The first true hunt

Arrival of Haldir

The pair reached the palace and to their luck Thranduil just came through the palace door.

"What happened to you two?" the shocked king exclaimed.

One single warg. Luin said with a bow

"This near? How?"

"We know not ada." Legolas sadly said. "But it is gone now. Luin killed the foul beast." he added.

Most likely it separated from the main group. It is happening more often these days. She said with defeated and tired sigh. I hate those creatures they are more fearless each time. She growled.

"I know. And that is what troubles me. But do not worry I will send a group of warriors to scout the forest. And you two go clean yourselves up." the king rushed them.

They waved the king and entered the palace.

In the bathing chamber were prepared two baths for each of them.

Luin liked water so she happily jumped right in.

Legolas unbraided his hair, undressed himself and entered the other one. He submerged into the water, so he could wash his hair. Then he just relaxed in the warm water.

When he was done he wrapped a towel around his waist and helped Luin to clean the dried blood from her fur. He took some soap and started rubbing her.

It smells like a water lily. She smiled. I like water lilies. And she started purring in the bath.

Legolas smiled when he looked at Luins' head, where too much soap foam so just her ears and blue eye were visible alongside with her nose.

A sudden mischief shone in her eyes and she blew the foam on the young golden haired elf.

Legolas did not expect this to be done by the great cat. He tried to dodge it but, he failed and some of the foam hit his face. And the bluish feline laughed at him.

"Hey!" he exclaimed. "Why did you do that for?" Legolas asked but could not hide his own smile.

That was funny. She laughed.

"Funny? Lets' see." and a mischief smile appeared on his face. He took handful of foam and threw it at the giggling feline.

She did not move and when it hit her, she then threw herself to the back pretending to be hit hard with it. And with a big splash she hit the water surface.

Legolas jumped away just in time not to hit, when large amount of water escaped over the edge of the bath.

When she resurfaced the water, the foam was gone as was the blood but, she was visibly thinner.

"I think you just lost some weight." the young elf laughed hard.

Are you saying that I am fat? She shockingly asked and he laughed even harder.

"No." he said and tried to suppress his laugh.

It is just the fur that is making me look f… She stopped and looked for a better word. …big. She ashamedly said and stepped out of the bath.

Legolas just had a wide grin on his face when he took another towel and started drying her up.

When they were both dry they entered their room. Legolas changed to blue tonic and light brown leggings, combed his hair and braided it to his usual warrior braids.

Meanwhile Luin seated herself on the carpet near the balcony window and was staring at the trees outside while her friend finished himself.

Legolas then took a wide brush to do Luins' fur. It became a habit over the years for Legolas to brush her fur, instead of Luin licking it but, she sometimes did it anyhow. She was a cat and they almost never change their habits. He seated near her and started brushing her.

Ouch… Do you… Ouch… Have to… growl… Pull… urgh… Pull so hard… Ouch… Legolas? Ouch. She asked.

"I have to because it is too tangled because of the length or do you want to cut it?"

Ouch. No. She quickly answered.

When Legolas succeeded in combing out the tangles and was combing her more smoothly she started purring under his hands.

After few minutes the young elf was done. He stood up and put the brush on its proper place on a shelf.

Luin was watching the sky slowly turning red from the setting sun, whose fading rays were coloring the clouds in various shades of red and pink.

Legolas came to her, sat beside her and started stroking her, now smoothly brushed fur.

The two friends were watching as the sun reached the treetops of Mirkwoods' trees.

"When do you think Haldir will arrive?" Legolas asked.

I know not precisely but, sometime tomorrow. It depends if he will ride through the night. She said. You can not wait till he arrives. Do you? She turned her head and smiled at the blond elf.

"Aye, you know what he promised me." he smiled.

Aye, I know what.

"You think that ada will let us go to Imladris for three to five years?"

That long? The shocked cat asked. Don't you think that is too long?

"No. Harion and Isamir when they been to Imladris, they were there for eight years each. I know that Lord Elrond has a great library where I can learn more you know."

Aye, I know and you have good arguments but, I still think that five years is long.

"May be for you it is but for an elf…" and he was cut by the feline.

It is not now but, for others of my kind it would be… She paused and her face saddened, she hung her head. if there are any others left.

"There are!" Legolas exclaimed. "There has to be."

But we did not see any in years. The feline protested.

"May be they are just hiding."

May be.

Their chat was disturbed by a sudden knock on the door.

"Enter." Legolas said and Eluwien entered the room.

