The first true hunt

Rivendell- Part II

Arwen was sent by her father, Lord Elrond, to get Legolas, Luin and Haldir for dinner. She came to Legolas' and Luins' room. She wanted to knock but suddenly she heard a puff from the feline and she knew that this will not work. 'Those two must still be tired and are still sleeping after their journey.' She thought. She slowly opened the door and peeked in and smiled.

The younger golden haired elf was peacefully sleeping on the edge of the bed one hand hanging over the edge where the great bluish snow leopard was sleeping.

Arwen quietly stepped into the room and approached the feline. While she was walking she saw as the felines' ears shoot up but, she did not wake. When she reached the feline she knelled to her and stroked her back.

"Luin awake." the elven maiden whispered.

Somewhere in her sleep Luin heard light footsteps heading to her. She raised her ears to determine from where the sound was coming from. Then the foot steppes suddenly stopped and someone stroked her back. She lazily opened her eyes.

Before her knelled young elven maiden with silky black long hair with resemblance to the Lord of Imladris.

Luin raised her head and smiled. Lady Arwen I did not knew that you are in Imladris. The cat whispered as she heard the soft breath of her 'brother'.

"Aye I am here and as you know I was visiting my grandmother in Lothlórien I also did not know that you are coming." the elven maiden said.

Aye, we did not send a letter to Lord Elrond about our arrival. And when are you doing back to Lothlórien? And do not tell me you are not going there because I can see it in your eyes that you are going back to Lothlórien. Luin said and placed her great paw on Arwens' hand.

"In due time."

I have never been to Lothlórien is it nice there?

"Aye it is. The golden wood of my grandmother is beautiful." Arwen smiled.

Your family be very sad when you will go back and also us. Luin mentioned to sleeping Legolas.

"Worry not my friend we will spend some time together daughter of Silver star, while I am still here in Rivendell. But now wake Legolas up while I gather Haldir and we will join my ada and my brothers to have some dinner." Arwen smiled and put her hand on the felines' head. Then she stood up and walked to the door where she stopped and turned around.

"Luin?" she asked.

Aye Lady Arwen?

"How many times I told you not to call me Lady Arwen. Just Arwen." Arwen said.

Aye Lady Arwen… ummm I mean Arwen. Luin smiled and Arwen giggled and left the room.

Luin carefully put her front paws on the bed and gently nuzzled Legolas on the cheek. Legolas awake. It is time for dinner. The feline gently said.

The young prince just murmured something but did not wake up, so Luin tried again. This time she poked the sleeping elfling to his side with her nose, and rolled the prince on his back. And the great cat started tickling him.

Legolas' eyes focused as he was rolled on his back and started giggling. "Luin stop. I am awake now." he laughed and grasped the felines' head, and he tried to curl in to a ball just to avoid being tickled. But she did not stop.

Luin finally stopped 'torturing' her elven brother and raised her head smiling on him. Now when you are finally up we can go and have dinner with Lord Elrond, his family and Haldir. So come.

"Give me a minute, Luin. just to fix myself." Legolas smiled at the feline. He quickly straightened his clothes and smoothed his hair. "Now we can go."

The forest around was very dark.

Haldir knew that something was not right.

He stood in the middle of the gloomy forest and something evil was approaching.

Under the veil of the night the forest looked like Mirkwood but, the trees around the march warden of Lórien were younger.

A light wind started blowing, moving the leaves on the dark trees and making lot of unnatural, and most of all scary sounds.

The hairs on the back of Haldirs' neck rose as he felt the evil lurking all around him. He took a few steps back only to realize that he was backed to a tree. He looked around him and realized that he had no way to run but up to the tree.

When looked to the right his blue eyes met hazel brown eyes of an angry looking wild creature.

The creature was hiding in the dark shadows if the creepy forest and looking on the elven warrior. When it shifted its gaze a little bit to the right, the creature barred his long white fangs and started growling loudly.

Haldir averted his gaze off the creature and looked to the left.

What he saw scared him to death.

A really large orc was charging on him with an ugly sword raised above his head.

The Lothlórien warrior tried to reach his own sword but, he was too slow. The orc was right in front of him.

In the corner of his eye he saw a black blur moving.

He turned his head a bit just to see wide opened jaws of a black wolf heading to him as the wolf jumped.

