?'

'Do have some time, Minato sensei?' Kakashi asked. 'I wanted to ask you something.'

Minato moved aside the paper work and smiled. 'What is it, then?'

'It's about Aoi,' Kakashi started.

Kakashi found Aoi by the lake throwing stones in the water. He picked up one close to his feet and threw in one too.

'You suck at this,' Aoi said without turning back. Kakashi's stone didn't skip at all. Aoi turned then and picked up another stone and Kakashi walked to stand beside her, picking one up for himself in the process.

'So you asked someone huh?' Aoi asked as he stone skipped twice in the water.

Kakashi nodded.

'I don't want your pity, okay,' Aoi made her point clear.

'Who said I was offering?' Kakashi replied. 'You didn't offer me any of yours.'

Aoi turned her head slowly and looked at him and then laughed. 'You were already so loaded. I didn't think you'd find space for mine.'

'Yeah, never got to thank you for that,' Kakashi said.

Aoi shrugged and kicked a totally unsuspecting Kakashi right into the lake.

'Consider me thanked,' she said as he splashed around in the cold water.

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