Fullmetal Alchemist: Paces


Paces lead people from a past they want to forget and not remember, but what do you do when you don't have a past to remember or forget, her paces lead her towards her goal; her lost memory

Mystery / Adventure
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The first Pace into State Alchemy

The First Pace into State Alchemy.

A young girl stepped out of the train in Central the Capitol of Amestris; she placed her left hand in her pocket, keeping her left arm hidden. She wouldn't know how to explain it, but knew she eventually had to either tell the truth or lying her backside off.

She was short for her age, but it didn't bother her, while her Azure eyes were scanning the platform, before walking out of the Station. Her simple clothes told them she was a country girl, even down to the backpack, which was homemade and hung cross her chest and over her right shoulder. She wore a long-sleeved blouse and long pants, which showed they had been used and also remade to fit someone her size.

Her long blond hair bounced off her back, as she walked through the streets with determination knowing her destination. Some people turned as she walked past watching her wondering, why such a young girl was alone.

However she was soon the least of their problems, as several explosions sounded. She looked up from something, she was looking at in her hands, to see smoke come from a distance close by. People began to run away from the direction, while the girl simply ran forward. She heard gunshots and the sound of Alchemy being used, she stopped at the corner watching the area trying to find out what happened. Several black cars were stopped in the middle of the street; while a few trucks were blocking their path and also preventing anyone from coming close to help them.

She frowned surveying the scene, singling out the 'good guys', as she called them, it was the Military. She also noted a soldier crawling away from the scene, no one seemed to lift a hand to help him. Her eyes shot up as she saw blood drip from a wound, with a single soundless clap did she try and sense wounded, before she took a single solution and ran forward to the soldier with each step, she got closer she also felt several others in need.

"There is someone coming to their aid, Shoot her!" someone shouted, she heard shots being fired her way.

"Jez Lucia, what have you gotten yourself into?" she mumbled, clapping her hands, smacking them into the ground creating a barrier, that covered her and the injured soldier, who stopped crawling as he saw the wall, "lie still!" she shouted to the soldier, who looked over at her incredulously, "I know Medical alchemy, just give me a second and I'll be there"

He looked then in surprise at her, Lucia took off running towards the soldier, "let me see your wounds" she said, as she came gliding to him. He groaned, but allowed Lucia to see the wounds; she clapped moving her hands over the wounds, before settling on the most severe. She frowned but nevertheless felt her Alchemy go deep into the tissue reconnecting it pushing a bullet out too.

While this was going on, she could still hear gunshots which kept her focused, she needed to help this soldier out. A small chime told Lucia the Bullet was out and with a slight push, did she close the gunshot wound up.

"Thanks" the soldier said to her, Lucia smiled before turning her head, she looked out at the foes through some holes in the wall.

"Looks like a little special alchemy is needed" she said getting up.

"No, you're just a civilian, you could get hurt" the Soldier said looking up at her she turned her head with a smile.

"I'm an alchemist I can handle myself" with a special kick did she destroy one of the walls protecting the soldier, "and right now I'm aching for a bit use"

She stepped in the road clapping, closing the wall behind her looking forward. The foe was still focused on the firing soldiers, ignoring her now and allowing her to run forward to the closest enemy. She engaged in a flying kick sending the man flying, he looked at her.

"What are you doing?!" he said angrily, making Lucia glare at him with all she had.

"You are hurting People here what do you think?!" she roared, before clapping her hands smacking them hard into the ground, making pillars erupt and knocking the trucks sending them into the air. The people around the trucks stopped their shooting, turning to see the trucks being sent flying and in their surprise, and trying to find out what had happened, many of them were shot down due to their attention being elsewhere.

Lucia used her alchemy to stop some of them, which were trying to run after their comrades had been shot down.

Then it all seemed over in an instant while the Military came closer making Lucia stand and back up. They had seen her use the Alchemy, but weren't sure she was on their side. Lucia just looked past them, spotting a few of the Soldiers sitting down, holding hands up to try and stop their bleeding. Her eyes went up and she ran forward ignoring the soldiers, who tried to stop her.

"Oi, wait!" one called, but she ignored him. She came close to the first; she clapped her hands, as she always did gliding her hands over the body, before settling on his shoulder. Behind her a small audience was gathering watching her work with steady hands. One of those who were injured was among them, she looked up at him, mentioning for him to kneel down.

"Oh, what do we have here?" a voice said, the soldiers tensed a bit, only Lucia wasn't moved. She didn't know the voice, as she moved from the first soldier to the next. The first was staring down on his shoulder, where just the faintest of scars remained, "a Medical Alchemist"

"She can't be that old…" a second voice came, "10-12 at most"

"I'm 12" Lucia said, through her concentration, "I just came here this morning. I was hoping to find some info on someone I'm looking for."

