The first true hunt

Usual day

Next morning almost all elves were up at dawn and started doing their chores. Preparing meals for their Lord and his family, as well as for their visitors.

The first elf up in the family wing of the Last homely house was lord Elrond. It was not the unusual sight to be seen. The lord of Imladris was always the first to be up in the morning. He was silently passing through the family wing of the house and listening to other sounds in the hall. When he passed he children' rooms, he peeked in, as he did when they were younger just to be sure they are all right. The elven lord smiled when he heard both of his sons softly snoring, because he never heard any elf snore before. Then he stopped in front of Legolas' and Luins' room quietly listening. He heard a soft purring of the feline and the young princes' slow breathing. And he peeked in.

He smiled softly when he saw the bluish feline laying on the bed, her head facing the door of the room, and the young elfs' torso leaning on the great cats' side. The ancient elf saw the cat lazily open her right blue eye just to look at him and then close it an return to her dozing.

Lord Elrond quietly closed the door and walked to the Hall of fire, where the tables were being prepared for breakfast. After that he went to his study to do his daily work

Not much later after the ancient elf, the march warden of Lórien woke up. He stayed laying in his bed in the last homely house and stared at the ceiling. Haldir still could not shake away the nightmare he had the evening before. He did not know how to explain this dream. He knew he have to keep a close watch on the young prince of Mirkwood.

The blond haired elf did not know who to tell about his whereabouts. He knew that he cannot tell Legolas, because it would scare the little elfling. He could tell Luin, she is a good listener and sometimes has good advices but, on the other hand she would become uneasy and it would alert the young prince, and she would tell him eventually. Or she would send him to tell it to lord Elrond. He realized that this is beyond the great feline.

The Lord of Imladris is the wisest elf in the whole Arda alongside with Lady Galadriel, and they both have the power of foresight.

The blond haired elf sat up on the bed, then swung down his legs and stood up. He walked to his wardrobe, opened it and pulled out a silvery-blue tunic and dark grey leggings. Combed his hair and braided it to typical elven warrior braids. He made hi bed and left the chamber.

He went to the Hall of fire just to find it almost empty, except for the elves that were preparing the morning meal. He found his seat and ate some lembas with honey and fruit. He was not very hungry due to the nightmare. He was done in a few minutes and left the chamber.

The Lórien march warden wandered through the halls of the Last homely house, until he stopped in front of the large wooden door of lord Elronds' study. He took deep breath when he heard Elronds' voice and stepped in.

He looked at the large decorated wooden door. Studying the complex design of the ornaments on the door, which were made by the skilled elven blacksmiths. After a minute he knocked on the door.

Lord Elrond was reading one of the parchments, which were laying on his table. The ancient elf was not expecting anyone this early in the morning, when he heard the knock on the door.

"Come in." lord Elrond shouted so it would be heard through the thick wooden door.

A light smile appeared on his face when he saw Haldir walk through the door.

"Good morning Lord Elrond." the Lórien march warden bowed.

"Good morning Haldir. Did you sleep well mellon nin?"

"Aye my Lord I did. I just wanted to talk with you." he timidly said.

"Is something wrong? What ails you, my friend?" the ancient elf asked and rose from his desk with worried expression on his face, and walked toward the blond haired elf.

"No my Lord. Nothing bad ails me Lord Elrond. I just wanted to talk to you about something that happened to me lately."

Lord Elrond took Haldir by the elbow and guided him to the coach, which was resting in the corner of the room besides a large bookshelf.

Lord Elrond then ordered to bring him teapot filled with herbal tea alongside two teacups.

Not so many minutes later a steaming teapot was brought to Elronds' study by a young elf with long brown hair named Pethelen.

"Do you need anything else my Lord?" the young elf asked when he placed the tray with the tea on a nearby table.

"No Pethelen, thank you. Leave us alone now." the ancient elf said.

The Lord of Imladris and the march warden of Lórien watched as the young brown hared elf leave the chamber. Then lord Elrond turned to Haldir.

"What did you want to talk to me about Haldir?" the ancient elf asked.

