The first true hunt

Rivendell- Part I

Lord Elrond of Imladris was sitting behind his desk in his study. He had a peacock quill in his hand and opened bottle of black ink on his desk. Four large books were laid opened on his desk, one of them was really old one from the look of its cover, alongside with few fully written parchments. The Elven Lord was rewriting something in each of the three books. The first book was being filled with the drawings of different new healing herbs, the Lord of Rivendell or other elves found, also with their properties. The second one was a newer version of the old book called 'Beasts of Arda', the one which originally Lord Elronds' father wrote. The Elven Lord was not just rewriting it, but also adding new information in it. The last book was an unfinished story about a young elf and his animal friend, written by the Lord of Rivendell himself.

Lord Elrond was in the middle of a sentence in the story when a young elf knocked on the wooden door and, breathing heavily from the run, entered the room.

He raised his stormy grey eyes from to book and looked at the young elf with long dark brown hair and also dark brown eyes, dressed in white blue tunic and dark blue leggings.

"What is the matter Sogadan?" the ancient elf asked.

"My Lord, there are two riders and a feline are approaching the gates of Rivendell." the dark brown haired elf said in one breath.

"Sogadan do you know where are they from?" Elrond asked and placed the peacock quill besides the book.

"No, my Lord, but they are definitely elves. One of them is a lore-master, because of the feline."

"Do you know which realm mark they bear?" the Elven Lord asked the young elf.

"No my Lord." and Sogadan hung his head.

Lord Elrond looked at the young elf and his brow furrowed. "At least you can tell me what kinds of horses are bearing their riders."

"Two white ones, my Lord."

"And the feline?" the Elven Lord asked his last question.

"Great bluish leopard, my Lord." Elronds' expression changed to pleased one at this last given information.

"That would be all Sogadan, I now know who is coming." Elrond smiled. "Please find Glorfindel and tell him to find my sons and meet me outside the house. But do not tell them that someone is coming." the Elven Lord ordered and a mischievous smile appeared on his face.

"Aye my Lord." Sogadan bowed and exited Elronds' study. Lord Elrond was thinking why young Sogadan did not recognized the youngest Mirkwood prince and his feline companion. Then the answer came to him. 'Sogadan was never around when Legolas and Luin visited Imladris.' He thought.

"So, young Legolas is going to stay with us for the summer." Elrond said and his smile grew. He stood up from his desk, straightened his white blue robe and exited his study.

In the Great Hall he met with Glorfindel, Elladan and Elrohir.

"What is happening ada?" Elladan asked.

"Aye, ada. Why did you send for us?" the younger twin asked.

Lord Elrond smiled at his two sons and his lifelong friend and advisor. "We will have three visitors."

"Do you know who they are?" Elladan asked.

"Aye." Lord Elrond said and a mischievous gleam flashed in his eyes.

"And will you tell us?" Elrohir asked.

"No." the Lord on Imladris laughed. "You three will see for yourselves in a few minutes."

"Ada." both twins whined.

When the twins wanted to start argue with their father over the visitors, a set of hooves beats could be heard in the nearness. Two elves came around a corner and two white horses. One of the riders was a smaller younger elf with long golden hair and pale skin. The other rider was tall and visibly older elf with long blond hair and soft tan skin.

Suddenly a great bluish feline came around the corner right behind the riders.

The sons of Elrond immediately recognized the youngest Mirkwood prince, the march warden of Lórien and the princes' feline friend and guardian.

"Legolas! Haldir! Luin!" both twins exclaimed and smiled.

The three travelers stopped in front of the Lord of Imladris, Glorfindel and the twin sons of Elrond. The two elves jumped down from their stallions, thou Haldir swayed a little on his feet but, he quickly hide it, and they greeted the welcoming committee.

"Mae govannen Lord Elrond, Lord Glorfindel, Elladan and Elrohir." Haldir, Legolas and Luin said in unison and bowed.

"Mae govannen Legolas Thranduilion, Haldir of Lórien and Luin daughter of the Silver star. And welcome in Imladris." Lord Elrond greeted them.

Lord Elrond named Luin daughter of the Silver star due to the revival thanks to Elbereth.

"Thank you for your greeting Lord Elrond." Legolas said.

"You are welcome penneth." Elrond softly smiled at him. "What brings you three here to Rivendell?" the Lord of Imladris asked.