"Dinner is ready tithen gwador. I was send by father to collect you two to join us."

"Aye we are coming." Both stood up and followed her to the dining hall.

The two elves and a giant cat entered the dining hall.

"Ada I brought them as you asked." Eluwien said when she entered the room the young elf and his giant feline friend, or rather sister to him, entered behind her.

"That is great."the king smiled.

"Ada." Legolas bowed.

My King. The great snow leopard said and also bowed her head.

The elven king just bowed his head in acknowledgement.

Legolas sat down between his father and Eluwien, and Luin had her place prepared behind the young elfs' chair.

"So ada, did you change your mind about letting me and Luin go to Imladris with Haldir?" the golden haired elf asked.

"No, I did not, ion nin."

"But why ada?" Legolas exclaimed.

"What about your studies Legolas?"

"I know everything that my teachers taught me, and I can learn more in Rivendell."

"Ada, I believe Legolas is right." Eluwien stepped in the conversation. "And besides, Lord Elrond got a great library. He can study there." and she secretly winked on her little brother.

"And what about Hylamas' training?" the king tried again.

"I can train with the sons of Lord Elrond or Lord Glorfindel and his warriors. Please ada." Legolas pleaded with big blue puppy eyes. Luin just turned away to hide the smile growing on her face. She knew this tactic. And it always worked.

"Okay, ion nin you two can go but, you must promise me that you will be careful."

"I promise ada." And the young elf hugged his father.

"And how long do you want to stay in Imladris with Lord Elrond, His sons and Haldir?" Thranduil curiously asked.

"I thought about five years but Luin said it is too long."

The King looked at the feline behind his son and she immediately lowered her gaze ashamedly to the floor with hung ears. "Ion nin she is right it is too long but I know. You want to stay there even longer. Do you."

"Aye." Legolas nodded.

"But we will see what the time would bring and I will see if I will allow you stay there longer." the King finally said.

"Hannon le, ada." the young elf hugged his father again, even tighter than before, and a happy smile appeared on his face.

Hannon le my King. Luin bowed, then stepped closer and as her thank she carefully licked the kings' outstretched hand.

Haldir rode on the back of his great white stallion, Ulios, through the forest of Mirkwood, to reach the palace of king of the wood elves, King Thranduil, and his four children. He liked all of them. But he was most attached to Thranduils' youngest son, princeling Legolas. It was since Legolas' first trip with him to Imladris. He wore grey tunic, also dark blue leggings and a grey cloak. His quiver and longbow strapped on his back and his sword rested in his sheath attached to his waist.

Ulios was happy to be outside and run again, he hated to be cooped up in a stable. He needed to be outside, and Haldir felt the same joy as the great pure white stallion. Ulios carefully watched their surrounding with his bright green eyes for sign of any kind of danger. His long mane and tail were flying freely in the air.

"You are enjoying this as I do. Do you Ulios, mellon nin?" Haldir asked with a smile and patted his stallion on his neck.

The great stallions' answer was ha happy neigh, which disappeared in the wind, and a small playful jump with a kick.

They were pull out of their thoughts be a sudden cheerful song of a little bird that flew past them, and almost it tangled in Ulios' long flying mane.

Haldir looked at the little bird, singing and flying around them, and he immediately recognized the same little red robin from few hours ago. And he smiled at it.

"Are you pursuing us, my friend?" he asked as the little bird flew next to his head and almost sat on the stallions' head.

The little robin began to sing again.

Few hours later and was beginning to darken. Haldir and Ulios were resting under a huge oak tree, gathering their strength for the upcoming journey. And they were accompanied by the little red robin, which was now sitting on Ulios back singing.

Haldir did not want to stay there through the night because of the growing shadow and the various beasts of the dark master. The blond march warden of Lothlórien stood up and stepped to his white stallion, which mane and fur was now in the dimming light shining like a lone star in the night sky. Haldir put his hand on the stallions muscularly neck and stroked it. He looked in his bright green eyes with his own blue ones and said.

"Ulios, my friend. I know you are tired. I wanted to ask you if we can ride during the night to reach the kings' palace sometime during the night. I do not want to push you. But I do not like the shadow around us and you must feel the evil which it brings with it."

The great white stallion tossed his big head, as a nod, sending his long mane flying. some of it landed on Haldirs' shoulder. Then he nudged his master to the chest with his nose.

Haldir smiled. "I know you can do it. You are the strongest and fastest, and most of all the best travel companion there is that elf can have."

Then he looked at the little red robin still sitting on Ulios' back looking at him.

