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'Can I leave?' Aoi asked Tsunade as Tsunade examined her. She had been stuck in the hospital for a week even after she woke up from the coma. Her friends came to visit her frequently but the hospital was still feeling very suffocating. It gave her a lot of spare time to think about what had happened during the mission and how she had gotten hurt and she didn't want to think about it. She wanted to get out of the hospital as fast as she could and get herself busy again.

'You can't get out yet, you're still not healed,' Kakashi had said. Aoi scoffed. Who cares what he thinks!

'Aoi chan have a little more patience!' Guy had said. 'You have youth by your side and you'll be up and about in no time. In the mean time I shall work hard in your place!' Aoi shook her head. That wasn't even worth listening to.

Tsunade looked at Aoi a little apprehensively. 'You're not completely well yet, I would say you should-.'

'Please Tsunade-sama, I can't take this atmosphere anymore!' Aoi pleaded. 'I feel fine and if you release me, I'll promise I'll be careful.'

Tsunade sighed. It was true that Aoi had been holed up here for too long.

'Fine,' Tsunade said. 'I'll sign your release papers but please come by the hospital every evening to get a check up.'

Aoi smiled. 'Of course!'

A nerve pulsed on Aoi's forehead.

'I know you're there!' she finally announced. He'd been following her all day much to her displeasure.

'Long time no see, brat,' Pakkun said walking out from behind a tree.

'You damn dog! Why are you following me?' Aoi demanded.

Aoi and Pakkun had always had a shaky relationship to begin with.

'Who knows,' Pakkun said, nonchalantly.

'Then stop following me right now!' Aoi ordered, turned on her toes and resumed walking.

But Pakkun didn't stop following her only this time he didn't go through the trouble of hiding himself. He just openly started following her.

'I specifically remember telling you to STOP FOLLOWING ME!' Aoi screamed at Kakashi's summon.

'It's not like I'm doing this BECAUSE I WANT TO!' Pakkun shouted back.

Realization dawned and more nerves pulsed.

'Damn that mask faced idiot!' Aoi said. 'I'm gonna kill him!'

'You're in no condition to kill me, much less him,' Pakkun pointed out smugly.

'Why did he tell you to follow me?'

'He had to leave on a mission,' Pakkun said. 'And so he left me to make sure you don't do anything rash.'

'Gaaaahhhhh!' Aoi exclaimed at the peak of her frustration. She was confident that she would get better by the time Kakashi returned and then she was going to kick his ass for this.

'You are still planning to assault him, aren't you?' Pakkun asked.

'Well of course,' Aoi replied. She gave out another frustrated sigh and look down at the annoying, brown, talking pug. 'Well, you better not follow me home!' She started walking.

'I'll be outside,' Pakkun said following her.

'Nowhere near a five mile radius,' Aoi said.

'Right on your roof top,' Pakkun said.

'I'll kill you.'

'Try.' Pakkun challenged, looking at her arm on the sling.

Aoi slammed her door shut. God, that infuriating little dog and its infuriating master. She sat down and closed her eyes. This was a perfect time to devise murder plans that she would require in the future. Then she sighed. Pakkun was at least better than Ningame. If Guy had insisted on his giant of a tortoise, she would have been done for. That tortoise would most probably first tell her off sternly and then shed tears about it. If she had to be followed, Kakashi had most probably saved her sanity by sending Pakkun. Most of his other ninken were either perverts, mute or too intelligent.

She got up and opened her front door and called.

'Are you hungry?'

Pakkun jumped down from the roof as Aoi moved away from the door and let him enter.

'What do stupid dogs like you eat anyway?'

'Bite me!'

So that was it. I thought it was about time I wrote something about Pakkun. Love that dog!

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