"Oh, is that so?"

Lucia nodded, as she finished the second soldier, "are any more injured?" she called, a single yell came, making her get up.

A Hand grabbed her shoulder, making her stop her approach toward the soldier and look up at the man, "let the medics handle him they are here," he said calmly, she turned to him fully, "tell me, where did you learn that Medical Alchemy? It's not every day one so experienced shows up and so young at it"

Lucia tilted her head, as she took the man in; he had short black hair, a Black mustache and an eye patch over his left eye and was wearing the Military's blue uniform, "what is your name my friend?" he asked gently.

"Lucia, Lucia Misère" she said, she looked a bit incredulous at him, "and sorry to ask sir, but who are you?"

"you don't know me?" he sounded a bit hurt, but his voice sounded otherwise.

"no, I have to say, I don't," she admitted, "I've been training for quite some time and I haven't been outside the village I lived in, since I was 8"

"oh, what a shame," Lucia cocked an eyebrow, looking closer at the man; who was this oddball? The soldiers around them were tense, not moving too much, she looked at his shoulder patches and the other soldiers around him, he was the only one with the patches and décor stating to her, that he was either one of the Superior officers or the Commanding Chief, but it didn't make her anymore impressed, "a so young person living out in the middle of nowhere with her parents, I can see why you wouldn't have heard of me"

"This is Führer King Bradley" a soldier said, Lucia's eyes went wide now that was a name that she knew her 'parent' had mentioned it a few times, but had never described the person to her.

"Oh" she merely said, backing away as she felt embarrassment fill her face, "I'll just get out of your hair, then I must find a place to stay for the night anyways" she began to jog away.

"Whoa, hold on young lady.." one of the soldiers said grabbing her, "is that a way to leave after that display?"

"Gah!" Lucia merely said, as the motion had caught her necklace, which came tight on her neck and in pain she closed her eyes, "ow~" she opened on eye, looking at the soldier and tried to act innocent, "what display? I have no idea what you mean"

"I haven't seen such potential since Edward Elric," the Führer said, looking closer at Lucia, who tried to churl in on herself; what had she gotten herself into?

Lucia the next day found herself dragged by the soldier to what she could only identify, as the Headquarters, where she was placed in a chair in front of a desk; Lucia looked around making herself small.

All she had wanted was to get information on her foster father, if they knew where he was and then leave. But out of her luck, she looked down at her arm, no one had noticed during the fight and she never had her hands more than a few centimeter from peoples wounds, so they wouldn't notice.

She looked sadly, as she pulled the long sleeve back looking at an Automail arm, she had learned to deal with it, but how had she lost her arm and how could she use Alchemy without a circle?

There was so much she wanted to remember, but couldn't. The past 4 years and the earliest memory of a White Room with a Gate; that was all she was left with, what had happened to her in the past was a mystery.

"Alchemy without a circle a feat served to the few" she heard someone say, she lifted her head seeing the Führer come in, "I personally witnessed it a few days ago. In another young Alchemist the same age as you"

Lucia widened her mouth; someone else was able of the same? "Where can I find him?" she said hastily, showing her interest.

"Unfortunately, he isn't here at the moment. He went out to do some tests in another city" the Führer sat down in the seat opposite of her, "but I doubt that is the reason, why you came here to Central?"

Lucia bit her lip, trying to find the beginning of her lost thoughts, "I'm looking for my foster father, he was a state alchemist by the name of Tim Marcoh, he raised me for the past 4 years" Lucia said, placing a picture on the table, "he just opted and left me without talking or saying anything. I was just wondering if you know where he is at the moment."

"Do you know what your Foster Father was doing for us?" King Bradley asked in a tone, she didn't quite catch and she then shook her head.

"I have no idea, he never told me just taught me Alchemy, that he had in his books. He was the one, who taught me Medical Alchemy," she replied.

"I'm afraid to say, that if what you're telling me is that you were with him for 4 years. Those 4 years he hasn't been a State Alchemist in all that time and the rest is classified information," Bradley said looking at a few papers leaving Lucia to her own thoughts.

Thoughts and contemplating wondering, what she should do without any leads to the only thing, she had known as a family all these years.

A general came into the room with a small patch of papers in his hand, "King Bradley these needs…." He stopped, as he looked at Lucia, who blinked in response.

"oh, that's just fine" King Bradley took the papers, leaving Lucia in silence for the time being.

The General was staring Lucia down making her uncomfortable, her left arm scraped against the chair as she unconsciously moved it behind her, making the sound of Metal appear. Both men heard and were looking at her; she shied turning her side more to the left, away from the two men.

