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Broken Ceiling

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Broken Ceiling

The loud knock on his window woke Kakashi up in the middle of the night. Sitting right up he looked out to find out that Aoi was standing outside with what looked like a pillow in her hand and a very annoyed expression on her face. Trying to figure out what she wanted now, Kakashi got down from his bed and slowly went to open the window.

'I swear to god, if you're any slower I'll break in!' Aoi snapped.

That helped him gain some speed. He opened the window and she jumped in.

'What is it?' he asked.

'I just want to get some shut eye,' Aoi said. 'I'll just use your couch. Go back to sleep. Pretend I'm not here.'

'Why here?' Kakashi asked back, clearly not getting anything. 'What's wrong with your own place?'

'My goddamn ceiling broke down and fell on top of me while I was sleeping!' Aoi said. 'I came back from a long mission and I'm exhausted. I'll tell you everything later. Let me sleep.'

She walked out of the room and went to his living room and crashed on his couch. Despite her request, Kakashi followed her there.

'You're ceiling collapsed on you, then what are you doing here?' he demanded. 'You should be in the hospital! Are you alright!'

'Fine,' came her muffled voice from the pillow she was carrying. 'I'll go fix everything in the morning. Now, go away.'


'Look,' she said turning her head away from the pillow. 'If I went to the hospital they would have poked and prodded me and not let me sleep for god knows how long. This is the best option I had and you better not open your mouth about it!'

'You have a cut on your face and some on your hands,' he stated.

'They'll heal themselves,' Aoi replied, unbothered turning back to the pillow. 'NOW LET ME SLEEP!'

Kakashi sighed and left the room. Instead of heading back to bed he went to the kitchen and brought out the first aid kit. He knew the right thing to do would be to drag her to the hospital. He decided he would most certainly do that in the morning. The least he could do was stop the bleeding for now.

He walked back to the living room and found her already asleep. He sighed again. He hoped she remained asleep the time he patched her up. It would make things a hell lot easier for him.

Luckily for him she remained asleep. But the next morning after she saw her cuts bandaged, he did have to go through an episode of shouting.


She kept calling him that no matter how many times he made his intentions clear to her. After a while he sighed and gave up and kept hearing her calling him names.

But before she left, she thanked him and somehow that made all the inappropriate name calling seem quite okay.


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