Beastly Beauty (Breaking Dawn fanfiction)


Angelique was the adopted daughter of Marcus. Born as a mixed blood, she was shunned by her coven when her mother chose to be with a werewolf. Almost killed, she was saved and raised as a gifted vampire. Her life changes when Alec, one of the most powerful followers of Aro decided to wed her and make her his bride.Wishing to please her father, Angelique accepted his proposal even though she knows that her fiance was no less than the devil himself that seems to be so obsessed with claiming her. In hoping to be stronger and more powerful to protect herself from Alec as well as control her were sides, Angelique decided to stay with the Cullens for a couple of months where she was to be trained and use her strength for good. Moreover, she was pleased to be with a crowd of family that genuinely cares for her and treats her as her own but she would've never expect that she would fall in love with a werewolf that captures her heart and changes her whole life forever. One look at the beautiful angel that falls on his arms was enough for Paul to understand that she was the one that he would spend the rest of his lives with. His own true mate. Now it's up to Paul to show Angel that they are fated to be together and no one can ever break the bond what the gods and goddess has create.Will Angelique finally have her happily ever after?

Romance / Thriller
Age Rating:

Baby mine

This story was set years after the final meetings of the Cullen’s and the Volturi (Breaking dawn Part 2)

(I've posted this in Wattpad and it has been edited. I've posted pic as well but if you can't see it here, just refer it in wattpad ;) Enjoy)


Heavy snows fall heavily that night. The pathway through the forest looks impossible to run in when the trees look as if it getting closer every second as the snow starts to pile up. Karina kept on running as fast as she could. Even as a vampire, she knows her strength is depleting after the fight and kills she had to make just so she can save herself but most importantly, her precious daughter. She knows how weak she was and her bare feet is starting to ache.

She can still hear whisper of death, hunting her like an animal, “No matter where you are Karina, we’re going to find you, you traitorous bitch!”

No one has ever defeated Aro and with what that is left of her, she knows that she’ll be dead for sure. Her feet slipped on the root of the big pine tree just beneath her and she fell with a great thump, rolling down the hills but her hold on her baby remain strong and hard, refusing to let even a mere scratch on her wee body from the fall.

After hours of running, tears start to flow down her cheeks as she lay there and cried, recalling scenes of her mate beheaded in front of her because he tried to protect his family. Even their own house was burnt to ashes. It wasn’t big but it was perfect with all the things that they have ever needed. She had cherished every moment her family has spent in their home.

Oh, Gareth. I missed you. What must I do now?

She kept a strong hold of her daughter and shushes her gently as her baby starts to cry. Karina kissed her smooth forehead and press her cheeks against her baby flush skin.

She sobs, “Forgive me my love. What kind of a mother am I? I can’t even protect your father and now he’s gone. I’m a disgrace.”

Karina wiped her tears stained cheeks and continued, “I promise you I will protect you will all my strength even if I have to die trying.”

Karina kissed her cheeks stood up painfully and ran as fast as she can. Unfortunately, Aro has caught up with her and he stands in front of her with Caius by his side and Jane, Alec, Demetri, Felix and the rest of his most trusted guards surrounding her. She knows that Marcus must be near the trees, hiding himself and watched at the event unfolding in front of them.

The fear floating down her chest is nothing to the pain and anger that she felt after her whole ordeal. Now, she stands there with her head held high, bleeding from her torn forehead, cracks form along her jawline and fingers already severed form the last fight when she tries to escape them in the first place. A part of her was already tired and way too exhausted that she wishes to just drop and give up but the sudden wailing of her daughter creates a stir in her heart, knowing that her daughter must survive. They cannot have her!

Aro smirked at her condition and march slowly in front of her.

“I see you and that mutt has created a life together. I didn’t know such thing actually possible. Who knows that even beast and vampire can have a child together? This is so much better than the Cullen’s isn’t it? How precious.”

He clasped his hands together and smiled at her. “Just let us go Aro and I swear to you that you won’t ever see us again. Let me and my daughter live. At least spare her life or I swear to you that I will destroy each and every one of your so called family.”

Karina hissed at the last word. If looks can kill, Aro would have died looking at her blood red eyes, warning him not come closer.

She can hear the chuckles coming from everyone around her except for Caius who stood there looking at her with rage.

He said, “Filthy whore! You dare to threaten us after committing a heinous act with those animals. How dare you betray your own coven?”

“My bloody coven that exiled me and killed my own mate in front of me?” She cried hysterically.

“All I ever did was falling in love with my mate and wanted to live a better life. What crime have I commit?”

Karina screamed with tears roll down her cheeks. Silence was in the air.

“I gave you my allegiance and done many things for this coven! I obeyed your every word and I have proved myself worthy of your presence and all I ask is to leave just so I can create a new life with my mate doesn’t matter if he’s a werewolves or not! I chose to leave so I won’t shame my coven but you chose to betray me and killed my mate and now me? How dare all of you?”

Aro once again smirked and said, “Now, now brother. Settle down. Karina has always been a part of the family.”

