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Kevin and Buizel

Chapter 1: Harmonic Friendship

The green meadow felt excellent and the wind blew gently on the grassy field, everything was so quiet; so quiet that you could hear your breathing and the wind itself. A young trainer of seventeen years old was on his knees in the calm meadow, he has dark brown hair, he wears a blue shirt decorated with white palm trees, his favourite since it reminds him of the beach he likes to go at. He has beige shorts and he is wearing common running shoes; these were red and had no particular design. At his right was what appeared to be, his Pokémon, a Buizel that had all the normal attributes of a Buizel, orange and peach fur colorings, the yellow float sac in his neck, his tails that worked as propellers… a normal Buizel. And you could tell that his Buizel was male due to the two peach ovals in his back. The only different thing that this Buizel had was a necklace with a stone hanging from it, which appeared to be a common rock at first glance, but it was in fact, an everstone. Maybe Kevin didn't want his buizel to evolve, or perhaps Buizel was resisting his evolution.

"Ahh, feel that Buizel?" His trainer said while closing his eyes as he felt the wind blow.

"Bui bui!" His pokemon said happily.

"The sounds of the meadow are quite beautiful." Kevin remarked, they stood there relaxing as the sweet environment offered its sweet natural melody, at least a few minutes more, Kevin grew tired of listening, he had all the sounds he required, for it was time for nature itself to sit down and listen to a melody of his own. "Alright then, enough listening now, I suppose it's time for some music!" The young musician said as he grabbed a nearby bag, he kept his acoustic guitar there. The trainer pulled out his guitar and he placed it in a position comfortable for him to play with as he remained kneeled. He owned a very ordinary guitar, the only thing that was different was the design of the front, these matched the fins on the arms of his Buizel.

"Buiiii!" The Buizel said as he got up with a great enthusiasm and lifting his arms to the sky. His trainer couldn't resist smiling at him. The Buizel sat down as his trainer patted his head gently.

Kevin smiled, "I know how excited you are with my music buddy, and I actually thought up a new theme in this lovely meadow, here we go!" And thus, Kevin commenced his tune to shatter the deep silence but not the serenity of the moment. The orange otter pokemon cheered happily as Kevin began to play, Buizel soon followed his trainer's musical rythm and enjoyed every moment.

The acoustic melody flowed with the wind, or was it the wind that flowed with this tune? Maybe the guitar at that moment owned the wind for a moment but what was certain is that a few travelers on the road were captivated by this melodious piece...


"It's an incredible day in the meadow for our heroes as Ash is planning to get his last and eighth medal at Sunnyshore city, although his adventure might have to stop for a while as our heroes get to see that a young trainer is sitting in the grass at the distance with a song that is impossible to ignore."

A bit far away, Ash, Brock and Dawn kept walking to find out who was the author of such a beautiful melody. "Wow! What a great sound!" Dawn said as she closed her eyes to dwell on the song. Ash stopped in place staring directly at the young musician and watched how he played, "that song is really cool! I gotta' go talk to that guy!" Ash said as he ran towards the guitarist. "Piiiika!" His Pikachu said with joy as he held on to his trainer's shoulder. Dawn opened her eyes widely as she noticed Ash running towards the artist, "hey Ash! Wait for me!" Dawn yelled as she chased him down the road, Brock went along in an attempt to catch up to them.

The young musician's song ended on a short note as he heard a bunch of footsteps coming closer to him.

"Bui!" Said his Pokémon as he pointed towards the group.

"I guess he have company, huh?" Kevin asked his friend as he stood up along his Buizel as the three travelers approached him. One had a cool cap on, black hair and his Pokémon, Pikachu, was on his shoulder. Another one had long straight blue hair and she had her Pokémon, Piplup, on her shoulder as well, and the last one seemed older than the last two, he had brown spiky hair.

"Hi there! Hey, your music is pretty cool!" Ash said.

"Pika pika!" His Pikachu said.

