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She had refused to cry the entire time he was dead. Even though she felt the pain and even though it was unbearable, she refused to show it through her tears. So as hard as it was for her to do she had pushed them back. She didn't notice when Chouza came and stood beside her. He didn't say anything. There was nothing to say. Both of them just looked ahead to the destroyed landscape they used to know as home.

The rain of green lights came very suddenly. The first thought that ran through her head was that they were too some sort of destructive jutsu. She could hear people's surprised cries from everywhere. She saw then that as the lights hit the bodies, they were coming back to life.

'Tou-chan!' Chouji shouted. The boy had sat all throughout beside Kakashi's unmoving body.

Aoi turned along with Chouza and saw Kakashi sit up.

Chouza ran to him. 'You too, Kakashi!'

Aoi couldn't move from her place. She felt like she was frozen and it wasn't shock that had frozen her in place.

'I'm…' Kakashi spoke sounding just as confused and surprised as everyone around him felt.

Chouji started crying, rubbing his eyes with his sleeve. 'Thank-thank goodness, Kakashi sensei!'

'I'll explain everything,' Katsuyu told Kakashi.

Kakashi turned to look at her as she delved into an explanation of what happen.

Aoi wasn't feeling shock. The feeling that had overtaken her was relief. It was such profound relief that it had frozen her in place. And finally the same relief brought the tears gushing out of her eyes that she had been holding back for so long. This time she couldn't do anything to hold them back. She didn't even try.

'Thank you, Naruto,' was the first thing she could bring herself to say.

She wanted to stop the flow of tears before Kakashi could turn and see her but it was too late. He didn't ask how she got there when he knew that she had been fighting somewhere far away or tease her about the fact that she was crying. He slowly covered the distance between them and pulled her into his arms. For the first time ever since he had known her, she didn't protest.

'Imbecile,' she said in a shaky voice putting her head on his shoulder. The tears just wouldn't stop.

Kakashi smiled. 'Thank you,' he said, thanking her for the familiar welcome.

She shook her head. 'Save your thanks for Naruto.'

When it came to Naruto, thank you just wouldn't suffice.

'I'll go get him,' he said.

Aoi stepped back from him and nodded. She attempted a smile in the midst of her tear strained face.

'You do that,' she said.

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