Who would have guessed?



'Here you go?' Aoi handed Kakashi two tickets. He took them with a confused look on his face.

'And these are?' he asked.

'Tickets to the movie that came out based on one of your disturbing books,' Aoi said.

Kakashi's visible eye shined which made Aoi scoff.

'Yeah you got that lady your team saved in the snow country playing the lead,' Aoi said.

Aoi had a feeling that Kakashi was drooling underneath his mask.

'These are really it aren't they?' Kakashi was talking as though he was in a trance. 'These are it!'

'Yeah, yeah, yeah,' Aoi said.

'So why'd you give me two?' he asked suddenly.

'I dunno, you can take someone,' Aoi said. 'And these were the last two in stock for the show tonight and knowing how crazy you are about this, I got both of them to be on the safe side.'

'So come with me,' Kakashi offered.

'I'm sorry, what?' Aoi asked.

'To watch the movie,' he said. 'You can use the other ticket.'

'Um, thanks, but no thanks!' Aoi said. 'I don't think I have it in me to sit through that piece of work twice!'

'Twice? You already saw it?'

'No not really,' Aoi said with a half shrug. 'I guess I fell asleep right in the middle of the introduction and woke up during the end credits.'

'I'm surprised you actually went and saw it in the first place anyway,' Kakashi mused.

'I didn't know it was this crap,' Aoi said. 'Genma didn't tell me!'


'Yeah he asked me to go with him,' Aoi said. 'I did. Worst decision of my life.'

'You guys went on a date?' Kakashi asked cautiously. Somehow the name Genma was annoying him now.

Aoi shrugged. 'If you call sleeping through the entire movie a date then yeah, I guess so.'

Kakashi's love for Icha Icha grew a little more on the spot.

'Well anyway, see ya!' Aoi said.

'I have a mission tonight,' Kakashi said. 'It's D rank. Just babysitting this kid. Can you take Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura there tonight, you know as my replacement so I can watch the movie?'

'You're pushing it, mask face,' Aoi said.

'If you don't then all the effort you went through to get the tickets will be wasted,' Kakashi said. 'And I value your gift too much to let it go to waste.'

Fucking Smooth talker!

'FINE!' Aoi said. 'But you owe me! Two favors!'

Kakashi smiled. 'Done!' Somehow he knew he would come to regret that decision later. But the lure of the movie was too much.

'So who are you taking?' Aoi asked.

'I have no idea,' Kakashi replied truthfully.

Kakashi came out of the theatre with blood splatters on his side. It looked like he had come back from a A rank mission rather than a movie theatre. Asking Ebisu to use the other ticket because he was a fellow fan of Jiraiya's work had not been the best of ideas.

Seriously how many nosebleeds could a person have in the span of two hours? He would have preferred Aoi sleeping through the movie (no matter how outrageous he thought that was too) than what he went through.

Never again.

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