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New Year

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This is a new year special drabble and somewhat longer than my usual drabbles. Hope you enjoy!


New Year

Aoi exhaled a frustrated sigh. 'Kushina sensei, why are we here?'

'To see the celebrations!' Kushina replied.

'That's it?' Aoi asked. 'You dragged me out of training for that? And here I was thinking your house caught fire or something!'

'It's going to be a new year in a few hours,' Kushina said. 'Why would you be training at this moment? You should enjoy the festivals. Plus I need someone to see the place around with. So stop complaining. C'mon!' Kushina dragged her by her arm.

'Why with me?' Aoi asked. 'Shouldn't you be doing this with Minato sensei and not your kindergarten student?'

'He'll be late,' Kushina replied. 'He's overloaded with work. He said he'll come by in an hour or two. Plus I hardly ever get to see you nowadays.'

'I come by your place at least once every week,' Aoi reminded her. And the hit on her head came the moment she uttered the words.

'OWWWWW!' Aoi shouted, holding her head, the pain bringing tears in her eyes.

'Stop. Complaining!' Kushina yelled at her. 'You are not going back to the training field no matter how much you do!'

'Sensei! You're the Hokage's wife now! You can't be seen beating people up in public!' Aoi said, as the people around them stared. But like that was ever going to stop Kushina.

'Te-te-te-te-te-te!' Aoi stammered, as Kushina started pulling her by her ear.

Kushina smiled beautifully at the onlookers. 'Just having some fun with my old student,' she explained. The onlookers smiled back and nodded.

Someone save me! Aoi prayed.

Kakashi stepped out of the graveyard and made his way towards the festival. It sounded like it could be fun and he knew that the moment Guy would spot him he would challenge him in every single festival game there was. Well at least it would pass the time.

True to his prediction, the moment he stepped foot in the festival, Guy tackled him to the ground. Kakashi couldn't fathom how Guy could locate him so fast. He was like a hound on pursuit of fresh bloody meat.

They played eleven different games and the score was six to five in favor of Kakashi. As they walked through the streets, (Guy in constant search of another game) they saw Asuma and Kurenai walking together both of them enjoying ice creams. Not too far from them were Genma, Raido and Hayate laughing loudly about something. (Hayate's laugh was being disrupted by his constant coughing).

Guy was running here and there still blabbering about youth and how he would defeat Kakashi once and for all. Over that Kakashi heard Kushina's sudden exclamation which made him look to his right.

'Ramen! It's open!' she said. 'Aoi! C'mon. We're going in there now!'

Looking a little distance behind Kushina, Kakashi noticed Aoi forcing herself to follow Kushina. On seeing Aoi, Kakashi choked back a laugh. Aoi looked like she had just survived and returned from war. Her expression looked somewhere between that of a mad person and a completely helpless one.

'Wait, sensei,' Aoi called after Kushina. 'I can't-must rest-walking- for an hour.'

'Aoi! Hurry up!' Kushina called, not hearing what Aoi was saying.

Aoi spotted Kakashi on the other side of the road, ran to him and caught him by his collar.

'Find Minato sensei now!' she said. 'Bring him here. I don't care if you have to tie Minato sensei up to do that.'

'Tie me up? Why?' Aoi and Kakashi both turned to see the Fourth Hokage standing in front of them.

'AOI!' Kushina called again most probably looking for her causing Aoi to turn blue with fear.

'Ah, that's why,' Minato said, comprehending the situation. Smiling, Minato ruffled Aoi's hair and said. 'I'll fill in now.'

Aoi let out a sigh of relief. 'Saved,' she said. Minato smiled and walked away to go to Kushina.

'Oi, you can let go of me now,' Kakashi said suddenly.

Aoi realized she was still holding the front of his shirt in the threatening manner. She let go immediately. 'Oh right. Sorry.'

'Aoi-chaaaannnn!' Guy's over enthusiastic voice came to her ears. 'You came to the festival! I knew my lecture about youth would get through to you! I'm so happy!' He went in for a hug but got heartlessly punched in the face by a very smug Aoi.