Kevin said that it was nothing, "it's what I do for a living!" The artist added.

"Your music is really beautiful!" Dawn said to him clarifying that he really was good. "What's your name?" Dawn asked.

Kevin smiled, he always liked to make people feel inspired with his music, "Well, my name is… "

The musician was about to say when Brock interrupted him, "you are Kevin! Right?" Brock asked as he reached his backpack to look for something.

"Ah! So you guys do know me!" Kevin confirmed as he observed what Brock was getting from his bag.

Brock said that he was certainly a famous person in Sinnoh, he handled a magazine to Kevin, there was his picture holding his guitar with his Pokémon beside him, the title said: "Young musician will play at Sunnyshore city this weekend." Below you could see the date and time of the event to happen today at night, Brock handed the magazine to Kevin.

He was quite happy as he saw the magazine, "whoa hoh! Look at this Buizel! Our first time on the cover!" Kevin said as he showed the picture to his Pokémon. Buizel cheered with joy. "I've never been in the cover before, this is really cool!" Lost in the excitement Kevin then turned around to see the three travelers, and realized that he was completely ignoring them. "Oh how rude, I forgot to ask, what are your names?- Kevin asked as he looked at the travelers.

"My name is Ash, and this is Pikachu. I'm going to be the best Pokémon Trainer!" Said the trainer with the black spiky hair while rising his fist up.

Kevin nodded as he turned to the girl with the white hat "I'm Dawn and he is Piplup. I'm going to be a Pokémon Coordinator." The girl says with clear determination that is quite similar to Ash's.

"That's cool, my mom likes those shows!" Kevin said as he then turned to the last traveler.

"I'm Brock I'm studying to become a great Pokémon Breeder." He said as he put his backpack behind him, "you can keep that." Brock pointed to the magazine.

Kevin looked at the cover one last time smiling at his own success and then spoke to Brock, "Thanks! Now we all know each other!" Kevin said with a smile as he looked back down to the magazine, Kevin read the date on the cover and it was said for tonight.

Brock watched how Kevin read the cover and suggested, "maybe you should be on your way now Kevin, the presentation you have is today, you still have a long way to go." Brock told him.

"What? No, it's within two days, the date is wrong." Kevin read along and counted in his head. "Someone got the date wrong, I know for sure it's in two days more!" Kevin said loudly to himself, "I'm never going to get there in time." Kevin said with sadness.

"Pika?" Ash's Pikachu asked.

"Why not? The city is very close from here." Ash assured.

Kevin explained to Ash that he lost his way a couple of days ago when he was listening to the waves near a rock. Apparently his map flew away without him or Buizel even noticing, they just spent the rest of the days walking along the road without knowing how far the place was.

Ash then offered him to accompany them along the way. "Then why don't you come with us? I'm off to Sunnyshore city myself to get my final badge!" Ash said with determination as he showed off the medals he had already acquired, Kevin watched in awe at this accomplishment.

"You have seven medals already? That's really cool! You must be an exceptional trainer!" Kevin said as he looked at the travelers, the roads have been lonely, and even if Buizel makes for one of the best companions, sometimes he feels that friendly conversation once in a while was much needed. "Yes... you know what? Yeah! We can all go together, I'd enjoy the company inmensily!"

They all decided to walk together until Kevin could get to Sunnyshore city, as they walked, Kevin was playing his guitar for a bit on the way, everyone was enjoying the harmonic tunes he had to show off, something peculiar about his pieces was that he never did sing to his music, but he did hum along to them. He played at least 3 songs when he put his guitar back in his bag and decided not to play for a bit. Buizel jumped at Kevin's shoulder and rubbed his face against his, Kevin the patted his head to keep walking.

"Kevin! Can you play one more?" Ash asked gently to the musician.

"I'll play a bit later... I'm honestly more interested in talking about you guys right now, it's actually been a while since I haven't spoken to other people." Kevin said as he stared at Ash and the rest.