"Hold on" the General said, he walked over forcibly grabbing her left arm pulling it forward, Lucia went frantic trying to pull the Automail arm back away from the Generals hand.

"Let me go!" she shrieked, her voice filled with fear. The General refused making Lucia try to pull harder.

"this is…" the General had pulled the sleeve back, making Lucia's eyes go wide, "How did this happen?"

Lucia looked away beginning to cry, "How did this happen?!" Lucia began to pull frantically.

"Let me go!" she shrieked, loud enough for the door to be opened up by the secretary, who looked at the scene, "Listen I don't know!" The grip on her arm was loosened just a bit, but she wasn't able to pull herself free, so she stopped struggling and looked at them with tears running down her cheeks, "I…" she began "I… have no memory… from before I was eight years old"

"How is that?" Führer Bradley said, having raised himself from the chair, looking at her with an open eye, "Close the Door!" He called to the Secretary, who closed the door in almost shock at being yelled at.

Lucia sat down heavily in the chair, having been released from the Generals grab, "I don't know, all I remember was drifting in and out of unconsciousness someone was caring for me; I woke up about a month later with only the vague memory and a Automail arm. I came to be like a daughter of the man, who had taken me in and healed my wounds" Lucia said, grabbing her wrist of the Automail. She actually had a memory from before all that, but didn't find it to be of value to the Führer, "I came here trying to find answers. He said he used to be a State Alchemist by the name of Tim Marcoh, I thought he perhaps was still and left to go on a mission or something like that"

Bradley closed his eye giving off an expressionless face, as he processed what she was saying, "I want you to get a chance of trying to find your answers by becoming a State Alchemist," he finally said to both Lucia's and the Generals surprise.

"What! She's too young and we have not got many female Alchemists, they can't handle the strain of the battlefield" the General objected, Lucia felt anger rush to her cheeks, but she somehow managed to get it down.

"I ran into a shooting range just 24 hours ago" Lucia said, looking up at the general with determination in her eyes, "I didn't falter nor did I back down in the face of those who were hurt, I will take the test, I don't care what I'll be called, I will research what I know and will try to find the truth about my Foster Father!"

Some months later.

Lucia was waiting for the conclusion of her tests at the office at a State Alchemist; she had never met before. She had sat herself in the chair in front of the desk calmly waiting and looking around, when the door opened; a bald, dark skinned male with a mustache and in military Uniform entered.

The State Alchemist Looked at Lucia, who stood up in respect, "you must be the Candidate, who didn't use a circle like the one earlier this year," he said harshly.

"yes, that's me," Lucia replied feeling somewhat small in the presence of the man and the way he looked at her, gave her the impression that he didn't like that the task had been given to him, "sir"

"you at least know an outranking officer," he softened his gaze a bit, "my name is Basque Grand"

"the Iron-blood Alchemist" Lucia gasped, she had learned a great deal about most State Alchemist and knew them by name, but hadn't met many, "sorry Sir"

"Here is your certificate and watch," he said with some surprise, as she had seemingly recognized his name and connected some ends.

Lucia took the envelope with the certificate opening it and took the certificate out to read it:

'This official document certifies that the nation of Amestris, prefecture of the Generalissimo appoints the name MEDICAL to LUCIA MISÈRE in the name of Fuhrer King Bradley.

The State Alchemist shall follow all orders and policies of the military.

A research assessment examination shall be held once every year. In the case that the State Alchemist does not show signs of progress as a result of the examination, he shall be discharged from the services of State Alchemist.

The State Alchemist is entitled to the use of ample research funds, unrestricted access to classified documentation, access to various governmental facilities, and a military rank equal to that of "Major".

- King Bradley'

Lucia looked at the name, "medical?" she inquired a bit curiously.

"All state Alchemists are given a second name, that you will be known by," Basque said Lucia looked down at the name, "Medical will be yours"

"it holds a sudden nostalgia on it," she looked at the fellow State Alchemist with a smile, "but I like it, it describes what I am in more ways than one"

"You have been assigned to be under my command, not that I see the reason why. Your research is and will be nowhere near what I research" he said, looking at some of the papers he had on the desk.

Lucia grabbed the case with the watch in it, opening it to find the silver Watch. She looked at Basque with a fierceness, she didn't know she had, "I'll do the Military proud in what way I can"

Basque only slightly smiled at her, as she honored him and left the office her determination high, as she left the headquarters and looked to the sun filled sky.

She held the watch close, as she made her promise to herself, "with this maybe I'll find out what happened to me and what happened to my foster father" she said knowing she had a future and also a place to return to someplace, she could at least call partially 'home'.

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