The blond haired elf fidgeted on his seat. "Well maybe it will sound funny to you, my Lord." and he lowered his gaze, suddenly his feet seemed more interesting.

"Do not feel ashamed, Haldir." lord Elrond said and lifted Haldirs' head so he would look to his eyes. "It will not sound funny, just tell me." The elven lord assured the Lothlórien warrior.

"Well it is about one dream I had, and it haunts me till then."

"Move on." the ancient elf encouraged the younger elf.

"Well it happened one day ago."

"Before the dinner yesterday?" the lord of Imladris asked.

"Aye, just before the dinner. It happened few minutes before lady Arwen got me. It was the weirdest dream I have ever had but, it felt so real." the blond elf looked so distressed even now.

"What happened in it that left you so troubled?"

"I was in a dark forest…" and the Haldir told lord Elrond the whole dream.

After the tale was finished lord Elrond stood up and walked to the window. Looking at one of many gardens in Imladris, the dark haired elven lord thought for a minute. Then he turned to Haldir and asked.

"Do you know if someone in your family did have the power of foresight?"

"I think no." the blond haired elf answered. "But I should not have the power of visions. It only runs in your family Lord Elrond and Lady Galdriels'." Haldir added.

The lord of Imladris thought for a second, one of his hand was folded on his chest the other supported his chin. "Then what have you experienced it is not an actual vision dear Haldir." Elrond said.

"Then what is it my Lord" the Lothlórien march warden asked.

The storm grey eyes looked in those blue ones, of the younger elf, not knowing what it was the elven lord said.

"Some say that that some can experience some kind of visions of near future but…" he raised his hand to stop Haldir from interrupting him, "…but, they cannot remember them until the right moment comes. Other says that you can have this vision dream when you are looking through the eyes of someone else. There are much more theories of this visions or foresight dreams. But you, Haldir, experienced just the two I told you about. However these are not actual visions." the lord of Imladris said.

Haldir looked up at the ancient elf, organized all the information, he heard from lord Elrond, in his head and said. "You think that this dream I had is this foresight dream?"

"Aye, it is. But I do not think so that it will be bothering you again, Haldir, if you are thinking about that." lord Elrond softly smiled.

The march warden smiled a bit at the elven lord and rose up from the coach. "Thank you, for your help Lord Elrond." and he bowed before the ancient elf.

"You are welcome, Haldir. Now go I think that my sons, Legolas and Luin are already up and waiting for you." the lord of Imladris said.

After that Haldir left Elronds' study.

Legolas woke up to a soft warm feeling around him. 'Luin.' he thought and smiled.

The great leopard already knew that Legolas was awake. She did not open her eyes, instead she moved her long fluffy tail and brushed the young princes' cheek with it.

"Oh Luin." Legolas laughed.

Good morning Legolas. Luin purred.

"And good morning to you Luin." the young prince smiled and rolled on his side facing the felines' head.

Luin turned her head and smiled at him. Then she rose up and let the young prince slide down her side on the bed, she jumped off and stretched her body. She watched as Legolas sit up and swung his legs from the bed.

Legolas stood up and walked to the bathing chamber.

Luin in the meanwhile sat on the ground and stared smoothing her fur. The Legolas stepped in she was just doing her chest and stopped for a while.

You should dress yourself quickly, and we should go to have breakfast, because all the good stuff will be eaten by the twins. The feline said.

"Do you think that Elrohir and Elladan will be up this early after yesterday?" the young elf laughed.

Well if you put it that way… I have not heard them pass by just lord Elrond. And she starts licking her chest fur again. Well they should be up because you all have lessons soon. The bluish leopard purred.

"You are right Luin. We should go are you ready?" Legolas asked.

Not yet just the tail remains. And you are? Luin answered.

"Well almost." Legolas said.

The young Mirkwood prince dressed really quickly and walked to the feline. She rose from the ground and smiled at him. Together they exited their chamber and walked pass the twins' chambers, the feline chuckled.

Legolas looked at the feline with confused face.

