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'Unbelievable!' Aoi said.

'What's unbelievable?' Kakashi asked agitated.

'I'm not budging! You-.'

'What is wrong with you?!

'I'm keeping my name, thank you very much! You are going to take mine!'

'That's not how it works.'

'I don't care!' Aoi said. 'I am not going to be called Hatake Aoi for starters and more importantly-.'

'What's so wrong with it? It doesn't sound bad!'

'No, just no. I-.'

'I am your husband, you're supposed to take my surname! Not the other way round!'

'Don't pull that crap on me! And why are we fighting over this again?'

'Because you're being pig headed!'

'No it's because you're being a complete idiot! I really can't fathom how you are called a genius.'

'What are you-?'

'You're too famous for your own good! Everyone knows your name, Sharingan no Kakashi! That includes the enemy! I wouldn't mind taking your name given other circumstances but right now if we go by Hatake our cover of infiltrating that place as a married couple is blown! So yeah, we're sticking to my surname! At least I'm not notorious all over the world!'

Now that she put it that way, Kakashi knew she was right. How come it hadn't occurred to him? But going by his wife's surname even if it was for a short while and based on a completely fake relationship; it would hit any man's pride. But Kakashi knew how to swallow his from time to time. And he knew Aoi's argument was logical so he sighed and let it go.

'Fine,' he said. 'Since you have a point there.'

Aoi nodded. 'Finally,' she said. 'He sees sense. Now let's get on with it before you start talking about kids too.'

As they started walking again, Kakashi suddenly smiled. 'What other circumstances were you referring to before?'

'Shut up,' Aoi said a slight blush creeping to her cheeks. 'I just realized what I said and I wanna die right now!'

But it only made Kakashi erupt in amused chuckles.

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