"Say Kevin, how do you come up with so many good songs?" Dawn curiously asked.

Kevin thought for a bit on what to say, he really hasn't told much about how he created his music to anyone, when his thoughts collected he explained, "most of the songs I made surge from my own personal experiences, and some, by what I listen in nature." Kevin smiled as he looked at the mountains that were in the distance, a good next destination for the future, he thought.

Kevin smiled, "It's really fun to come up with all kinds of songs. Even though, music for me is more how I tell my life to people, of me and my dear Buizel." He explained as he held his Buizel close to him and petted him.

"I can totally see you have a close friendship, so what's the name of the first song you made, Kevin?" Ash asked curiously. Kevin thought for just a while, he and his Buizel looked at each other and smiled. Buizel was cheering happily.

"We wrote the first song together dedicated to our friendship, from when we first met." Kevin said as he relived these memories in his head, he remembers himself and his Buizel spending time together at the beach in that big rock with the great view.

Ash was impressed that a pokemon could help out in music, "It's pretty amazing that you and your pokemon composed something together!" Ash said impressed.

Kevin then added, "I met Buizel when I was camping far away from my home 4 years ago, back then I was a very lonely kid, when me and Buizel met, he would always hum something quite beautiful that I simply had to replicate in my own way." Kevin thought to himself a bit longer but quickly put his mind to rest. "It's a very long story actually, luckly it's all in my diary so I can just read it. I'll make sure to tell ya later how I met Buizel. And then I'll tell you my song's name, the song itself and how it was made has a lot to do with the story." Kevin explained as he kept walking, it was not really a story that he shares, as a matter of fact, it's not a story he has told at all, it is only shared by him and his pokemon friend.

"Bui bui!" Kevin's buizel smiled and spoke happily, he was probably excited to relive this story himself.

"Apparently Buizel wants to tell the story himself as well!" Kevin laughed.

Ash was definitely excited for this story, "I'm sure Pikachu would like to hear too!" Ash said, he then asked his pokemon to confirm.

"Pika pi!" Pikachu said happly, Kevin smiled at the cute little Pikachu.

Kevin took out his guitar again and he prepared himself to play, "This song, this song was the first one my heart ever made, an ode to true friendship." Kevin said as the melodious song followed, which brought waves of harmony throughout the day...

A couple of minutes passed after the song, the travelers and the artist himself were very delighted, Kevin still didn't know much about his companions though, he asked Ash about how his adventures were, he was quite pleased with how he and Pikachu managed to get along so well. "Pokemon friendships are the best" He thought to himself.

Everyone's energy was starting to come to an end, they decided to rest and make something too eat. Brock made sure to set up everything for the group as they all set their pokemon out so that they could rest as well. Kevin only had 2 extra pokemon with him, a Pikachu and a Riolu. As soon as Kevin's Riolu was out he went to hug his trainer to just later head to a secluded place to sit down and relax, he was probably meditating. His Pikachu was very eccentric and was all over the place as soon as he was out, he went to play around with Ash's Pikachu. The ambience of the place was both playful and relaxing, Ash however quickly noticed the Pikachu that Kevin had on his team appeared to have his right ear and tail clipped in a way resembling a triangular cut, this was very unnerving for Ash, it made him want to ask inmediately about his Pikachu. Ash approached Kevin but before he could talk it was already time to eat.

Lunch time was quite friendly for the pokemon, they all sat around as they liked and began to eat their Pokemon food. At the other side though, Kevin was really enjoying the food.

"WOW! This is soooo good! Finally a great meal!" Kevin said as he ate, he was definitely enjoying his plate, although the rest stared at him oddly.

"What's with you? It's just soup…" Ash said curiously.

Kevin realized later that he was being looked at, he put his plate down and explained, "well... it's that…" Kevin was thinking, "I travel alone with Buizel and I don't know how to cook, I can't seem to prepare good food unless you count canned stuff, and I made tofu but... ugh." Kevin explained as he remembered his dislike for tofu, he continued to eat the soup that was served to him.