They are still sleeping. I can tell that, because they are both snoring. Luin laughed.

"Snoring." Legolas chuckled and he saw the feline nod.

And they headed to the Hall of fire.

Arwen was already eating her breakfast when Legolas and Luin entered the Hall of fire.

Good morning lady Arwen. Luin greeted the elf maiden when she walked in.

"Good morning lady Arwen." Legolas said when he walked right after the great leopard through the door.

"Good morning Luin and Legolas." lady Arwen said with a smile.

Can we join you? The bluish snow leopard asked.

"Sure you can." Arwen laughed. Legolas sat on Arwens' left and Luin on her right side.

Legolas took some lembas and fruits while, for Luin was brought a large plate with goods for a cat, and it was placed on the ground before her. Luin was pleased when she saw some kind of meat on it and she happily started eating not bothering to talk to the elves sitting beside her.

"I think she will not be talking to us right now." Legolas smiled when he looked at his guardian.

"Did you sleep well Lady Arwen?" Legolas asked.

"How many times I told you Legolas, call me Arwen. And aye, I slept well. And you Legolas how did you sleep?" Arwen asked.

"I too slept well Arwen." the young prince smiled. "I felt like sleeping on a cloud, so soft. Or rather say on a cat." and to that comment both young elves laughed.

"What is so funny?" was heard from the door, the voice belonging to anyone else than the march warden of Lórien. And he sat next to the two young elves behind the table.

"I was just telling Arwen how I slept on my furry pillow." Legolas laughed.

Heeeeey, who is a pillow for you. Luin growled.

"Well it is a different kind of feeling when you woke up and you are surrounded by cat fur." Haldir said and all the elves burst out in laughter.

Well next time you two sleep on the cold ground. The great snow leopard smirked.

"But I do not think you would let them Luin." it was Glorfindel who said that.

"Good morning Lord Glorfindel." the three elves and the feline said in unison.

"Good morning to you all." the balrog-slayer said a soft smile playing on his face, when he took a seat behind the table and filled his plate.

Well you know lord Glorfindel I can let them or I will not. You can never tell what the cat is thinking and in what mood it is. Luin smiled.

"But I know you Luin very well and I know that you would never let them be cold." the golden haired warrior said. "By the way when are your lessons with Erestor starting?" he asked.

"Well about half hour." Arwen said.

"And in the afternoon you have training with me. Haldir you can join us if you want." Glorfindel said.

"Thank you, Lord Glorfindel. It will be an honor to assist you." Haldir said.

When Luin raised her head from her already empty plate, she looked around and saw that one of her friends was not eating.

Why are you not eating Haldir? Are you feeling unwell? The great cat asked, her voice quavered as it shown worry for her and Legolas' friend, when she approached him.

"No Luin it is not that," Haldir smiled "it is that I ate earlier today." the blond elf said, looked to her blue eyes and patted her head.

You did? The feline asked.

"Aye, by the way Arwen where are your brothers?" Haldir asked.

"I think I and Luin can answer that question." Legolas smiled.

"How is that?" Glorfindel asked.

"Well when we passed the twins' rooms Luin heard them both snoring." Legolas chuckled.

"You two did?" Haldir laughed.

Aye and it was funny. Luin laughed.

"Well if they will not get up soon they will be late for their lessons." the balrog-slayer said.

Well Legolas and I can wake those two up. Luin smirked. And repay them for the thing they did to us last time we were here.

"Not you two. I will go." the golden haired warrior said. "Because I know not what you two will do to them."

Well they would deserve what will come to them. Last time we were here they dyed my fur bright pink alongside with Legolas' hair." The cat slightly growled.

"Well enough of that if you are done go to the library lord Erestor will be glad that you came early. I on the other hand am going to wake up those brothers of yours." Glorfindel stood up and headed for the twins' bed chambers.

"Well if lord Glorfindel says that we will make lord Erestor happy when we come early, we should go." Arwen said and stood up.

"You are right Arwen, we should go." Legolas said and also stood up. The young prince stroked the great felines' head and then looked at the Lothlórien march warden. "Are you going with us Haldir to the library?" he asked.