'I'll go back to train,' Aoi said. 'See you two later.'

'Aoi chan!' Guy called as blood ran down from his nose. 'Wait! You can't miss this! There's so much youth around!'

'Since you're already here, stay a while,' Kakashi said. 'It's going to be midnight in half an hour.'

'YES!' Guy agreed. 'You have to see the fireworks. They'll begin right at midnight.'

Aoi contemplated. 'Yeah, since I'm already here. I could stay for half an hour.'

'YES!' Guy cheered and spurted a fresh amount blood all over the place.

'Go find yourself a medic,' Aoi said. 'And join us later.'

As Guy disappeared, shouting his usual nonsense, Kakashi fell in step beside Aoi.

'I'm surprised he didn't say he would stop bleeding through his nose by sheer hard work,' Kakashi commented.

'I'd just punch him again,' Aoi stated. 'So what's fun around here?'

This time Kakashi turned blue. 'No more games,' he said. 'You weren't the only one getting dragged all over the place.'

'I figured,' Aoi said, grinning. 'C'mon let's find a good spot to see the fireworks. I'll see them and then get out of this place.'

After five minutes Aoi finally found it. 'There.'

Kakashi rolled his eyes. 'Right,' he said. 'Your favorite places. Windows and rooftops.'

'Shuddup!' Aoi snapped and got on top of the roof in two jumps closely followed by Kakashi.

Kakashi had to admit the rooftop was a good place. They not only had a good view of the sky but also the festival around them.

'Looks like the entire village came by,' Aoi said. 'There's Mikoto-san and her son, Itachi-kun. Kushina sensei was telling me he's going to have a sibling sometime around July.'

'Well poor kid will have a lot to compete to,' Kakashi said. 'Itachi-kun is one of those prodigies according to the Academy. They say he'll be graduating in a year or two.'

'He's only five,' Aoi said. Then she sighed. 'Oh well, it looks like your prodigy community is going to get a new member.'

Kakashi stopped himself from rolling his eyes as someone ran past their place shouting at the top of his lungs. 'Five minutes to midnight! Five minutes to midnight.'

At the boy's scream, almost everyone from the festival started coming and gathering around that area waiting for the countdown and fireworks that would start a fresh new year for everyone.

Aoi smiled. 'Konoha sure knows how to celebrate.'

Kakashi nodded, agreeing.

The chanting begun pretty soon after that.


Aoi saw the people make way for their Hokage and his lunatic of a wife to get to the front.


She spotted Guy running towards that place, his nose newly bandaged, trip and fall face down on the ground.


Then everybody screamed together. 'HAPPY NEW YEAR!'

And the sky became beautifully golden with the start of the fireworks.

Aoi saw Minato sensei bend down and kiss Kushina sensei initiating a lot of cheers. And those two weren't the only ones showing affection in that manner. Around them a lot other people were either locked in embraces or kissing. Even Asuma and Kurenai were among those people.

Aoi and Kakashi looked at each other and immediately looked away in opposite directions both of them turning red at once.

Talk about awkward.

'The fireworks are nice,' Kakashi said, scratching the back of his head, trying to dissolve the discomfort.

'Yeah,' Aoi said. 'Very nice.' Fortunately for them, the affectionate celebrations around them were over and everybody was enjoying the fireworks display.

'I-I should go,' Aoi said. 'I have a mission tomorrow and I haven't finished training yet.'

Kakashi nodded but before he could say anything Aoi leaned sideways and pressed a kiss on his cheek over his mask. 'Thanks for keeping my secret, mask face and happy new year.'

And before Kakashi could regain his composure and say anything, Aoi was gone.

He lifted his hand and touched the place on his cheek where her lips had touched. He could still feel the heat through his mask.

Only Aoi could surprise the living daylights out of him and leave him speechless in the process.

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And hopefully year 2013 will be great for all of you! ^_^


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