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Aoi heard it. She had heard everything as soon as Team Minato had set foot back in Konoha again. She had heard it and she had broken down.

Obito! It couldn't be!

She ran to the gates, tears streaming down her face accompanied by Kushina Sensei and Guy and some other people. And then she saw the painful truth with her own eyes. She saw Rin crying, sitting down on the ground. Apparently her legs had given out. Minato Sensei was standing by her looking exceptionally grave. There were no trace of tears there but with the expression he had on his face right then, tears weren't necessary to express the pain his heart held. Aoi looked around. Kakashi was nowhere to be seen.

Beside her Kushina stifled a sob. She went and took Minato's hand which he held onto tightly almost as if he'd fall without it.

Aoi herself was having difficulty breathing. Tears were streaming down her face and she didn't seem to be able to stop them from falling no matter how much she tried to.

Obito was one of the greatest friends she had. Losing him was something she couldn't accept that easily. She retreated from the scene slowly. She couldn't take it anymore. Before she left she heard Guy's noisy sobs.

She needed to look for Kakashi. She knew where he could have gone. He was an idiot. He would never cry in front of so many people. He would never show what he truly felt. But he needed to right then and Aoi knew it.

She reached the top of the Hokage monuments in a few minutes and she saw Kakashi sitting there just like she had expected looking down at the whole of Konoha.

'Kakashi?' Aoi called.

He didn't reply.

She went and sat down beside him.

He didn't acknowledge her presence. She didn't urge him to talk either. She just sat there beside him. Sometimes the sounds of her stifled sobs would come out but most of the times she forced herself to remain quiet.

Kakashi sat without any movement like a rigid stone. His face betraying no emotion. He sat there all night and Aoi didn't get up from his side. She sat there as silently as him.

Around the break of dawn, Kakashi suddenly touched his eye with his hand and then turned to Aoi.

'He gave me this,' he confessed. Aoi already knew that.

'I know,' she said quietly. She didn't know how but her eyes were still tearing up. The water wouldn't dry off.

A single rolled down from Kakashi's right eye. Aoi saw that and knew he desperately needed to let it all out. She edged closer and put and arm around him. That was all she had to do. Tears after tears rolled down from his eye and the next moment he was crying his heart out on her shoulder. She couldn't help but choking up too.

They cried the whole day together.

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