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'You got yourself here again, huh?' Aoi said. 'Sorta pathetic you know.'

Kakashi turned his head and found Aoi perched on his hospital room's window sill. He made to sit up and the sheet covering him to his face threatened to fall and he winced.

'Don't push it,' Aoi said getting down from the window and pushing him back down on his pillows. She pulled the sheet up covering his face properly and went and leaned against the window arms crossed over her chest. 'What got you here? Tenzo said it was your sharingan again.'

'You met him?'

'Yeah on the way to the Hokage,' Aoi replied.

Kakashi sighed. 'The new sharingan will take a little more time to master.'

'What about the Kazekage?' Aoi asked.

'He's fine,' Kakashi informed her. 'He got the bijuu extracted from him but he's alive. One of his village elders exchanged her life for his.'

'That was gallant,' Aoi remarked. 'I doubt our village elders would do something like that.'

Kakashi smiled. Aoi never hid her dislike for the two village elders of Konoha.

'Where have you been around?' Kakashi asked.

'Here and there,' Aoi said. 'Scouting mission.'

'Found anything?'

'One of the reasons I'm here,' Aoi said. 'Tsunade sama told me to fill you in.'

Kakashi nodded.

'There's a two man cell closing in on the Hidden Cloud village,' Aoi said. 'And by the information I collected they had on black robes with red clouds on them.'


Aoi nodded.

'Tell me you didn't confront them alone!' Kakashi demanded.

'I might be rash, but I'm not an idiot!' Aoi replied back. 'My mission was to gather info only and I did my part. Anyway they've been taking a lot of detours, mostly going into exchange points.'

'Exchange points!'

'Yeah,' Aoi said. 'If Akatsuki are really after the bijuu I'd say their next target is Hidden Cloud's jinchuriki.'

'What did Tsunade sama say?' Kakashi asked.

'She said it's the Hidden Cloud's problem since it's their jinchuriki,' Aoi said. 'She said Konoha would help if they asked for it.'

Kakashi nodded. 'And?'

'And I think after that, their next target is the Kyuubi,' Aoi said. 'So they could be heading for Konoha. So I'm gonna have to go scouting again.'

'Another solo one, I presume,' Kakashi said.

'These things are best done alone,' Aoi said.

'You could just get down to teaching a team you know,' Kakashi said.

Aoi smiled. 'Wouldn't be exciting enough,' she said.

'It's plenty exciting, trust me,' Kakashi told her. 'And less life threatening.'

'Is someone worried?' Aoi teased with a half smile.

'Someone always worries,' Kakashi replied truthfully.

Aoi smiled. 'Well, don't sweat it,' she said. There was a pause before Aoi said, 'Kakashi, is Naruto going to be alright?'

'I'll start training him again, as soon as I'm out of here,' Kakashi said. 'He isn't going to be alright with the amount of strength he has right now.'

Aoi nodded. 'You do that then,' she said. 'I'm off. I'll be back by a day or two.'

'I still say you should take me up on that teaching job,' Kakashi said.

Aoi chuckled and jumped out of the window. 'See you later, mask face.'

Kakashi looked up at the sullen grey ceiling and then closed his eyes. He had an ominous feeling that they were headed for a rough time where the Akatsuki were concerned.

I sort of enjoy filling in some of the holes in the plot with Aoi. She just fits in! :P

Any way let me know what you thought about this chapter!

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