"Mostly my studies… but also something else." Legolas smiled and looked at the twins and then on Haldir.

"And what would that be, penneth?" lord Elrond asked and arched hid brows.

Legolas, Haldir and the twins looked at each other then at Luin who just smiled at them mischievously.

Well it would be something to do with these three. Luin giggled and pointed on Haldir and the twins with her paw.

"Luin!" the three said elves and Legolas yelled and looked accusingly at the bluish feline.

Elrond smiled at this and patted the giant feline, which walked around him and stopped right beside him.

Legolas and Haldir unstrapped the packs from their stallions' backs, and hung them over their shoulders.

The Lord of Imladris suddenly saw Legolas wince a bit when the young elf was picking up his bags from Ninims' back. Then Elrond looked at Haldir who was favoring one of his legs. Then he turned to Luin and saw a bit of dried blood right under her right ear. The two elves and the feline did look battered. They also had bits of dried black blood on their clothes and also on parts of Luins' fur.

"You three are injured." the ancient elf said, his brow furrowed and his voice was full of concern.

"No…" Legolas started but the glare from the elven lord stopped him. After a second of rethinking what he is going to say he continued. "Well aye we are. But it is nothing serious. Those are just minor injuries."

"Legolas Thranduilion there are no such as minor injuries." Lord Elrond sharply said.

"You see Lord Elrond during our journey we ran into a bunch of wargs and it ended in a skirmish." Haldir added.

The elven Lords expression softened. "I believe you two, but I hope you are not lying to me." the ancient elf said.

Lord Elrond turned his head just to see a tall, well built elf with raven black hair and hazel brown eyes walking to them.

"Ladrochen can you take Ninim and Ulios to the stables?" the half-elf asked.

"Aye My Lord. That is why I came for." the stable-master said with a smile.

"Make sure they are cleaned and well fed." the ancient elf said when Ladrochen took the bridles of the stallions.

"Aye My Lord." Ladrochen answered. "And welcome in Rivendell young prince, Luin and Haldir." he added, bowed and walked away with the two white stallions.

Ladrochen was immediately engulfed in a swirl of long white manes and tails.

"Now come…" Elrond smiled at them. "I must see to your injuries and you also must be weary from your journey here. So come and rest in my house." the lord of Imladris said and put one hand on Legolas' shoulder and the other one Luins' head.

The six elves and a feline turned around and during the walk to the Last Holmly House a cheerful chatter could be heard.

Lord Elrond persuaded his sons to take Legolas' and Haldirs' bags to their room, while Glorfindel was unfastening Luins' packs in the healing wing.

Luin was giggling all the time while Glorfindel was struggling with her packs. Not just he was unable to undo her packs, he was also tickling the giant feline on her side.

In the meantime Lord Elrond unwrapped Legolas' left arm, which showed an ugly slightly bleeding wound.

"This will require some stitches." lord Elrond said.

Legolas looked at the ancient elf, trying to look brave. He hated the feeling of the needle going in and out through his pale skin.

"What happened out there?" the Lord of Imladris asked while he was gathering the needed things.

"Well where to start." Haldir stopped and thought for a second. "It all started on the other side of The Misty Mountains when a nasty thunderstorm started. And a heavy rain started pouring from the sky.

"Aye we all woke up when it started." Legolas intercepted and continued the story. "Luin said that she saw a cave further up when she went hunting. We grabbed all of our things and the bridles of our horses and ran after her. We were not running for long and many lightings were flashing all around us when one lightning struck near us but, it was nearer to Luin. We all were knocked of our feet. I and Haldir we were stunned for a bit but Luin, she was unconscious for a few minutes."Legolas said and looked at the giant feline.

"Are you all right?" the elven Lord asked and raised his head from Legolas' stitching for a bit to look at the bluish feline.

Aye, I am. I was a bit shaken but, it must have been from the shock. Luin said and walked to them with Glorfindel by her side, who was finally able to take off Luins' packs.

"Aye, it was from the shock. And what happened next?" lord Elrond asked.

"Then in the morning we left the cave and headed to our destination, to Rivendell. When we crossed The High Pass Luin said that there is a new territory. It was a wolf territory as Luin said but, we proceed with cautious because it was a wargs territory before." Haldir said. "But before we knew it many wargs sniffed us out." the blond elf sighed and continued. "We were greatly outnumbered and. We were trying to flee but, we were backed away under a tree." Aad the Lothlórien march warden was cut off by the bluish feline, now laying on the ground beside Legolas and was treated by the elven Lord.

