The first true hunt

New allies

A day passed when Luin woke up. When she opened her eyes her vision was blurry and it was so bright in the room, so she quickly closed them. The great cat wanted to stand up , but her body ached so much.

In her next attempt she was immediately stopped by a voice.

"You should not walk at least for a week penneth."

The snow leopard knew to whom the voice belonged. It was the lord of Rivendell himself.

The grey eyed elf knew that the cat was waking up. It was the tail and the ears that gave it away. The ancient elf clearly remembered the day before when he needed help with the wrapping the torso of the great feline and her hind leg and also force feeding the unconscious cat the drought for the orc poison. It was by the time when she tried to stand up he let her know of his presence there.

Oh lord Elrond I did not know that you were in here. The great blue feline said.

"The poison must be still affecting your senses." the ancient elf said.

How are Legolas and Haldir? The feline asked.

"They are still sleeping, but they are out of danger. I think Legolas will wake up soon, because I saw him moving a little while ago." lord Elrond smiled and walked to her with a phial full of drought for the orc poison and something for the pain.

"We will always bring you food and water." came the voices of the Elrondion twins when they walked through the door.

Elrohir carried a large bowl filled with water and Elladan carried a tray with cut cooked meat and some fruit.

Hannon le, the both of you. The great feline bowed her head when lord Elrond gave her the draught.

"Now eat something but slowly penneth." the lord of Imladris said.

"Aye Luin, eat something. You must be very hungry." Elladan said when he put the tray in front of the great cat and Elrohir set down the bowl near enough for Luin to reach it.

The bluish snow leopard took a small drink and then looked around the tray and picked up a small piece of meat and carefully ate it. Then took another and piece of juicy peach. She ate a few more and she could not get anything else in her. She drank again and then put her head on her paws.

"That will do for now, Luin will finish the rest later." the ancient elf said when he looked at his twin sons when they wanted to object that the feline did not eat enough. "Now rest Luin." lord Elrond said. Then he sat next to her and stroked her like Legolas use to do until she had fallen asleep.

The night was quiet until a sudden lightning pierced the dark sky. This announced that another summer storm came. The sudden loud roar of thunder woke the young Mirkwood prince up.

Legolas was roused from his sleep by a sudden laud thunder, the golden haired elf bolted up from his bed when another lightning illuminated the dark night sky. His ocean blue eyes went wide and he was frantically looking around the room. The prince yelped in pain when he moved too quickly. The young elf never feared the thunder storm, but this was different. During the day he had no problems with them, but during the night it was different. During the night it put him like on the edge of a knife and he was more on the edge because the lack of presence of his furry companion. Legolas frantically looked around till his eyes rested on the shape of the great cat. The young prince got out of the bed, took his blanket and went to the feline.

Legolas did not notice that he was being watched by the feline.

You should not move around. Luin said.

The golden haired princeling looked at the bluish cat. "Luin you are up? I am so glad that you are alright." Legolas said when he heard her and saw her bit glowing eyes.

Aye I am. And I am relieved that you are up. But you should be resting, why are you up? Luin asked her friend.

Soon she got here answer when another lightning pierced the sky and a lout thunder followed. The great snow leopard saw the shivers that rocked the young elf now. Luin moved her body so the Mirkwood youngest prince could sleep with her, hidden in her long fur like the small kittens cuddle to their mothers' fur.

Legolas snuggled to Luins' side and covered himself with his blanket. The great cat then curled her body to make sure that she will feel every, even a small, motion from the young prince. They both were rocked to sleep by the heartbeat and breathing of the other. While they were together, the summer thunder storm was soon forgotten.

The morning came sooner than lord Elrond has expected. Soon as the dawn came he came to check over his patients, he was immediately intercepted by his twin sons. The Elrondions were frantic because they could not find the young golden haired princeling. The ancient elf hurried to the healing wing, but when he entered the chamber he saw that Legolas' bed was empty and the young prince was nowhere to be found. He clearly remembered when he went to check on him in the night the young prince was still in his bed. The lord of Imladris looked around the chamber. He saw that Luin is still in the room and he know that Legolas would not go anywhere without the giant cat. Then he saw a piece of blanked peeking within the cats' long bluish fur and smiled.

"Legolas did not go anywhere, my sons. He is right here in this chamber." the ancient elf said and walked to the giant feline. "Good morning Luin." the raven haired elf quietly said to the bluish feline because he knew that she was awake.

