Contest Competition

Chapter 4: Broken

"Ahem... Aaah, aah, aah. There's no jamming my feelings for you. I'll show you the appeal of my love."

I didn't have any contests to attend today, so I was singing to pass the time until May meets me here. I've always loved to sing ever since I was little. I love contests a lot, but I really want to be a Pokémon Idol!

"Hmm… lemme try that again…" I told myself.

Aaah, aah, aah. There's no jamming my feelings for you. I'll show you the appeal of my love."

I was so absorbed into my singing I didn't notice May and Pikachu enter the room.

"When I'm with you. I feel that I can always fly. I hope one day you know how I really feel."

It was when she applauded was when I noticed her, I turned around quickly, "Oh, May! I was just sneaking in a little rehearsal! I want to shine as an idol, so when I have free time, I get some practice in!"

"Is that so?" She answered, "Well I say go for it! You have a really pretty voice."

"Thank you so much! Oh, by the way! You've won a Hyper Rank contest! Wow! Fantastic! You're totally on fire, May!"

She giggled, "Thanks, I feel so happy I've won!"

"You Can Always Count on Me! The Glittering Life of an Idol!" That's what I'll call this chapter! Don't you think that's perfect, Ali?"

"Li! Ali-trrriii!" Ali crooned. Pikachu pattered over to Ali and the two started talking.


"Ali-trrriii!" Ali smiled and nodded.

"Pi-Pika!" Pikachu put her paws to her mouth like a little fangirl, "Pikachu!"

May and I giggled at this sweet exchange.

"Aw how cute!" I observed, "Pikachu and Ali have really taken to each other haven't they?"

"Yeah they sure have." May agreed.

"Oooh! I almost forgot to tell you! I'm sure you'll blast right through the next rank, too, May!"

May looked a little nervous, "Are you sure? The other contestants are going to be incredibly tough… It's the Master Rank next."

"I know, I know, that's why you've gotta give your Pokémon plenty of Pokéblocks so their condition is just perfect, and think of the perfect set of moves to use together!"

She gave it some thought, "Yeah… yeah you're right! I'll work on that!"

"That's the spirit! I know you can do it, May!"

I glanced at Pikachu and Ali, they were in their conversation. Ali looked really happy with a distinct blush across sky blue skin. Pikachu was also happy, giving a little twirl in her dress and a wink. Her electricity pouches glittering.

"Say May? Um... If you... When you... If you win all the contests up through Master Rank..."


"Then what would you think about you and me maybe-"

The door flew open with a loud bang. Stopping my uneasy flow of words.

"Heeey! Lisia! I know you've been pining away for me, but Chaz is on the scene at last!"

"Mach, mach!"

Chaz and his Machoke just barged right in. Now I usually don't mind, or I'm at least tolerant of his 'antics' by now. But now he was starting to get under my skin… Even more so when he pushed May aside without showing her any regard! Luckily she landed in one of the soft mirror chairs so I couldn't be too furious… Until Macherie demonstrated, "Like Pokemon, Like Trainer" act and shoved Pikachu aside in the same manner! Putting herself in front of Ali where Pikachu was! May cupped her palms over her mouth in shock and quickly hoisted Pikachu into her lap, checking her for injuries.

I tried to keep a civil tone, but even I was finding that hard now, "Oh. Chaz. And Macherie. I don't think anyone would say I've been "pining"... And could you have picked a worse time to interrupt?" I couldn't believe I was letting annoyance slip into my voice, but I was starting to get mad!

He didn't catch my anger, I could tell cause of his conceit, "What could I be interrupting? Nothing worth anything is going on till I'm here! I'm your MVP! Never mind that anyway. Look, Macherie brought lunch again today, so come and join me for a nice, private—"

"Mah! Macherie! Cherie! " Macherie was doting over Ali, who showed complete disinterest by turning his head. But persistent as she was Macherie got in his sight again and ogled.

Chaz found this all too humorous, "Hahaha! Macherie, you scamp! You've got a crush a mile wide on Ali! See? Even our Pokémon have good chemistry! We're a perfect pair! It's written in the stars. Destined to be...the ultimate rivals...Chaz and Lisia!"

