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'Ano…isn't Aoi sensei a bit quiet today?' Hinata asked her teammates as they rested during the short period of break that Aoi had granted them.

'Now you say it, she has sort of been a little easy on us today,' Kiba wondered. 'Sucks cause I was liking the tough training.'

'Also, let's not forget that she gave us a break,' Shino said. 'An hour too early.'

Kiba smirked. 'I bet you it's because Kakashi sensei went with Asuma sensei's team. And she's worried sick!'

'Kiba-kun, lower your voice,' Hinata requested urgently. 'Aoi sensei will hear us.'

'Hmm, I agree with Kiba,' Shino put in gravely.

'Heh, it's too obvious that she-,' Kiba started as Akamaru barked in agreement.

Aoi had just gotten the news that Naruto would be sent as backup for Kakashi and the rest as soon as Naruto was done mastering his new technique. If he didn't get a hang of it within the given time, some other team would be sent in his and Yamato's place. Aoi just hoped Naruto mastered his move in time. There was no one better to send. Naruto worked well with Asuma's team and of course Kakashi.

But if didn't work out, Aoi was hoping the Hokage would send her. But Team Kurenai was still rough around the edges and she had a feeling the Hokage wouldn't send them. And there was no question of her leaving her new team behind.

Maybe she could go give Naruto some death threats that could help accelerate his training.

As she neared the training grounds were she left her new team to spend their break she heard them talking and a vein pulsed in her forehead as she overheard them talk.

'…it's too obvious that she-,' Kiba said as Akamaru barked.

Aoi sneaked up on them from behind. 'You guys…..,' she said in a low scary tone, her eyes glowing in her shaded face. 'What are you talking about?' She cracked her knuckles noisily.

All three of them jumped at once. Akamaru whined and backed away. They shivered and sweated knowing that they were dead.

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