Haldir closed his eyes and accepted that this will be the end of him.

When he opened them a second later he saw as the opened jaws of the beast missed his neck by a few centimeters and hit the orcs' neck, and tackle the foul beast to the ground.

The final move of the wolf was that he tore the head from the body.

When the black wolf raised his head Haldir recognized the wolf as the one from their journey because of the white left front paw and tip of his tail.

Haldir wanted to move and ran away but could not. He looked at the wolf in front of him, which was now looking on something in the distance.

The Lórien march warden looked the way to black wolf was looking.

It was hard to see something in the dark forest. But a soft glow caught his eye.

Haldir squinted in the darkness just to see a bit clearer and what he saw surprised him.

There was a giant bluish feline running bearing two figures. The first figure was slumped over the feline, which Haldir did not recognize. The second figure was holding the first one, and was visibly smaller and younger, who was holding a bow and releasing arrow after arrow. It was Legolas.

He looked what was chasing them and saw big group of orcs and wargs. Many orcs held bows and were shooting arrows after the group.

"Legolas!" Haldir yelled when he saw as one of the dark arrows hit Legolas in the shoulder and the young prince cried out in pain.

The great felines' speed rose as she tried to get away from the foul beasts.

"Luin!" Haldir yelled again and woke up in to the red rays of the setting sun. He was gasping for breath.

A pair of stormy grey and worried eyes were watching him.

"Lady Arwen." he said out of breath.

"Haldir are you alright?" the elven maiden asked and a worry could be heard in her voice.

"Just a bad dream. Nothing to worry about." the blond elf said.

"Are you sure?" Arwen asked again.

"Aye, I am." Haldir nodded. "Why did you come, Lady Arwen?" Haldir asked.

"To woke you up and also call you for dinner." she smiled at him.

Haldir got up from his bed and straightened his wrinkled tunic and smoothed his hair.

"Now we can go." Haldir said, walked to the door and opened them for lady Arwen. And in Arwens' company he exited the room.

On the hallway they were met by Legolas and Luin. Arwen smiled at them and stood between Haldir and Legolas. Luin was on Legolas' right, her left shoulder slightly brushing against his right while they were walking.

The three elves and the great feline entered the Hall of Fire. Arwen walked around the table and seated herself between her father and Lord Erestor. While Haldir, Legolas and Luin stopped slightly bowed and greeted Lord Elrond and his family.

After this they found their seats between the older son of Elrond, Elladan, and the balrog-slayer, Lord Glorfindel. Legolas sat next to Elladan and Haldir next to the golden haired elven warrior. Luin on the other hand shoved her head between the Mirkwood princeling and the Lothlórien march warden, so they had no other choice then just to let the great leopard sit between them.

When they were all seated Lord Elrond stood up and greeted their visitors. "I welcome you in Imladris Legolas, son of Thranduil, Luin, daughter of the Silver star, and Haldir of Lórien. I am glad to have you here again, under the roof of my house. And I am also happy that you decided to stay in my home for the time of your studies young Legolas. It is like one of my children returned home from a very long journey. And I consider you, Legolas, as one of my children. So behave here as you would at your home. Because my home is your home." the elven Lord said and sat back on his chair, and smiled at the young golden haired prince.

"Thank you, Lord Elrond for your greeting and hospitality." Legolas said and he smiled at the ancient elf. "I also considered you as my second father, Lord Elrond."

The diner was full of happy chatter and laughter, which later become a welcoming celebration for Legolas, Luin and Haldir, with lots of music and dancing.

Legolas was talking to Elladan when he felt a hand placed on his shoulder. The young prince turned his head around and saw that the hand belonged to Lord Elronds' beautiful daughter, lady Arwen on whose face was a playful smile.

"Lady Arwen." Legolas greeted her and bowed his head. "What is the matter?" he asked.

"Would you care for a dance with me?" she asked.

Legolas' tips of eras and cheeks turned red as he felt a bit ashamed, because he knew that he should be asking her that.

He stood up and took her hand. "I certainly will dance with you, lady Arwen." he said.

When he was walking away he heard the chuckling of his friends and when he turned back he saw his friends shaking with silent laughter. But not Luin.

His leopard guardian, and sister, was now sitting between the chairs, looking after him. Her expression showed how pleased and also how proud she was of him.

