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So this is my take on Aoi's reaction when Kakashi died. (You know he died for a while during the Pein invasion).

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When Katsuyu first gave her the message Aoi came to a standstill. While she stood it seemed like the world was spinning around her and the explosions, screams and shouts were nothing more than mere buzzing noises in her ears. Her mind was going into a lockdown and the only thing that mattered to her was running as fast as possible and going there. She was so far away. The only thing her mind was telling her right then was that she had to hurry. Maybe it wasn't over yet. Maybe she still had time. Maybe she could still reach there in time.

'Aoi-san, are you okay?' Katsuyu asked worriedly from her shoulder.

Aoi hardly heard her. Trying to ignore the constricting pain in her chest she said, 'Katsuyu sama, could you please lead me there?'

Looking at the expression on Aoi's face Katsuyu didn't have the heart to tell her that it was of no use. That it was too late. Instead she said, 'Yes.'

Aoi didn't waste a single second. The moment Katsuyu uttered the word she was already rushing towards the place. Her mind blocked out her surroundings focusing on only one thing. She was running dodging all the explosions and the flying debris solely by reflex.

Goddamnit! Why did she have to be almost on the other end of the village? There was still so much path to cover. Suddenly she felt anger on her own sluggish speed. Anger at her own ineptness.

If felt like hours before she finally set foot on her destined place. The first thing she saw was the massive bodies and the vivid red hair of the Akimichis. Chouza didn't look too well. Katsuyu was healing him and Chouji was kneeling down beside a grey haired unmoving body.

Even though she had been told the news already questions like, "why isn't Katsuyu healing him? Why is Chouji shedding tears?" kept crossing her mind.

She saw his face and it showed no sign of life. She wanted to beat the crap out of him and make him open his eyes. She took a shaky step forward maybe to do just that, but before she could reach him, a sudden bright light engulfed all of Konoha. She didn't know what happened next. She only remembered the feeling of drowning as Katsuyu engulfed her with her body.

When Katsuyu first released Aoi from her body, Aoi thought that she had been transported somewhere else. She didn't recognize the place she was looking at. Her breath stopped in her throat.




…was reduced to nothing more than earth and stone in a matter of seconds. She felt inept. She felt insignificant. She felt useless. At the end she couldn't save what mattered the most. Konoha and Kakashi.

'Kakashi sensei…' She heard sobs behind her. Chouji's.

'The final mission….that you gave…to me…has been successfully completed Sensei!' he declared.

Even though the word "final" rang in her ears, she refused to cry. She was a shinobi, goddamnit! A shinobi never showed emotions. This wasn't a time to cry. Konoha wasn't there anymore! The home and refuge of so many people had been lost. She had no right to shed tears at a time like this. She needed to save what was left of Konoha. She needed to do something!

She saw Naruto then in the middle of the cleared area and the darkness engulfing her got a hint of sunlight.

'Stop crying Chouji,' Aoi said. It might have come out harsher than she had meant it to. No matter what, the boy had his heart in the right place. 'Now isn't the time to cry.'

'Aoi sensei…'

'Now is the time you stand up and be strong for your village,' she said, overlooking the unbearable pain in her heart. It was time to put all their belief and trust in Naruto.

Chouji rubbed off his tears though he was still sniffing. 'YES!'

She was a shinobi! She was taught to overlook pain. So why was it proving to be so damn hard?

So how was it?

Next drabble will be a continuation of this when Kakashi is revived.

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