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About Time!

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Drabble Number 9!

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About time

Aoi walked out of the academy incredibly pleased with herself. She had passed her Jonin Exams with flying colours and was now officially made a jonin. She felt like breaking into a happy dance right in the middle of the street but seeing as how she couldn't do that she sufficed with the humungous grin on her face. Seventeen and a jonin didn't sound too bad.

Nothing, absolutely nothing could spoil her mood today!

'Finally, huh?'

Except that voice!

She stopped walking, the grin on her face dimming almost to a scowl and Kakashi caught up with her in no time. The smirk playing in his eye was evident.

'What do you want?' Aoi demanded wearily, a bit too frustrated to even shout at him like she always did. Or even hit him which she didn't get the opportunity to do in a while, what with him being the expert in dodging all her punches. She hadn't been able to land a punch on him for almost – she lost track. It was so much easier when they were kids and she could hit him all the time! Ah, sweet memories.

'I heard you became Jonin,' Kakashi said, as Aoi resumed walking and Kakashi fell into step beside her.

'Heard right,' Aoi said. Please don't let him spoil my mood!

But apparently that was asking for too much.

'About time!' Kakashi said, in an undertone which he meant for her to hear. Kakashi liked antagonizing her. Her expressions were priceless. He was glad that she became a jonin but he wasn't about to pass this window of opportunity to irritate her.

Aoi was so mad that she was almost seeing flames in front of her. What did he think of himself? Just because he had become a jonin at thirteen gave him no right to ruin the day for her! Gifted prodigy of Konoha, my foot! Aoi thought. He's nothing but the biggest pain in my ass!

Kakashi grinned. He could almost see her boiling with rage. She was all red in the face. Looking at her and finding amusement in her expression, he saw the punch coming at his direction a bit too late. And before he knew the punch had landed squarely on his face and he staggered backwards, lost his balance and fell.

Aoi was no longer mad. Infact she smiled smugly. That felt good.

'About time,' she said, throwing Kakashi's words right back at him. It had been a while since he fell to the ground because of her punches! The punch had finally landed and momentarily incapacitated him. She missed seeing him like this.

With the complacent look on her face, she smoothly walked away.

Kakashi saw stars for a moment. Then he blinked, setting his vision straight and stared at her slowly disappearing figure and sighed.

Yeah, he had that coming alright!

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