Contest Competition

Chapter 5: Reminisce

The restaurant Lisia and I dined at was lighthearted. The bright atmosphere, the friendly service, not to mention the enthusiastic patrons who recognized us. We must have looked so epic, still in our similar costumes and our Pokémon matching us. Our waiter was dazzled by us! Ha! I'll say, the whole situation was enjoyable.

Underneath, I was truly hurt over what Chaz had said to me back in the contest hall. It was true what Lisia told him, ever since I won the Super Rank and started to really pick up momentum with Spectaculars he's been trying to chase me away. To give up on the contests, and for what? Because he's jealous of Lisia hanging out with me? I don't really understand… However… It's not going to affect who I am, I'm not going to let him stop me from doing contests.

"What's on your mind May?" Lisia looked at me from across the table, looking curious.

I sighed, "So Lisia?"

She listened.

"What was up with Macherie in the contest hall?"

"Oh, Macherie? Well, Chaz says they met on a dark and rainy night. Macherie was a Machop back then, and someone had just left her there in a box... That's the box that she always carries around with her, you see? I guess it's her fond memento of the moment she and Chaz first met."

I nodded, "That's nice."

"You know May…" Her face was serious, "I know you said that I didn't have to apologize but… I really am sorry, about Chaz I mean. I can't help but feel I'm partially responsible for his attitude."

I was surprised at her saying this, "Lisia, it's not your fault." I comforted her.

"That night after our first contest, when we spoke on that lighthouse…"

The crescent moon shone brightly on that clear summer night. Its pure white glow casted our shadows on the ground.

"Lisia, you were a worthy opponent today." Chaz said to me, "I'm usually not the type to be so easily impressed, but you sure did astound me today."

"Thanks Chaz! You were really cool too, I would love to see you in more contests!"

He chuckled with a blush, "You undeniably will see me on stage again. Look out for me, I'll be doing my best!"

I felt a rush of motivation, "That goes for me too!"

He got closer to me and took my hands, "That's it Lisia! Let's both do our best in Contest Spectaculars!"

"We will!"

"I promise I will be the best rival you'll ever have!"

"Rivals? Chaz, contests aren't about that." I explained and dropped his hands, "They're all about the beauty of the Pokémon and the trainer."

"Rivals are fun." Chaz maintained with a smile.

"Chaz… let's just do our best. We don't need to be rivals, I just want us to have fun."

He looked right into my eyes, "I'll put my all into these contests Lisia. Just watch me."

I giggled, "Me too."

"The day that he first met you… I was shocked to hear him say those things. Before that I thought he got the message about how I feel about rivals." Lisia looked down, "I took his words and opinions casually at first but…"

I wanted to change the subject because she sounded so down, "Can I ask you something Lisia?"

"Yes May?"

"What made you want to do contests?"

She beamed, "I started in contests because I wanted to show people that there's this whole other amazing side to Pokémon, more than what you see in battles or whatever. Pokémon are about more than strength. You can raise 'em to be beautiful, or you can raise 'em to be tough as nails. They grow and change, trying as hard as they can to live up to their Trainer's feelings."

I took her words warmly, "That's incredible Lisia. Do you ever battle?"

She giggled nervously, "The truth is… I'm not all that hot at battles. Heh…"

"So I guess I shouldn't ask for a battle then huh?" I humorously asked.

"Pretty much, but don't you worry! But maybe we'll face each other in a contest someday!"

"Okay Lisia, in that case. I'll need to keep winning! Then we'll be able to captivate the crowds with our skills on stage together!"

"Let's do it!"

We clinked our water glasses together in victory.

Three days later…

"You did it! You did it! You won your first Master Rank contest! Eeeee! It's truly incredible!" Lisia had plucked me off the ground and started spinning me around. I embraced her in return, "Thank you sooo much! I'd never thought I could get this far it's unbelievable!"

"Pikachuuuuu!" Pikachu happily cheered.

Ali was next to her, "Alililili!"

Lisia set me down, "That's it! I can't wait! I've got to do it! "Wait for Me! Everyone's Idol Contest Star!" That's right! You're going to take Master Rank by storm, May!"

"I hope so. I'm on a streak!" I bounced on my toes.

"It's only a matter of time, I know it! That Delightful Wandering you used in the Contest Spectacular... I couldn't tear my eyes away! Ohhhh! That's it! I've got to work even harder! Let's continue to do our best and we may stand on stage together someday! See you later!"


Our Pokémon said their byes and they left in a hurry. As Pikachu and I stood there, I had a rush of nostalgia.

I was walking by the contest hall in Slateport City when I noticed a crowd gather. Everyone sounded so captivated so I decided to have a look for myself. Pushing my way through the crowd was surprisingly easy, it was mostly boys and they were all engrossed in something or someone.

There stood a young woman in a blue and white, sparkling costume. She had teal blue hair with two large bangs, clipped by a barrette. A sleeveless blue top with a blue ribbon design that exposed her belly button, white shorts that were laced with two large blue and white frills that mimic a skirt. She wore diamond-designed anklets around her light blue high-heeled shoes and cotton puffs on her forearms.

"Hiiiiii, ev-er-y-bo-dy! Lisia here! Me and my Altaria, Ali, have come to Slateport City's Contest Spectacular Hall for a bit of FUN!"

Everyone cheered and applauded, except for me. I didn't have the slightest clue what was going on.

