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'Really, does it hurt you to just ask for help?' Kakashi asked, rolling his eyes at Aoi.

'What are you doing here?' she asked back. Holding the tree trunk behind her for support she tried to stand up and did too with a hell lot of effort. But the very next moment she fell again. Sitting down, she cussed.

Kakashi sighed. 'Kushina sensei said you were due to visit her two hours ago,' he explained. 'She got worried and told me to look for you.'

'She gets worried over such useless stuff,' Aoi commented. 'I was going to go visit her a few minutes later. I just lost track of time training.'

'Right,' Kakashi said. He saw her ankle was broken badly which was the reason she couldn't stand properly much less walk.

He went forward and extended his hand to help her up. 'How long were you planning to sit here without sending for help?'

Aoi didn't take his hand. She felt stupid for spraining her ankle in the first place and now of all the people in the village he had to come to help her?

'I don't need your help,' she said. 'I'll get to the village by myself.'

'Really?' Kakashi said with incredulity in his tone. 'Fine. Suit yourself.'

He started walking away leaving her behind. The sun was setting and it was going to be nighttime soon. As he walked away with his back to her, he said, 'Good luck staying the night here. I'm pretty sure you'll get the best food out here. And the greatest company of the insects, bats and wild animals. Oh and make friends with some creeps too. Also the-.'

'Shut it!' Aoi snapped. 'Fine! Okay! Help me get back to the village.'

Kakashi turned and smiled. 'Not so easily. What's the magic word?'

Aoi wanted to throw her shoe in his face or slap him multiple times with it. And she knew she would sooner or later. But she figured, given the current situation, it would be better if it was later than sooner.

'…Please,' she said finally after choking on her words a couple of times.

'Didn't hear you,' Kakashi said.

He was enjoying it, wasn't he? Aoi instantly started devising torture plans that she would apply to him.

'Please!' she said.

Kakashi nodded. 'Good enough.' He knew she was going to get back at him for this later but when he thought about it, it was definitely worth the trouble later.

He went and sat down in front of her with his back to her. 'C'mon then.'

Aoi put her arms around his neck and he picked her up on his back and headed for the village.

Aoi grumbled the entire way. Not that Kakashi thought that it'd be any different. But then at one point when she stopped grumbling, he actually stopped walking thinking that something had happened to her.

'Aoi?' he called, turning his head a little. 'Oi Aoi?'

'Noisy,' she mumbled and heaved a breath.

Was she kidding him? She fell asleep?

Kakashi shook his head and continued walking. She was that exhausted and still she didn't call for help. And she must have spent what small amount of energy she had left grumbling and complaining when the help did reach her.

This girl could drive him crazy sometimes with worry and he didn't mean that in a positive way.

He sighed and then smiled. At least the rest of the way back home would be a peaceful one. He had to admit, it wasn't every day that he got to see Aoi look so peaceful.

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