"Then, what did you eat?- Ash wondered, "You must've had something more than just canned food, or tofu." Ash asked. There was definitely something else that Kevin ate, he didn't want to said it though but to just get over it he confessed.

"Sometimes, Pokémon food…- Kevin said with a bit of shame. Everyone looked at Kevin awkwardly by hearing this, the musician got a bit startled, "It doesn't taste that bad after a while, alot better than tofu if you ask me." Kevin shrugged.

Ash remembered about Kevin's Pikachu, he just had to ask about this. "I noticed that your Pikachu has some cuts, how did these happen?" Kevin's calm quickly became that of preocupation.

"I still can't believe that he would do that to his own Pokemon." Ash didn't understand what he meant by that, Kevin took a while to realize this, but he quickly explained to him. "I'm not Pikachu's original trainer, Adam was a trainer that did this to poor Pikachu, I still don't understand... he just told me one day that he did it to make him "tough" but I think it might've affected him a bit..." Kevin was instantly sad after this. "If only I could talk to pokemon, then I'd know what they want or what they feel..." Kevin said as he then pondered to himself, Buizel came near his trainer and patted his back. "Thanks buddy."

After everyone had finished eating, they all spent some time with their pokemon before they would depart to Sunnyshore city. Kevin saw that Ash himself had a Buizel as well.

"Your Buizel is pretty cool Ash!" Kevin complemented him.

"Thanks! Your Buizel is also cool, what kind of moves does yours know?" Ash asked the musician as he knelt down to look at his pokemon.

"Well, I'm not a fantastic trainer myself by any measure, but he knows quite a few moves..." Kevin started to think in the moves, "aqua jet, water pulse and a very special move." Kevin said as he winked "Not using that last one thought unless it is absolutely necessary", Ash wondered what that move was so he asked Kevin if he could say what that special ability was. Kevin refused, "sorry, I don't like to say what it is mostly because whenever I say the name of it people always want to see him do it, people that do know his ability tell me that if Buizel would evolve to floatzel he could be able to take it." Kevin explained as well that he didn't wish to evolve his Buizel mostly because his pokemon didn't want to, it had to do with something that he and his Buizel lived together.

Ash definitely wouldn't miss out on challenging Kevin to a pokemon battle after hearing this now! "I wanna show you what my Buizel can do, maybe then you can have some idea on what other moves to teach to your friend, want to battle?" Kevin was quite amazed at the challenge, but having an idea on what moves to teach Buizel did sound exciting.

"It's been a while since I've been in a battle, last time was a week ago with my own pokemon, "Kevin thinks for a bit and then accepts, "sure! Let's battle! But let me warn you, that just because I'm a musician, it doesn't mean I'm not a trainer, I had plans to go to leagues in the past too!"

Brock stood in the middle of the battle area to explain the rules of the match, it was a single Pokémon fight and they couldn't switch their Pokémon until they were unable to continue, both trainers stood at each side of an area they had cleared up, Ash was pumped and prepared.

"Are you ready Kevin?" Ash asked Kevin.

"I'm pretty much ready Ash!" Kevin responded, Ash then pulled his hat back and chose his own buizel, he was already out of the Pokemon so he just made one step forward and prepared.

"It would be interesting to see a Buizel and Buizel match, although, for this match I'll shall send in my best fighter, Riolu go!" Kevin threw his pokemon and chose Riolu for the battle, his pokemon stood in the arena with a calm pose. "Do you think we will win this one Buizel?" Kevin asked his friend, Buizel responded cheerfully. "Do watch this fight Buizel, maybe there are some cool things to learn." Kevin said to the pokemon resting on his shoulder. Kevin's Riolu and Ash's Buizel both looked at each other, ready to fight.


"Riolu! Get near him and use force palm!" Kevin said to his Riolu, as Riolu made a swift movement towards Buizel and attacked him, unfortunately Ash's Buizel was able to dodge the attack quickly.