Aye, where you two were arguing with me to go up on that tree. Luin growled a little.

"Arguing?" Lord Elrond asked, looked on Legolas and Haldir with arched eyebrow.

Aye, because they are too stubborn to leave me on the ground and them to climb that one tree. Thank the Valar that the wolf pack chased the wargs away. Luin said and flinched as the Lord of Rivendell found a painful spot on the back of her neck from the wargs' bite.

"The wolf pack from the Misty Mountains territory?" lord Elrond asked surprised.

Aye… how did you know? The amazed cat asked.

"Well… my scouts were watching the pack for a long time, reporting to me the actions of the pack. When I heard that the pack is chasing away orcs and wargs from the elves and men alike, I decided to leave the wolf pack alone. Because you are not the first ones that they saved and you were not definitely the last ones they saved." the elven Lord said, stood up from the feline and walked to Haldir to tend his wound.

The elven Lord inspected Haldirs' wound if there is not an infection setting in. It was not very deep but it must have been painful because it made the proud blond march warden limp a bit, while he was walking.

"You must feel lucky Haldir." the Lord of Imladris smiled. "You know that these kinds of wounds from the wargs get easily infected. We all know how many diseases the foul beasts carry on their dirty paws. It does not require any stitches." lord Elrond then took one of his salves, poured it on a clean cloth and pressed against Haldirs' leg. The blond hissed as the cloth touched the opened still fresh wound. Then the ancient elf took clean white bandages and wrapped Haldirs' leg.

"Now we are done." lord Elrond finally said. "Now you will be accompanied by Glorfindel, who will show you your quarters. I can see you are weary and you require rest. Later I will send my sons to gather you for celebration dinner." the ancient elf smiled.

"Before we go I almost forgot to give you something, Lord Elrond." Legolas said, took out the letter from his father and gave it to the elven Lord.

"Thank you penneth." lord Elrond smiled and took the letter from Legolas' hand.

Are we going to have the same room as last time we were here? The one with the balcony and the great tree in front of it. Luin asked.

Lord Elrond laughed. "Luin you two always have the same room. Aye and it is the one with the balcony in front of the great tree. And the one room which is opposite to yours is prepared for Haldir so you three can be near each other."

"Now come with me." Glorfindel said and turned around.

Luin ran to him. Thank you for your help with my packs, Lord Glorfindel. She smiled and took her packs to her mouth.

"You are welcome, penneth." the balrog-slayer smiled and stroked the great felines' head. "Now follow me."

The three travelers were led to their rooms where their bags were waiting for them to be unpacked. Also in the bathing chambers were warm baths waiting for them. Legolas and Haldir before the bath took out clean clothes and placed them on their beds. The other they put in their chests.

Legolas also took out the stuffed toy cat and placed it on his bed. And the two books on the nightstand besides the bed. Then he went to the bathing chambers where Luin was waiting for him and already enjoying the pleasure of the warm bath. After the bath Legolas dried himself and also helped Luin. He dressed himself and lay on the bed slowly drifted to sleep on the comfortable bed.

The great cat laid herself on the carpet besides Legolas' bed and when the young prince stretched his hand to stroke his furry friend, she started purring and also drifted to sleep.

Haldir also after the bath laid on his bed and his eyes glazed in elven sleep.

Lord Elrond went back to his study and sat behind his desk. He looked at the letter Legolas gave him. The Mirkwood seal was still intact, so the elven Lord broke it, unfolded the letter and began to read.

For Elrond Peredhel, Lord of Imladris

Please Elrond take care of my son dear mellon. He will be staying in Imladris with you and your sons for five years for his studies. He can not stay in Mirkwood for much longer. I can feel the dark power growing and shadow spreading across my realm. I fear that something might happen to Legolas. And I am not the only one. The lady of the Golden wood feels it too.

Also take care of Luin and Haldir, because he will also stay with Legolas. You know how much Legolas loves them.

And one more little thing you too know that my son and his feline friend alongside with your twin sons can cause much trouble.

Hannon le mellon nin,

Yours sincerely

Thranduil Oropherion,

King of Mirkwood ( formally Greenwood the Great)

"Do not worry mellon nin. I will take care of all of them." lord Elrond said aloud, placed the letter on his desk and looked outside of the window on his beautiful realm.

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