"I know not Legolas. Are you sure I will not be a bother to lord Erestors' lesson?" the unsure Haldir asked.

"I do not think so Haldir. Fathers' library is big so you are welcomed to join us." Arwen smiled.

Pleeease Haldir come with us. We can look at some pictures in the books. The excited bluish cat jumped around the blond haired elf. And suddenly she stopped and smiled. Or rather you helping me turning the pages. You know I can not do it myself, and you know that lord Elrond will get angry when he find the pages pricked or worse covered in saliva when I try to do it myself. And after that he will never let me in the library again. So pretty please Haldir come with us. The feline pleaded and started rubbing her against Haldirs' leg.

"Well suppose I can." Haldir smiled.

Thank you. Luin exclaimed.

"You are welcome Luin." Haldir stood up and stroked her head. "Now let us go to the library." he said and the three elves and the feline, who was happily jumping around them, headed to lord Elronds' great library.

The twins showed late in the library, as usual, earning themselves a lecture from Erestor of being more responsible and also not to take their responsibilities lightly.

Haldir and Luin snickered from the back silently alongside with Arwen and Legolas from the near table.

"You could have backed us up."the younger twin hissed to his sister and best friend.

"We could not because he met Glorfindel on the way to your chambers."Legolas whispered back.

"Now quiet everyone, and let us start over again." Erestor said and the lesson started again.

Luin and Haldir returned to the stack of books, which the Lórien march warden chose for the feline to look through, and he was quietly telling the great cat all the information that all the pictures shown.

Sometime in the middle of the lesson Luin fell asleep on the floor besides Haldir, where the sun was coming in and was warming her fur.

The blond elf smiled at the sleeping feline. He closed the currently opened book, took the others and placed them on their rightful place on the shelves. Then he took other book for him to read and sat back on his seat.

Legolas realized that the feline fell asleep right away when she stopped asking Haldir various questions about the pictures he was showing her. The young Mirkwood prince turned his head around and smiled at the sight of soundly sleeping leopard on the sun lit patch of floor besides his friend. When he turned back he received a glare from Erestor for not paying attention to him, which was usually reserved for the twin sons of Elrond.

After the lesson was over, the three young elves helped lord Erestor clean the table and put away the books and parchments they were using. Haldir woke Luin up and all seven headed to the Hall of fire to some descant lunch.

They have met lord Elrond there, who was asking them how was their day so far and what they have next, even if he knew.

When they all had enough, Legolas went to his room, accompanied by his feline 'sister', to get his bow, arrows and his long knives.

Then they headed to the training fields.

The twins, Haldir and Glorfindel were already on the edge of the training field. Arwen was nowhere to be seen because she joined other female elves.

Legolas walked to the group while Luin walked around them and looked for a good tree for a nap. I did not take her long to find one. She looked at the thickest low branch and jumped up.

"Are you not going to join us?" the balrog-slayer asked.

Nope I am going to take a nice nap up here. The feline smiled, turned on the branch to face them and stretched her body.

"But you slept in the library Luin, you cannot tire so quickly." Legolas accusingly said.

Well no but all my paws hurt from yesterday. And also you did not have to run all the way to Imladris. The feline said and titled her head. But I might reconsider that and join you later. Luin added and winked at the young princes' direction.

Legolas smiled at her and joined the others in training.

Luin rested her head on her front paws and she pretended to be asleep but, she kept her right eye opened and she was closely watching the young prince and his friends practice archery and spar against each other.

When she saw that her 'brother' has to fight against both twins, Haldir and also Glorfindel she stood up. The great cat jumped right behind Legolas, when Glorfindel and Elrohir were about to strike the young prince, she grabbed the back of Legolas' tunic and tossed him across her back. When Legolas adjusted on her back, the great feline turned to face his opponents.

This is not a fair fight. The bluish leopard growled and narrowed her eyes.

"Luin, Legolas has to learn how to fight when he gets outnumbered." Glorfindel said. "But I hoped that you will join him when you see this, Luin." the balrog-slayer added and smiled.