The great cat looked at the lord of Rivendell. Good morning to you too, lord Elrond. She quietly responded and slowly uncurled herself to reveal the sleeping golden haired princeling.

The ancient elf smiled and brushed away a stray hair strand from the princes' face.

"So the young prince woke up in the night." the ancient elf stated.

Aye. There was a storm at night and he woke up. I said that he should not have been moving, but when I saw him shivering I allowed him to stay with me. The cat said and looked at the young prince.

Lord Elrond grew wary, his brows furrowed, when he heard that the princeling was shivering in the night and put his hand on the elflings' forehead to check if he had a fever. He was relieved when he did not find any trace of it, his face softened. Then he caressed the young princes' check with the back of his finger and called out to him.

"Legolas? Legolas, wake up penneth." the ancient elf gently called him.

The golden haired princeling stirred a bit, moaned quietly and closed his unfocused ocean blue eyes. When he opened them again he was looking right to the stormy gray eyes of the lord of Imladris. The young prince smiled a bit.

"Good morning lord Elrond." was the innocent greeting the elven lord got which melted his heart and refrained him from scolding the young elf.

"Good morning to you too, penneth." the ancient elf smiled. "But you should be sleeping in your own bed." lord Elrond said and patted the elflings' head. Then the lord of Imladris helped Legolas to stand up and guided him back to his bed.

To their surprise, when Legolas was being coved by the blanket by lord Elrond, the Lothlórien march warden groaned to their left and opened his almost fully closed eyes.

When Haldirs' eyesight focused and adjusted to the sun lit chamber, the Lothlórien elf looked around only to see the lord of Imladris looming over him and checking his wounds. To his right he saw the youngest prince of Mirkwood smiling on him alongside the Elrondion twins and from the foot of bed he saw the smiling bluish snow leopard.

"Welcome back to the world of the living, mellon nin." the ancient elf smiled and offered the blond warrior glass filled of pure water, which he gladly accepted and took a few sips. "How are you feeling?"

"My stomach hurts a bit." the warrior said and lord Elrond immediately went to the small table filled with phials and took one, which he gave to the blond haired elf. When Haldir drank the drought he realized that the twins were nowhere to be found.

Soon the Elrondions entered the chamber carrying two small bowls, for Legolas and Haldir, and two big bowls for Luin.

The injured gladly accepted the food and happily dug in it.

Within a week the young prince and the bluish leopard managed to recover enough to move around and leave the healing chamber to their own chamber, but the confinement did not stop them from trying to leave their beds and sneaking away from the healing wing either outside to the garden or to the kitchen. Lord Elrond had to even put them to sleep a few times with one of his famed sleeping potions to reduce their movement. Only Haldir remained a patient, well behaved patient.

During that week some of the wolves, mostly female and some of the recovered male members had to leave the elven heaven, but the leader of the pack, Ice paw, stayed there still waiting to speak with the great cat and the lord of Rivendell, because Luin was the only one who can translate what he is saying.

So when the time came lord Elrond held a council on a platform over one of the great waterfalls in Imladris. The roof, if you can call it that way, was made of big old beech tree. The ancient raven haired elf sat behind the head of the table, to his right sat his longtime friend and advisor, the golden haired Glorfindel, and to his left sat his second advisor and the main librarian, the dark haired Erestor. Beside each of the advisors sat the Elrondion twins. Haldir persuaded the ancient elf to let him join the council, to which lord Elrond agreed, but was not very happy about it. Legolas sat on the other side of the table and Luin laid beside him on the ground till Ice paw, Mist and two other members of the pack, which Mist brought here, came up the stairs to the platform.

"I welcome you Ice paw and Mist. And also the young ones that came with you." the lord of Rivendell said and bowed his head. "I am really glad that you accepted the invitation for this council."

Both adult wolves bowed their heads while the two pups wondered away one to Haldir sitting near the trunk of the beech tree, the other one to Luins' great fluffy tail.

"I again wanted to thank you for saving Legolas, Haldir, Luin and also my sons from orcs and wargs, and also the other elves and the other travelers around this realm." the raven haired elf continued.

You are welcome. And I want to thank you for treating members of my pack. Luin said after some growls from Ice paw.

"I know that you and your pack are living near Imladris because in the first time when we saw your pack members we became wary of you. Many of my people were afraid of you. It is because many of your kind were been corrupted by the dark powers of the world. So I send scouts to investigate your pack. And when the scouts returned I heard how many good deeds you, Ice paw, and your pack have done. So I want to ask you what is the reason you are doing this?" the ancient elf said.