He turned to Karina and says, “Blood is thicker than water isn’t it? You see, cara. What you’ve did has already shamed the whole coven by mating with our sworn enemies. Words spread around very fast and we don’t want that do we now? As much as I have adored you for your sacrifices for this coven, you must be punished. You must die.”

Aro turned to his guards, snapped his finger once and all his guards marched towards Karina with a murderous look. Karina raised her other hands that is not holding the baby and the trees around her moved. Huge branches crashed into the guards, killing some of them that was a little too close to her and her child.

She was grateful that at least her gift still works no matter how weak she was. Each one of them that jumps onto her was quickly avoided and she hit them with full force. The cries of her baby echoes through the air and Karina was getting weaker as she had to kill every last one of the guards.

Suddenly, a stabbing pain filled her and she screamed in pain as the guards that attack her stop and saw Jane gazing at her. Karina whimpered in pain as she slowly knelt to the ground and hugs her baby with her remaining strength. The baby cries louder as tears of her mother pain drips upon her forehead.

Karina puts her baby down and hold her heads trying to withstand that awful pain but Aro has already stood in front of her, grinning. “This is a fine sight to look at. Farewell,cara.”

Aro hold her head and neck and swiftly snapped her head as she fell down to her death. The wailing of the baby stir Aro’s mind. He bent down and stare at the baby. He cradled her gently in her arms, looking as if he was holding a baby of his own. He was stunned to see the baby has blue eyes as her father but has Karina golden strands.

“For such a dirty creature, you sure are beautiful. Now, what am I going to do with you?” In a second, Aro grinned. He then raised his hand higher to strike her. Suddenly, Marcus stood next to him and hold his hands that was mid-way trying to kill the young child.

Everyone was stunned but they still kept their mouth shut. He is one of the most powerful vampire in Volturi, Aro’s equal so no one dared to say anything let alone act.

“I think I have something in mind for her.” Marcus stares at the baby and warmth filled his lonely soul. He gently cradled the baby and kept her near to his chest.

Caius looked angry and said, “What are you doing, Marcus? That child is an abomination and must be destroy. It is enough to have that child of Cullen lived but this? This is too much, Marcus!”

Marcus answered while kept on brushing the baby forehead gently like she was his own.

" What I do is not in your hand to be judge or decide. I want to keep this child and raised her as my own. You do not have a say in this. As one of the leader of Volturi, I can do whatever I decide.”

Marcus walks away heading deep in the forest and the baby starts to whimper softly as she lays her head on Marcus chest. Caius was enraged by Marcus’s decision so when he tries to march toward Marcus, Aro hold his shoulder and said, “That is enough, brother.”

Caius pushed his hand angrily and said, “No! I will rip that child’s heart with my bare hands. I will not allow to see her lived among us. I _”

Aro disrupt him, “Do you want our brother to abandon this coven, Caius?”

Caius became silent.

“You knew how much Didyme’s death has affect Marcus but for a second, I see warmth in his eyes after centuries. If he chose to keep that child, then let him. We mustn’t interfere. At least our brother will live again than remain as an empty soul. Who knows what might happen if anyone harms that child.”

Fear travel down his chest listening to Aro’s words. The last time his brother dealt with the death of his loved one wasn’t a sight to be seen. Bloods, flesh and dead bodies splattered everywhere and for a second, it was the devil himself stood in front of him. Nothing can easily scare him for he was indeed a powerful vampire but Marcus, only Marcus terrifies him when he lost his wife.

“I understand, brother.” Caius walks towards the dark forest followed by Aro and the rest of the vampire when Jane notices her brother stood behind, “What’s wrong?”

Alec answered in a soft tone, “Nothing.” He starts to follow his sister and went in to the forest quietly.


After arriving at Voltera, Marcus brought the child into a room which he had his people to prepare for the arrival of his new daughter. The room was decorated to his taste. Gold and red all over, the taste of kings, just as his late wife have always wanted for their child despite knowing they wouldn’t have any. It was a simple yet intricate arrangement with a cradle situated at the heart of the room with curtains hanging from each sides of the cradle. Dolls were arranged on the shelf near the walls alongside the toys it more comforting and lively for the baby to be in.

He laid the sleeping baby in her cradle and brushed her cheeks softly when whimpered in her sleep. The sight of her putting her small covered fist in her mouth melts his once frozen heart. Marcus remembers the gentle whisper of Didyme in his thought.

Save her, my love. Protect her. She is innocent. She could’ve been ours. Take care of her and love her as if she is ours.

Her voice was so soothing and so gentle. It surprises him to hear her voice after years of losing her. The fact that he can hear her soft voice, he knows that the baby is his destiny.

Marcus understands now how much the baby meant to him. She has soft golden hair and beautiful blue eyes just like her birth parents but her looks remind him more to his beloved wife. So beautiful and gentle.

Something stirs in his chest and he knew that he must protect this baby at all cost. She is his and he had sworn to protect her with his life. It was the least he can do after he failed to protect Didyme.

He kissed the baby’s cheek and whispered, “I shall name you Angelique and you are my child. My sweet Angel.”

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