"Well then, watch me as I dive right in again today! Dazzling, dizzying, doldrums defying! Lisia's...Miraculous...Contest Scouting!"

A male voice announced over the crowd, "Lisia, scout me to be your next boyfriend!"

I rolled my eyes, "Geez…"

The girl named Lisia didn't seem to pay him any mind, "All righty! I'm going to bring another fantastic Trainer into the wild world of contesting!"

"Eenie...meenie...miney..." Her finger waggled over the crowd. Everyone was on the brink of jumping over each other, like schoolchildren eager to be picked for a game.

"You there, watching me with that baffled expression on your face!" She pointed right at me, and I felt my face flush from the sudden spotlight. I wouldn't have said that I had the baffled expression considering the way everyone around me was looking.

Nonetheless she approached me in a quirky manner, "Hi! Have you never joined in a contest?"

I answered her timidly, "I've never joined a contest before I-"

"That's just what I want to hear! Let's get this show on the road!" She stood beside me, put her arm around me and declared, "This is the Trainer I'm gonna scout today! And her name is…" She looked at me with just her eyes.

"May." I whispered.

"May! When I took a good look, I could easily see that May is a powerful Trainer. Oh wow! Those are a lot of Gym badges you got there!"

"Yeah, I'm a Pokémon Trainer." I told her.

"I suspected as much! May, you can enjoy Contest Spectaculars at the Pokémon Contest Hall right here. Now listen up, because I don't just want to see you making your Pokémon strong. I want to see you bringing out a whole new brilliant side of them to show off!"

I didn't know what else to do so I decided to just play along, "Y-yeah! A brilliant side!" I muttered to myself, "I know what that means."

"So here you go! Take these! This is a Contest Pass, which is the first thing that anyone needs to take part in a Contest Spectacular! And this one is a Pokéblock Kit, which will let you make Pokéblocks for your Pokémon out of Berries!"

"Th-thank you."

She faced the crowd again, "May's story begins today! Yep! And this chapter should be titled... "A Sudden Encounter! Miraculous Contest Scouting!" That's what I'd call it!

"Heh…" I chuckled nervously.

"Now, everybody out there watching... You'd better expect great things from May, because I do! That's it for today's Lisia's Miraculous Contest Scouting! See you all next time!"

Everyone watching had hesitated for a moment before giving a modest applause. Several notches down what they were cheering before.

Once everyone had left she told me, "If you feel up for it, try your hand in a contest for me, OK? Tee-hee!" She danced her way through the doors of the hall.

I don't know what compelled me, but after mulling it over for a few moments, I entered the contest hall. Lisia was standing there and she noticed me.

"Oh! May! Thanks for playing along back there! I guess it was quite the shock, huh?"

I giggled, "Yeah, you really did. Sorry, if I was… you know, looking at you weird."

"Oh it's okay, don't mind that! Contests are really fantastic, you know! I'm suuure you'll get hooked on them!"

"I'll try one and we'll see." I walked past her, toward the receptionist.

Lisia tiptoed right next to me, "Ohhh! May! Could it be? Oh, could it, could it? Are you really going to try a contest for me?! Oooh! I'm happier than a Gloom with a Sun Stone!"

I laughed at the analogy and admitted, "Well, I know absolutely nothing about contests! So here goes nothing!"

"Ah! I know! This chapter of your story should definitely be called... "My Big Beginning! A Heart-Pounding Contest Debut!" That's what I'm calling it! Ohhh, but if you're gonna take the stage, you've gotta come here with me first!"

"So! If you're taking on a Contest Spectacular, there's something you hafta have from me! Tee hee... I know it's sudden. Sorry! Truth is... You're actually the 100th Trainer that I've scouted, May!"

"Really?" I went wide-eyed.

"That's a really big deal, you know! It's gotta be fate! Right? Tee hee! I think you're just the Trainer I've been looking for!"

"So what is it you were gonna give me?"

She gasped slightly, "Oopsies! So-o-o-orry! Got a little carried away! But, um, the point was... would you like to wear this for your contest debut?" and handed me a box. I waited a second before I cautiously opened it.

"Oh wow! This looks really gorgeous!"

"Why don't you try it on?" She suggested, "There's a dressing room this way, let's go!"

I'll admit it was a bit of a struggle to get it on, but with Lisia's help I did.

"S-s-s-so... So COOOOOOL! Oh, wow! It's PERFECT for you! Eeeee! I just can't wait! Your first time on a live contest stage, May! It's gonna be so so so AWESOME! I'm not gonna blink for even a second!"

"I feel so… strange." I giggled.

"Phew! You look so fantastic in that outfit that I'm about to lose it here!" She stood next to a mirror, "Well come on and look at yourself! Don't be shy!"

I timidly stepped in front of the mirror. I couldn't believe I was seeing me in that mirror, I looked so adorable!

I was dressed in a pink and white outfit that looked very similar to hers. A wrist-length white top with flared sleeves and a pink ribbon design, a matching skirt with yellow frilly shorts underneath. Complete with pink kitten heels and pink ribbons that wrap around the lower legs.

"This would look so cute on you!" Lisia squealed, "You have to wear this Contest Costume! It'll be perfect for the contest. Promise! I'll be cheering for you!"

I smiled at myself in the mirror, "You know, this might be fun! I'll do it!"

"That's the spirit! Yay!"

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