Who would have guessed?



Walking through the streets of the newly rebuilding Konoha, Hatake Kakashi could only think about the new responsibility he was being handed over. And wasn't very sure if he was even cut out for this.

'Hokage huh?'

Kakashi turned to find Aoi standing a few paces behind him.

'Yeah it looks like it,' Kakashi replied. He stopped walking so as to let Aoi catch up with him.

'Great! Ichiraku! My treat!' she announced enthusiastically. Then she became smug again. 'Like you ever treated anyone in your life you stingy miser,' she muttered.

Kakashi scratched his head grinning sheepishly.

'You don't seem very happy about it,' Aoi stated after a pause. 'About being Hokage, I mean.'

'What makes you say that?' Kakashi asked, slightly taken aback.

'I know you since before you slapped that stupid piece of cloth on your face,' Aoi replied, rolling her eyes. 'I don't need to look at your face to know what goes on in your mind.'

'I see,' Kakashi replied, smiling. 'Yeah, I guess you're right again,' he admitted.

'What's the problem with being the Hokage?' Aoi asked.

'I just don't think I'm Hokage material, you know,' Kakashi said.

Aoi scoffed. 'You make me wanna gag sometimes,' Aoi said rolling her eyes again and started walking ahead of him.

She stopped midway, and spoke without turning. 'Your sensei would be proud of you,' she said. 'You'll do just fine Kakashi.' With that she walked away, not turning to look back at him.

Kakashi stared after her with a soft smile. I hope you're right.

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