I looked at May fixing Pikachu's dress, then her own. She had a somewhat downed expression.

"So come Lisia, let's go to lunch. Anywhere you want! You and me alone. Our Pokémon will get some quality time too. I'll pay."

I got in front of May and helped her up, she had Pikachu in her arms like usual.

"Actually, I'm having lunch with May today." I told him, trying to let him know I was irritated at the same time, "May, Ali, come now."

We walked past him, and I was going to leave it at that. But he jumped in front of May.

"YOU! Here you are again, trying to steal my spot as rival. Getting in our way! So you happened to win Hyper Rank, and you're not as hopeless as I figured."

"Chaz…" I warned.

He didn't hear me, "But that doesn't mean anything! It definitely doesn't mean you're going to beat ME! You're nothing special! You're a little squirt and a burden to Lisia! Grow up and wake up already!"

That was it, I lost it, I stepped in front of him, raised my hand, and I slapped him in the face so hard that the sound echoed in the room. Plus, he stumbled backwards. Macherie, Pikachu, and May all went wide-eyed and jaw-dropped.

"What is wrong with you!?" I had never raised my voice in such an angry manner, but I took to it, "Ever since she became a contestant you've done nothing but give her a hard time! What did she ever do to you!? It's people like you that are the reason people fail to recognize their talents and what makes them special! You're a bully with too much anger, and if you're going to act that way I don't want to be your friend!"

The whole room was silent, I got May in a supportive arm lock, "You're the one that needs to grow up and wake up. Not her! I hope you realize that, but until you do, consider me gone! May, Ali, let's go!"

"Ali-trrriii!" Ali snapped at Macherie, before leaving in a huff by our side.

We walked in a fast pace out of the dressing room (in a fast pace because of me). I had always tried to be understanding in the past and I never wanted to get angry with him, but he didn't have to go as low as he did!

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw May holding Pikachu to her shoulder, she looked painfully close to crying. I sighed and shook my head, things felt a little better getting out into the sun.

"I'm really sorry about that May… I just wish he would drop all that winning and losing talk… He's gone way too far…"

"You don't have to apologize." May held back tears.

I felt really bad… and I really wanted to make it better. So I started to think…

"What were you saying before?" May asked.

I remembered, "Ah! Of course! Hmm… tell you what. How about I tell you after you win all five Master Rank contests May?"

She seemed happy after I said that, "Okay! Pikachu and I will do it!"


I looked at Ali, "See, Tee hee! Nothing! Never mind! You'll have to win to find out!"

Ali nudged me lightly.

I told him, "I know Ali, but just trust me!"

"You're the one that needs to grow up and wake up. Not her! I hope you realize that, but until you do, consider me gone! May, Ali, let's go!"

May's Pikachu spit an angry raspberry at me as they walked out, Ali rebuffed Macherie before he followed them out the door. My heart was stinging as bad as my face was when the door slammed shut. Macherie was heartbroken, she looked at me with sad eyes.

I whispered to Macherie, "It's okay... It'll be okay." and paced over to the mirror. My face was reddened where Lisia struck me hard. I felt something different... a sinking feeling that I had never felt before.

"So it's come to this..." I muttered sadly. Where did I go wrong? I couldn't believe I was thinking that... but I had an epiphany. A slow, sad, tragic epiphany...

I started speaking aloud, "I... wanted to be Lisia's rival... I wanted others to see her and think of me, and the other way around." I slumped in a seat, "Now I've lost her forever... in my determination to be close to her..."

Macherie put her hand on my shoulder, "Machi..."

"I'm sorry Macherie..."

I got up slowly and left the room, where there were a group of fans and journalists waiting for me.

"There he is! It's Chaz!"

"Chaz! You've taken first in another contest! Great work as always! What are you going to do now?"

I gave the journalist a crestfallen look, and she noticed quickly, "Chaz? Are you all right?"

I took a deep breath before telling her, "No... I'm not..." and I walked out.

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