"Buizel! use water pulse." As Buizel dodged Riolu's attack he used water pulse very close to him. Riolu got a direct hit, and the force of the water pushed him back.

Riolu quickly got up and looked back at Kevin with a smile, he was always ready to fight for his trainer. "Ok Riolu! try to get close again and try force palm again!" Kevin commanded. Riolu got near Buizel quickly once more and tried to hit him as best as he could, he made some good hits that connected on Buizel, unfortunately he didn't seem to even flinch from the attack, they both got apart.

Ash commanded Buizel to use Sonic Boom, Riolu quickly dodged and awaited Kevin's instruction.

"Riolu, force palm once again" Kevin said, this time Riolu didn't move, he watched Buizel still in the air and held his hand close to his side with his eyes closed. Riolu then threw a glowing blue attack towards Buizel which made contact and made Buizel tumble on the ground. Kevin was amazed, "was that aura sphere?" Kevin wondered to himself. "Cool! I guess all that meditating on your own did pay off!" Kevin said to his pokemon, Riolu looked back at him and smiled with confidence.

Despite the amazing display, Ash never lost focus, he was determined to win this. "Alright, use Aqua jet Buizel" Ash said, Buizel rapidly went towards his target.

"Riolu, stand still and focus" Kevin commanded, Ash was wondering why he would just stand still and not do anything.

Buizel was approaching his target fast, but as soon as the impact was about to happen, Riolu simply sidestepped. "There you go Riolu! Follow the sound of the water and dodge." It was an impressive skill to dodge such a fast attack. Buizel stood behind Riolu, the perfect chance for an attack, "try to use aura sphere once more!" Kevin commanded as Riolu quickly used his move again, this time it was much smaller compared to the first try, as Riolu attempted the Aura Sphere attack again, he quickly became tired as he tried his best to make a solid attack.

"Buizel, dodge and quickly use Sonic Boom!" Buizel jumped towards Riolu managing to leap above the aura sphere and landed a strong Sonic Boom attack on Riolu sending him flying far away and landing near Kevin, it was evident by now that Riolu could not continue, Buizel in the meantime was not breaking a sweat.

"Riolu is unable to continue." Brock announced.

Kevin picked Riolu from the ground and petted him slightly, "That was a good fight, rest now." Kevin said as he put Riolu back into his pokeball. "I never even imagined how strong your pokemon were, you win Ash!" Kevin said as he raised his thumb at him. "I can see why you have so many badges now." Kevin added.

"Bui bui!" Kevin's buizel said excitedly." Buii! Bui! Bu…" Buizel looked at Ash while he did an imitation of the move that Ash's Buizel used to perform sonic boom.

"So you liked sonic boom buddy?" Kevin asked his Buizel to whom he quickly nodded, he then went to talk to Ash's Buizel. "Hey Ash, wouldn't you mind that maybe some other day, you could help me train Buizel so that he can learn sonic boom too? he seems very excited about that. "Kevin asked him, Ash was more than happy.
"Sure! That may be fun! Maybe your Buizel could use that move sometime!." Ash responded.

Dawn and Brock were already far ahead on the road as they looked back on Ash and Kevin talking. "C'mon you guys! It's getting late!" Dawn said from afar, the sun was close to the horizon and the sunset was not far away.

"Yeah, we don't want to be around for too long, it's getting dark." Brock said as he looked at both of them.

Kevin and Ash were abouut to leave but a couple of female voices were calling out for Kevin from afar, two young ladies with books were running towards them with excitement.

"Keviiiin! Waiiit" One of the ladies said before they got close to them, both of them dressed the same dresses, the only differeance was their hair color, one had short blue hair and the other one had a violet long hair. "We were wondering if we could get your autograph please?"

Kevin was a bit puzzled on how they could locate him so quickly, then again, his show was starting at night to the city near them. "Sure, do you have a pen?" Kevin asked as he approached both of the ladies by himself.

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