The first true hunt

The escort

Their progress was good, lord Elrond every few minutes glanced to his right, just to look how was the feline doing. The great feline was limping, but he did not see any kind of tiredness on her thanks to his special draught which he gave her. The ancient elf knew that the great feline should not use her hind leg too much to let it heal, but they needed to get to safety. Because you will never know who is watching and what will attack you.

But Luin knew better. She did not feel to be tired, but she felt a stabbing pain in her thigh and she felt that the stitches lord Elrond made were torn.

The female snow leopard was overtaxing her hind left leg just from moving it. But she did not want to be a hindrance to the others. She wanted to keep up with them. And she wanted so badly to keep up with them. So she had to push herself and use all the energy that her body has left after all that happened.

The wolf pack was circling around the elven group every now and then. When any of the wolves heard a rustling sound it was immediately checked out by a group of two or three wolves alongside one or two elven warriors.

They were able to scare away some rabbits, mice and also a smaller deer. But the were no foul creatures around or even none of the elves could feel their presence and the wolves did not catch any of the orcs' filthy smell.

Also there were lots of distant cries of unknown creatures heard around them.

The pace was not so quick, but before they knew it the group reached the safety of the elven realm. Even the trees near the hidden entrance to the elven heaven were more inviting and cheerful than those in the forest.

When they reached the gate the wolf pack stopped and turned around already ready to leave.

"Stop. Do not go yet." the lord of Imladris exclaimed.

The alpha wolf turned around. With his hazel eyes he looked up just to find the stormy ones now filled with bit of softness.

"Please do not leave just yet. You have to come with us. You also have wounded amongst yourselves. We can help healing your wounds." the ancient elf said.

The black wolf nodded his head a bit and barked to his pack. Then they followed the elves deeper to the elven sanctuary.

Every elf that seen the unusual party kept staring behind them with opened mouth, which was very unelvish behavior.

When they reached the Last homely house many elves rushed to the horse and surrounded their lords. They took the injured golden haired prince and the blond march warden down from Asfaloth and Wethril and let their lords dismount their steeds.

Lord Elrond then turned to the pack. "Please, follow me."

But to this Ice paw stepped out, looked at the tired feline and in a set of barks he said. Thank you for your kindness, but we rather stay outside. There are not many seriously injured, just some scrapes and bite marks.

When the great leopard translated this to the ancient elf, lord Elrond looked at the alpha wolf which bowed his head.

"Then I send you some healers to treat also those minor wounds. But now excuse me I must go." the lord of Rivendell said and bowed, and then hurried after the elves, which carried the injured ones away.

The ancient elf saw his friend Erestor passing by in the hall and send him outside to accompany the wolf pack, but mainly to look after them. The dark haired elf nodded and hurried outside.

Luin also turned around and she slowly limped after the elven lord followed by worried looking balrog-slayer.

The golden haired elven warrior watched the limping snow leopard with sad eyes. He heard her panting loudly and her pace was getting slower by the second.

When he lowered his gaze he saw a trail of bloody paw prints, left by the great cat. "Luin!" the ancient elf called out, but the cat did not react. She was not reacting to anything just followed the scent of her companion and brother.

Luin felt the effects of the draught that lord Elrond gave her were fading away or they were already gone, she did not know. She felt her body started to tremble violently and her wounds started to throb painfully. She was panting heavily, her left side hurt with each breath she took and her vision was getting blurry. She was getting more and more tired by the second and she knew that it was from the poison and also blood loss. But she could not stop because she knew that if she stops now, she would not compel herself to move again. She heard someone speaking to her, but it was too muffled to understand the person, even her senses were messed up.

The only one she could follow was the scent of Legolas and his blood. That was the most and only thing on her already tired mind.

"Luin!" Glorfindel tried again, but the feline did not react. She just limped forward slowly trying to reach her goal. The golden haired elven warrior ran forward, right in front the great cat. "Luin you are bleeding again. Why you did not say that you tore out those stitches?" Glorfindel asked, but the bluish snow leopard just passed by him and he heard her muter under her breath.

I have to get to where Legolas is. To make sure he is okay. The cat quietly said and limpet forward towards her goal.

The ancient elven lord gave up at this point. He turned and walked after her keeping a close eye on the limping injured feline.

When the golden haired balrog-slayer saw some passing elves he ordered them to bring some blankets to the chamber where Legolas was brought and inform lord Elrond to prepare his sowing equipment foe Luin.

When lord Elrond got to the room where Legolas and Haldir were brought by the other elves and they were already put in beds near each other. His sons were already there.

"Ada where is Luin?" Elladan asked.

"She will be here shortly. She is with Glorfindel." the lord of Rivendell said to his two sons and started to look over his two patients.

Suddenly some more elves entered the room, their arms were full of blankets and two were also holding a large thick carpet.

"What is this? And why did you bring it here?" the confused Elrohir asked.

"We were ordered by lord Glorfindel to bring it here for Luin and also inform you to prepare your needle and thread, my lord." one of the elves quickly said.

"Why is that?" Lord Elrond asked, but he got his answer right away when Luin came limping in the room leaving a trail of bloody paw prints. The great cat was followed by the balrog-slayer, who went to look over the two injured elves. The ancient elf saw that the feline was on the verge of passing out. "Quickly spread the carpet and the blankets on the ground!" The elves did as they were told.

Luin saw what the elves did and moved her aching body to the blankets. Her legs shook, and when she made it on the blankets they gave out and her great body hit the soft ground, but she was still a bit aware of her surroundings.

Lord Elrond knew that the draught he gave the cat has been already burned by her body long ago and it was just her sheer will that got her so far. He could tell just by looking at her.

The ancient elf walked to her and kneeled beside her. "Rest now penneth, you are all safe now. Look." He said, turned her head to the now sleeping prince and march warden and stroked her head.

Luin looked at the occupied bed and her eyelids drooped slowly. She was so tired and her mind slowly wandered away.

The ancient elf carefully lowered the felines' head and hurried to do his tasks.

The lord of Rivendell took one vial from the table alongside needle, thread and a piece of clean cloth and went back to the great cat.

Lord Elrond looked at the bleeding wound on the cats' hind thigh. He opened the vial and poured some of its content on the cloth and some on the wound and pressed the cloth there, to numb the skin around the wound, so he could sow it together again.

With the help of few elves he was able to bandage her torso and force fed the unconscious bluish great leopard the draught to counterattack the orc poison.

Once he was done he went to check on the young prince of Mirkwood and the march warden of Lórien, and when he assured himself that both were all right. The ancient elf left the patients in the care of other healers and to his dismay also in the care of his two twin sons, who should have been resting, and he went out to see what was Erestor doing outside.

When lord Elrond walked through the large door of the Last Homely house, he saw his longtime friend and advisor struggling with the communication with the wolf pack. But somehow the two large wolves were able to understand the dark haired ancient elf, and those two put the pack under control again, so the other healers could treat their wounds.

When the pack leader saw the lord of Imladris approach, the black wolf walked closer to him and bowed his head a little. The ancient elf immediately understood what Ice paw meant by doing that.

"You are welcome." lord Elrond said and also bowed to the black wolf. "But you have to stay here for a while, at least till the time Luin wakes up." the dark haired elf said and his smile faded when he thought about the great cat, the young prince and the elven march warden.

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