I have seen your scouts master Elrond and if I may I will start from the beginning. Ice paw said and started retelling his and his packs' story.

It started some moons ago when I was a member of a different pack in a different area. One day a warg messenger came alongside with an orc and they wanted us to join their master. The pack leader and the elders said to them that they have to discuss it and they will give them their answer during the next full moon so the messengers left. I knew that the answer will be no, but we never knew what will happen.

On the next new moon the pack leader gave them our answer, but they were well prepared if we say no. out of nowhere a whole horde surrounded us. There were three of us that made it out alive. But one died of the orc poison and the other one was killed by the pursuing wargs. Then only I remained. I wandered the wilderness with no home to return to and no place to belong to.

Two moons had passed since the slaughter of my pack, and then I started to come across more and more lonely wolves and heard exactly the same story as mine that their pack were wiped out by orcs and wargs. Then a thought crossed my mind that I will make a pack of my own and I gathered the wolves with the same fate as mine and formed a pack.

Then we just needed a place where to make our territory and many of us heard the stories of the elves and the elven heaven hidden somewhere in the mountains. So we traveled there and made our territory in the Misty Mountains and the surrounding area. We killed the wargs that were occupying this area. That is when we started to protect all the travelers from all the foul creatures.

I hated those foul creatures back then and I still do now. Ice paw growled loudly. And for that I have a proposition for you master Elrond. The almost full black wolf said.

"And what would that be?" the lord of Imladris asked and looked ate the alpha wolf.

I would like to form an alliance with you. The big wolf said.

Lord Elrond looked at his two advisors and they whispered for a while. Then the ancient elf stood up and said. "I spoke to my advisors and we have come to a decision. We accept your proposal for an alliance. And I declare that from now on I, Elrond, son of Eärendil, son of Dior, we for an alliance with Ice paw, the great wolf, and his pack till the end of all Arda." the raven haired elf said.

To that Ice paw and Mist bowed.

Thank you master Elrond. Luin translated. And I have one small request, well rather a little favor.

"What would you need my friend?" the ancient elf asked.

As you know we are being hunted by the orcs so it is very dangerous to stay on one place for long. I would like to humbly ask you if we can give birth and raise our pups within the gates of Rivendell, for the pups to have a safe place to grow up without being killed by the foul beasts. Ice paw bowed his head deeper than before and remained in the same position till lord Elrond walked around the table a put his hand on the wolfs' head.

"You are welcome to stay and raise your pups here Ice paw, you just fine the right place to do that and it will be the place for raising your young ones." the ancient elf smiled and Ice paw raised his head.

Thank you very much master Elrond for you kindness. It was Mist who spoke now, and her and Ice paws' pups started jumping around and barking.

"You are welcome." the raven haired elf smiled.

Ice paw then let out a long howl which was joined by Mist and the pups. From far away they got an answer to their call in a form of more howls of the pack.

Within two days the wolves found a quiet place near one of the smaller waterfalls in Imladris and brought the few pups that some of the wolf pairs gave birth to. The wolf pack also found a path there from the beyond of the hidden walls of the elven heave, which they used to enter or leaving the elven sanctuary. And Ice paw informed lord Elrond about it and promised that they will guard it so no evil beast will enter the elven heaven.

In another week Legolas was almost completely recovered and the lord of Rivendell declared he can move freely around the elven sanctuary.

Then in a few days even Luin could move around. The first thing what the small young prince and the great bluish snow leopard done was that they found a nice big rock overhanging the Bruinen River and they basked in the sun there.

The golden haired prince leaned against the great cats' side, listening to the chirping sounds of the birds and the sounds of the Bruinen under them.

"I hope our next hunt will be better than out first on." the Mirkwood princeling said.

What do you mean, Legolas? Luin asked and opened one eye to look at the golden haired elf.

"Well, on our first hunt we found our prey, but the orcs got us and we all ended up wounded." Legolas said and looked at the distant blue sky.

I am one hundred percent sure that the next hunt we will go on will be better. The great cat smiled and licked Legolas' cheek.

"How can you be so sure?" the young prince asked.

Well now we have some marvelous allies. At that she let out a high pitched roar and a pair of howls was the answer to her call.

"Aye Luin, you are right. The next hunt will be better." Legolas said and hugged the felines' neck. Luin stared happily purring and returned the hug with one of her great paws. Then the golden haired prince leaned against the great felines' side again smiling and looked at the sky and the family of red robins flying high in the sky.

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