The feline smirked. Well you know he is never fighting alone. And with a roar she jumped to them, leaving Legolas to jump from her back and parrying the blow with Elladan, which headed on her hind leg.

Glorfindel and Haldir were both amazed but Glorfindel was more when he saw the snow leopard and the small elf fight side by side in total unison. Legolas was defending her from Elladan and Elrohir and she was protecting the young prince from him and Haldir. Sometimes they changed their opponents completely or just dividing the pairs. The golden haired warrior had a tuff time going against the feline. 'Even a warg does not attack this fiercely.' He thought. He ducked another swing of her front paw and took a step back.

"Good now stop and a rest for a bit." he announced. "In a minute Legolas and Luin you will go against Elrohir and Elladan." he added.

Good Legolas and I can use a break but, mostly Legolas. From which she earned a shove to her side from the prince.

"Hey." Legolas exclaimed and glared at her. And everyone around laughed. But he walked to her, where she laid down, and he sat down and leaned on her furry side.

Few minutes past and Glorfindel ordered the twins, the Mirkwood prince and his guardian feline to get up, to the response the twins groaned.

"Now take your stance." Glorfindel said and the two pairs faced each other, all three elves holding tighter their weapons while Luin took her battle stance, lowered her head and growled at them. "And begin." he orders.

Both twins charged at them. Legolas fought against the younger twin, Elrohir, and Luin faced Elladan.

Legolas using his long twin knives easily matched the younger twins' moves, he either avoided or parried them. Luin on the other hand had to be more careful if she did not want to hurt the older twin. She also tried to keep an eye on Legolas.

'She is so quick and agile. I have to choose a good time to strike.' Elladan thought, while he was closely observing the cats' moves.

Luin took a quick glance how was Legolas fairing. She lost the sight of Elladan for a split second and suddenly she felt terrible pain in her shoulder.

Elladan watched the feline and saw that the cat let her guard down for a split second. 'There.' He thought and then he stroke.

Luin let out a cry of pain as Elladans' blunted sword connected with her shoulder. At that moment even Legolas let his guard down and Elrohir managed to trip him. The younger elf let out a surprised yelp as he fell.

Then Elrohir pointed his blunted sword at Legolas. This angered Luin and she roughly shove Elladan away with her paw, who ended on the ground further away. The great cat turned around and with a roar she jumped over the fallen prince and with all force her head collided with Elrohirs' chest. The younger twin flew away and ended in a near bush.

"Hannon le Luin." Legolas said with a smile and used her front paw to get up.

You are welcome. She smiled at him but, when she saw that Elrohir was getting up she started growling and hissing at him.

When Elrohir stood up and looked the way the young prince and his guardian was he was in a bit of a shock. His friend, Luin, was growling and hissing at him, her ears pressed flat against her head, the long fluffy tail swishing from side to side showing her irritation, also her fur standing up.

"Okay young ones that's enough." Glorfindel announced when Legolas took his stance again. "This will be the end for today." he smiled. "You all fought well. Now pick up your stuff and head back." the golden haired warrior said.

Now could Luin and Legolas alongside with the twins relax, the feline stopped growling and hissing, and her fur was slowly got down. Whole her posture totally changed.

"Well I will never want to go against you Luin." Elrohir smiled on the way back.

"Me neither. You are a strong fighter." Elladan said.

"And also scary." the younger twin added.

Well I cannot grant you that. The great cat laughed.

"Why not?" both twins asked in unison.

"She will be always training with you." Haldir laughed. "And also me." he added.

"Ahh." the twins groaned and everybody laughed.

The way to the Last homely house was a merry one. And this kind of everyday routines continued for about a year because lord Elrond did not want to let them go on the hunt his sons promised Legolas. Sometimes the twins were playing pranks on other elves to pass the time, mostly on poor Glorfindel and Erestor even Haldir, sometimes Legolas and Luin, who took vengeance on them later. The twins begged their father to let them. Lord Elrond was persistent.

Until the next summer.

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