Who would have guessed?



'I really don't want to give you this mission,' Sandaime confessed. The Sandaime had come back to being to being the Hokage after the death of the Yondaime. 'But-.'

Aoi cut across him with a smile. 'It's fine, Sandaime sama,' she said. 'This needs to be done and someone needs to do it right?'

'Yes, but I have to warn you, this is a suicide mission,' Sandaime said. 'The possibility of you coming back alive is near nil.'

'I'll come back alive,' Aoi said confidently.

'You are making me look like a very cruel Hokage,' Sandaime said sadly.

'Not cruel, just rational,' Aoi countered.

'All the others I asked, refused to take the mission, because I gave them the choice to,' Sandaime said. 'You are the first capable one to accept.'

Aoi didn't reply. She had accepted because she knew no one would. And it was a very important mission to be done for the sake of Konoha's safety. Someone had to accept it? Why not her?

'I'll not fail you, Sandaime sama,' Aoi said.

Sandaime sighed. 'You can leave right after midnight.'

Aoi nodded.

'Aoi, I'm sorry,' Sandaime said. 'Come back alive.'

Aoi nodded again. She wouldn't die if she could help it. 'I have a favour to ask. Please tell my old man where I've gone, after I've left. I don't have the courage to face him or lie to him.'

Sandaime nodded. 'I'll do it myself.'

'Seriously! You even sleep with that thing on?' Aoi commented and Kakashi jumped awake to find Aoi perched on his window sill.

'Aoi!' he exclaimed.

'Hey, mask face,' she greeted back jumping inside his room casually.

'It's late,' Kakashi stated. 'What are you doing here?'

Aoi shrugged. 'Nothing much. I was hoping to see your face but well bummer!'

'What's wrong?' Kakashi asked. 'You don't sound very…well…you.'

'Nothing's wrong,' Aoi said. 'Just couldn't sleep I guess. And decided to annoy you.'

There it was again. That wasn't Aoi's usual tone. Something has to be wrong. She hardly ever comes knocking on my window no matter how much she wants to annoy me! Kakashi thought.

'What's the matter, Aoi?' he asked again. 'Something's wrong.'

'Nothing's wrong, ok!' Aoi replied back in a slightly raised voice.

'Then look at me and say that again,' Kakashi said coolly. She can never look at anyone when she's lying.

'Damn it, Hatake!' Aoi said. 'Just let it go! It's none of your business.'

'Then why did you come knocking on my window so late?' Kakashi asked, his voice still reasonable and calm.

'Okay, fine, that was a mistake,' Aoi said. 'I'll go now. Knock on someone else's window for a change.' Maybe death's.

'Aoi!' Kakashi pulled her back by her elbow. Aoi jolted back by his sudden pull and found her face centimeters away from his.

'Just tell me what's wrong,' Kakashi requested.

Aoi didn't reply. She just looked into his eyes; or rather eye as his sharingan one was closed. She didn't know what made her do what she did next nor even why in the name of shinobi did she do that. She slowly raised her hand and started taking his mask off.

Kakashi was too taken aback to protest instantly. And before he could, his mask had already fallen off and Aoi's lips were on his. He had no power to protest against anything anymore. The kiss consumed them both.

Aoi pulled back about quarter of a minute later and didn't know what to say. She searched for words to say. Unable to find any, she said, 'I should go. I'm sorry about that.'

She turned away from him and went towards his window and climbed up.

'Aoi, what-?' Kakashi didn't know how to react either.

Aoi sat down on his window sill, her feet outside, and her back to him. She turned her face slightly and smiled. 'I saw Hatake Kakashi's face,' she said. 'I just wish I can live to tell the tale.' With that she was gone.

'Aoi,' Kakashi called. What was that supposed to mean?

Kakashi knew something was off. He went to find Aoi in the morning. She had some serious explaining to do. Plus, he had to make her vow never to tell anyone about seeing his face.

She looked for her everywhere. She was nowhere to be found. Unable to find her anywhere else, he headed for her place.

He reached her house and knocked on the door. An old man's voice told him to come in.

Kakashi entered to find Aoi's father sitting with the Sandaime himself. Aoi's father was more or less the same age as the Sandaime. Aoi's father looked grave and somewhat heavyhearted.

'Sandaime sama,' Kakashi greeted, surprised to see him there.

'Kakashi, what brings you here?' Sandaime asked. Aoi's father still looked too distressed to address him.

Did something happen to Aoi?

'I came to find Aoi,' Kakashi explained. 'She's not here is she?'

Sandaime sighed and looked sadly at Kakashi. 'No, she's not,' he replied. After a quite a long pause, he said, in an even graver tone. 'She accepted the mission.'

Kakashi knew very well what mission he was talking about. Kakashi had not been offered, but a lot of his other friends were and they had all refused. He had half a mind to go to the Sandaime and accept it himself. Someone had to do it for Konoha. He knew pretty well the contents of the mission and the consequences of accepting it. He had to stop Aoi!

'Where is she?' Kakashi asked urgently.

'She left last night,' Sandaime answered. 'It's too late.'

Kakashi stared disbelievingly at the third Hokage. Aoi couldn't have left. Did this mean that last night he had seen her for the last time? No, no, no, no! It couldn't have been. He refused to believe so!

His knees gave out and she collapsed on them when he realized exactly why she had visited him last night. It was to say good bye.

Then he remembered what she had wished for right before she left! So that's what she meant!

She wished she could come back alive…

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