Contest Competition

Chapter 3: The First Leaf Falls

I hurried to the beach of Slateport City with Pikachu, we were meeting up with Lisia there. She wanted to give us some tips and have a practice session. I was still in my outfit, I had just left a contest and I didn't feel like changing. Besides, Lisia is probably going to be in costume. Then again she always is whenever I see her.

As for the outcome of the contest? Unfortunately I didn't win this time… It was a kick in the teeth. I didn't want to let it get to me, and I won't let it.

Even though I lost, my fans were still waiting for me close to the changing room. Telling me how pretty and cute I am, and Pikachu too. How amazing our performances are. Loyal fans are a nice thing to have!

The beach glowed a beautiful orange in the sunset light, to my surprise there weren't a lot of people. In fact I only saw one figure, accompanied by an Altaria.

I smiled and walked to her quickly, "Lisia!"

She whirled around, "May! Oh… I'm really sorry about today..."

I shrugged, "It's all right. Pikachu and I did our best and we still sparkled! Didn't we Pikachu?"

"Pika!" Her cheeks glittered somewhat.

"Oh! That's it! Your story today is... "I Won't Give Up! The First Tears Fall..." Tee hee. Don't feel too bad. This is an important step everyone has to take to become a star!"

"That's true. Everyone's gotta flop at some point I suppose." I nodded.

"Oh May, you didn't flop! You just stumbled a little. Come on now, cheer up!"

I smiled at her, I swear her brightness is contagious.

"Hmm, lemme think... It'd probably be easier for you to win if you gave your Pokémon more Pokéblocks!" She told me.


"Pokéblocks are pretty important, since they let you raise your Pokémon conditions! Even if your moves aren't quite up to snuff, you might still be able to squeak through in a contest with good-enough conditions!"

I chuckled, "Is that so?"

"It is so!"

I pondered, "I never tried Pokéblocks on Pikachu, she has pretty good conditions already."

"There's always room for improvement May."

"I suppose. So, shall we practice?"

"Oh! Right, right!" She clapped her hands together, "Actually, Ali and I need to get something real quick like a Plusle. I'll be right back okay!"


I watched her take off, run across the sand and into the city. I looked down at Pikachu.

"Pikachu!" She barked.

I picked her up, "Don't worry about today okay? You did great as always! Failure is a vital part to success, we learn from our mistakes and perform better from then on."

Her ears perked up and her tail started wiggling a little, "Pika! Pikachu!"

I had a spring in my step, which is somewhat unusual for me. Normally the type to keep poised but today is different.

The reason why is because I just got word that the little squirt who's been stealing my spotlight had lost her first contest. Now I know that sounds awful to be pleased over someone losing but… I don't care!

With any luck, she'll probably drop this whole contest star vision her and Lisia have. The first cut is always the deepest after all.

After asking around, I learned that the little squirt was headed to the beach in Slateport City. Nothing would thrill me more greatly right now than finding her and sticking that knife in a little deeper.

So I'm going to do just that, obviously.

As I strolled casually across the beach I slowly looked around, "Now this is the oddest thing… There's usually at least a small crowd here. I know the sun is going down but still."

When I walked passed the soda shop, I found her. She was quite a distance away staring off into the darkening horizon, holding her Pikachu in her arms. Still in that costume of hers.

I sneered to myself, fixed my suit and prepared to approach her.

But then she lightly tossed her Pikachu above her head, like a mother and a child playing. She caught her, held her close, began spinning around and dancing across the sand. Both were smiling and laughing.

I froze, "What the…? She seems pretty happy for someone who just lost a contest."

Her Pikachu jumped out of her arms and into the wet sand, when the ocean waves cascaded her feet she used her little paws to splash May, or at least splash her legs. It was pathetic honestly but what can you do?

"Oh Pikachu, don't ruin your costume!" I heard May laugh. The little mouse continued to throw sprinkles of water.

I took cover behind the soda shop and began to think, "What's with this girl? After a loss like that I would assume she'd be upset! Or I know I would be…"

I'd hate to admit it, but she's really starting to get to me. What is it? What's her secret?

I mentally slapped myself, "No! What are you thinking Chaz?"

"May I'm back!" I heard and noticed Lisia catching up, "Let's get some practice done!"

That gnawing feeling in my gut returned quickly, so I had to leave. I had some practicing myself to do.

Because I am now more than determined to take that little arrogant brat down. So far down that she'll never feel confident again!

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