"Are you coming with us?" he asked the little bird.

It looked to Haldirs' eyes and started singing happy song and took off.

"I think that means yes." Haldir smiled and mounted Ulios. "Are you ready, mellon nin?" the blond elf march warden asked.

The great white stallion reared and let out a loud and long neigh as an answer and took off after the little red robin.

Under the veil of the deepest night Haldir entered the gates of King Thranduils' palace. The blond elf dismounted Ulios and led the great white stallion to the stables and to one of the stalls. He strapped off his bags from the stallions back and hung them over the stall door. Then he took of the small light blue blanket he used instead of a saddle and also the bridle and placed them on a pole next to the stall. Then he took a brush and brushed Ulios' coat, which stable boys were usually doing but now was deep night and almost everyone was asleep.

When he was done he took his bags, closed the stall doors and headed out and to the palace.

When the blond elf stepped out he was met by a sky blue eyes of a giant feline with a gloving pendant around her neck.

Mae govannen Haldir of Lórien. The giant feline said and bowed.

"Mae govannen Luin." he smiled and bowed to her. "What are you doing up in the dead of the night Luin?" the blond elf curiously asked.

A cheery smile appeared on her face. I was woken up by my friend who informed me that you just arrived.

"And who might that be. I did not see anybody who might inform you of my arrival. The guards are still on their post and they are the only one who saw me." Haldir said.

She chuckled. Oh Haldir I am not talking of any elves. Raise your hand and look.

Haldir raised his hand and the little red robin landed on his finger looking at him with its black eyes.


Haldir smiled. "So you were pursuing me." Then it happily flew away to its nest.

Now come. You must be weary from your travel. There has been a room prepared for you in the palace. I somehow knew that you will arrive under the veil of the night.

"I just did not want to stay in the forest during the night. And also I wanted to surprise Legolas by my early arrival." he smiled.

Luin led Haldir to the guest wing of the palace where his room was prepared.

I would like to stay and talk to you a bit longer but I must go back to Legolas' room before he wakes up and worry about me. And also you are tired so I will not be bothering you any longer.

"Oh you are not bothering me, Luin, and you know it very well." the blond warrior smiled at her and placed his hand on her bluish head. "Hannon le for showing me my room Luin, and good night. And may the Valar protect your and the young princes' dreams."

Hannon le Haldir and good night. May the stars and the moon guide your dreams. She bowed to the elven warrior, turned around. Oi before I forgot, she turned her head, breakfast is around eight o'clock do not be late. And she headed to the family wing of the palace.

"Worry not, mellon nin, I will be there on time." he smiled.

Haldir watched as the feline turned and walked away. Her body was slightly glowing in the dark hall of the gust wing until she walked around the corner. He walked to his room and shut the door. The march warden of Lórien placed his bags on the table in the corner of the room. He unfastened his belt with his sword and placed it on the table. Then he removed his longbow and quiver and leaned them against the wall.

The blond elf walked to the bathing chamber which was part of each guest room. There was a warm bath waiting for him. 'Oh Luin you must had to wake up all the elves.' He smiled at that thought and thanked the caring giant bluish cat.

He undressed and entered the still steaming bath. In the bath he undone his warrior braids and washed his hair. He got out of the bath feeling cleaner and relaxed, he dried himself and tied one towel around his waist and reentered the bed chamber.

From one of his bags he took out his sleeping gown, dressed himself and lied down on the soft feather bed. And immediately his eyes glazed over in elven sleep.

Luin reached her and Legolas' room and entered.

The young prince was still in deep elven sleep. She came closer to the big double bed and looked at her brother. His green pendant started glowing brighter as she got close to him. You must be dreaming about something neat. She whispered, because he was smiling in his sleep.

She walked around the bed where was more space. She gently placed one front paw on the soft bed, then the other one. The young prince was still asleep. 'Now comes the harder part.' She thought, because Legolas was a light sleeper. And it was to get her hind paws on the bed.

She did it.

Then she walked carefully not to jolt the young elf on the bed awake. She laid on the bed so close to Legolas that her fur brushed against the princes' arm.

Legolas unconsciously moved to the feline and snuggled to the feline.

Luin moved her body carefully to make a better pillow for her brother that his head and back rested on her side and part of her belly. Her giant fluffy tail rested over Legolas' torso, until the young prince seized it and hugged at his sleep as a stuffed toy.

Luin just smiled at that and placed her head on her paws and fell asleep with one thought on her mind and a smile on her face. 'Legolas will be very surprised in the morning.'

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