After few minutes as the dance lasted Legolas returned.

"Would you like to go dance with me Luin?" the young elf asked when he stopped beside the great feline.

The cat just stared unbelievably at the golden haired elfling.

Legolas you know very well that I do not do dance. The feline said and raised her head.

"Please Luin. I know that you can dance because we are practicing together." the young prince pleaded and he took Luin by her front paw.

She heard quiet chuckling of their friends, so she looked at them and growled a little. Then she turned back to her 'brother'.

But Legolas I am also too big for this and there are too many elves.

"No you are not." Legolas laughed and dragged the feline, by her paw, with him.

So I do not have any other choice just to dance with you. Luin stated flatly and Legolas just smiled at her as his answer.

The unusual couple got in, between the other elf couples and waited till the music started.

Lady Arwen also joined them, and her partner was no one other than the march warden of Lórien, Haldir, as well as her two brothers, Elladan and Elrohir, and the golden haired balrog-slayer, Glorfindel, who were accompanied by elven maidens from Imladris.

All the dancing couples made a big circle and were patiently waiting.

Luin turned to the twins, who were standing behind them. A smile appeared on her face and said. Well look who is laughing now. Then the great cat looked at Legolas and quietly asked, that just the young elf could here her. Are you sure I can do this?

"I am definitely sure, Luin. I trained you so I know you will do good." he said and with a warm smile the young prince soothingly patted the felines' head.

After few seconds the music started and the couples began dancing.

Lord Elrond was watching all his children dance alongside with Haldir and Glorfindel. He was smiling happily at them. His face softened even more, if it could, when he saw the young Mirkwood prince with the great feline. Placing one of his hands under his chin the elven Lord thought. 'Those two are really good.' Even thou sometimes Luins' long fluffy tail banged to other couples around them and he silently laughed at this events.

It was very difficult for Luin to dance in such a small space. She was a feline almost big as a horse. So from time to time she banged to somebody with her tail where she muttered a quick apology to the person she unintentionally hit.

It was not the best chosen dance because in some parts they had to hold each other.

Legolas had no other chance just to place his hand or both hands on the felines' shoulders. But the felines' grace and agility gave her the ability to dance with him.

Before the changing of the partners began one of the elven maidens took a very protesting Lord of Imladris for a dance, and they made their way between the other dancing couples.

All the female elves and Luin stated changing their partners for those who were standing behind them.

Luin first partner after Legolas was Elladan, who was very surprised about the cats' ability to dance. She was not the greatest of the dancers he ever saw, but he had to admit that she is doing well.

This changing repeated several times and during the last, Luin ended paired with Lord Elrond himself.

The ancient elf placed his hand on the felines shoulder as he seen Legolas doing before, and their dance continued. After some dancing steppes they made they faced each other still dancing.

'It is so different dancing with Lord Elrond.' Luin thought. 'He moves differently.' She stopped thinking about it and she once more focused on the dancing, because it was almost over.

When the music was slowly dying out the partners took a few steppes away from each other and bowed.

Than every male elf accompanied their maiden to their seats.

Lord Elrond placed his hand on the felines' shoulder again and accompanied her to her place between Legolas and Haldir.

"You did very well Luin. And you too, Legolas." he smiled at her.

Hannon le Lord Elrond. I had a very good teacher. Luin said and looked at Legolas.

"Hannon le Lord Elrond. We have been practicing a long time. We still have some lapses, but it will be gone in time." the young prince said.

"You are welcome children." he said with a smile.

"And what about us ada?" the twins exclaimed when they saw their father leaving.

Lord Elrond turned to face his two sons and a glint of mischief shone in his eyes. "You two need to practice more." he said and their friends around started laughing because they somehow guessed that Lord Elrond was just making fun of them.

"What!" they exclaimed in unison looking horrified from what their father said.

After this even the ancient elf started laughing.

"I was merely teasing you, my sons. You also did well." he said and walked away.

"I thought that ada meant that for real." Elrohir said to his twin.

"Me too." Elladan said and the both let out a sigh of relief.

After this the welcoming celebration continued till late night hours. Until last of the elves left the Hall of Fire and went straight to their chambers for their nights rest.

The last elves that left the Hall of fire were Lord Elrond with his family and the three visitors. Legolas, Luin and Haldir.

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