Who would have guessed?



'Really, we're supposed to be finding the scrolls!' Aoi said, exasperated. 'And you, Mr. Genius got us lost in the forest! You should've taken the route I told you to.'

'This is the right way!' Kakashi adjured. 'It's just long so you're thinking we're lost. The other route would have led us to a dead end.'

'Or so you say,' Aoi muttered, mentally making note to ask the Yondaime never to send her on missions with Kakashi.

They walked on and night fell.

'We've been at it for hours!' Aoi complained. 'You still think we're going the right direction?'

'Yes,' Kakashi replied shortly. 'We could rest here for a while. We can continue in the morning. We can't be very far now.'

Aoi sighed. 'Whatever you say,' she said.

'I'll take first watch,' Kakashi offered. 'I'll wake you up later.'

'Sure,' Aoi replied. She sat leaning against a tree and nodded off while Kakashi kept watch.

When it was time to wake Aoi up, he went near her and looking at her face while she was sleeping so peacefully, he just couldn't bring himself to wake her up.

He sighed, and resumed his position and kept watch all night.

Aoi woke up sometime before dawn.

'Why didn't you wake me up?' she asked Kakashi who was still sitting awake keeping watch.

Kakashi shrugged. 'I wasn't really sleepy,' he lied.

'Go get some sleep now,' Aoi said her voice warm. She knew all too well that he had just lied to her. 'You're gonna get us more lost than we already are if you're dozing off on the way. I'll wake you up at dawn.'

Kakashi nodded and got up to get some sleep. He knew too that Aoi knew that he'd just lied to her.

'Do you really think it was a good idea to team up Kakashi and Aoi and together?' Kushina asked her husband, Minato. 'And for such an important mission too? They're going to land up murdering each other.'

Minato smiled. 'They were perfect for this mission. You should have noticed. You know them since they were kids. They always have each others' back.'

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