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This is a Valentine's Day Special Drabble!

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Aoi was walking through the streets and getting annoyed out of her wits! What was up with people seriously? There was pink and red everywhere and wherever she looked she saw nothing but sappy couples. It made her want to gag. How these fierce shinobi she knew could all turn into this for one day was beyond her! Seriously wasn't there a sane person left in Konoha anymore?

Even Kurenai betrayed her. Aoi had the confidence that Kurenai at least wouldn't go for the sappy crap but look how wrong she turned out to be! Kurenai was walking side by side with Asuma and by the look on her face she definitely wasn't hating it.

Minato and Kushina sensei were also exuberantly happy. But when were they not? They should be given an award or something for being the happiest couple of Konoha, if there was such a thing. Well he was the Hokage couldn't he just invent something like that if he wanted to?

Aoi sighed. She knew this day wouldn't go any good for her.

Seriously, who sent jonins on these petty missions! Kakashi couldn't understand what that mission was all about. It had already been four years since he became a jonin and in these four years he had done five S ranked missions. This was a C ranked mission for crying out loud. Why did Minato sensei have to send him to do this? And on top of that look who he got as a partner?

'I can't wait to return to Konoha! We'll be there in an hour or so. Konoha is filled with the sweet essence of youth today!' Guy kept blabbering beside him.

Kakashi groaned. Right, it was Valentine's Day. Konoha would be nothing but pink and red today.

'And you're looking forward to this why?' Kakashi asked Guy unable to contain his curiosity. Seriously he didn't have a girl in mind did he?

Guy's eyes gleamed and he swayed on the spot. 'I will most definitely tell her how I feel about her today!'

Kakashi didn't need to hear anymore. He already felt sorry for whatever girl Guy was talking about.

Thinking about girls Kakashi's mind drifted to Aoi. She hated Valentine's Day as much as he did. They always laughed about it together on the previous Valentine's Days. It was always fun. Making fun of Guy together was the most fun of all. As he thought about her, his hand involuntarily moved to his pocket where it came in contact of a cold metal he had placed in there earlier.

The gate was completely empty except for one guard. And even he was pretty drunk and festive. If anyone wanted to attack Konoha, Valentine's Day would be the perfect day for it, Kakashi thought.

As soon as they got inside the gates and inside Konoha, Guy disappeared at super speed somewhere yelling unintelligible words. Kakashi cracked a smile and headed home.

The streets of Konoha were just as he had imagined it would be. Decorated with nothing but pink and red. And the streets were filled with people. Who knew Konoha had that big a population?

Walking towards home he suddenly saw Aoi perched on the rooftop of a nearby house, looking at the people walking the streets and sticking her tongue out on occasions in a disgusted fashion. Kakashi grinned. Well, no change there.

In one fluid motion, Kakashi was suddenly on the rooftop beside her.

'Hey,' he said.

Aoi looked up then even if for a split second her face brightened. 'What's up mask face? Done with the mission? I hear it was C rank?'

'You heard right,' Kakashi said sitting down beside her.

'Where's Guy?' Aoi asked, looking around.

'Off to tell some girl how he feels,' Kakashi said.

'What?' Aoi laughed. 'Poor girl.'

'That's what I thought,' Kakashi said.

That's how it started. After that they spent the whole day laughing and talking about lame stuff on Valentine's Day.

Kakashi hesitated for a moment but then reached into his pocket and took out the hard metal.

'Hey, Aoi,' he said. 'I sorta got you something.' He showed her what he had got. It was a small miniature kunai. Like really small. You could not use it in battle. It was slipped into a blue ribbon which made the whole thing look like a necklace.

Aoi stared at Kakashi dumbfounded.

'Don't look at me like that!' Kakashi said. 'It's nothing, okay. Just a friend giving a friend something. I just saw it and it sorta reminded me of you. No big deal.'

Aoi was still speechless.

'And it has nothing whatsoever to do with today!' Kakashi made it clear. 'Just take it.'

Aoi still didn't say anything but she reached out and took it anyway.

Kakashi heaved a sigh of relief.

'Are you going to say something?' Kakashi asked.

'Oh look is that Jiraiya sama?' Aoi exclaimed. Kakashi looked. It was. It definitely was. And that wasn't the end to it. He looked pretty beaten up.

Kakashi and Aoi looked at each other. 'Tsunade sama,' they came to an immediate conclusion together. And then burst out laughing.

But it didn't escape Kakashi how Aoi had effectively changed the topic of conversation. He didn't mind. At least around her things weren't awkward.

They laughed and talked for the rest of the day and Aoi even secretly threw food at Kurenai and Asuma right when they were parting from the restaurant they had eaten food in. It had started a whole food fight there while Aoi silently slipped out unharmed or rather uncovered in food. But it was fun to watch. It looked like Kurenai and Asuma had fun either way.

Kakashi stifled a yawn. He was pretty stressed out. It had been a long walk back to Konoha.

'I'll head home,' Kakashi said. 'See you later.'

Aoi nodded. 'Yeah, sure.'

Kakashi was just walking away when he heard Aoi say. 'Thanks mask face. It's really nice.'

Kakashi knew what she was talking about. He turned his head to give her a smile but she was already walking the other way. He smiled anyways. And the smile didn't leave his face for some reason or the other till he actually fell asleep.

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