Contest Competition

Chapter 6: Forgiven

I stepped into the contest hall in Lilycove City, it was like a trip down memory lane here because this is where Lisia and I first debuted in the world of Contest Spectaculars. The hall was nearly empty, because there was a contest going on. I heard that the little squir-, Uh… or should I say, May, was competing in a Master rank contest. It was her fourth one, and it looked like she was about to win.

It's been about two weeks since Lisia had severed ties with me, I knew it would affect me but I didn't think it would be this much… It had me thinking a lot. I had to let go of my stupid hang-ups, and as hard as this is for me to do. I have to go make things right with May.

I looked down at Macherie, "My sweet girl… this isn't something I usually do, I just hope she listens…"

"Mach, mach!" She encouraged me, she was partially the reason I decided to do this.

I approached the receptionist and she told me, "Oh sorry Chaz, there's a contest going on right now."

"I understand, I'm here because I have a favor to ask of you." I replied, "You know the contestant May?"

"Oh of course! She's so amazing!" She fidgeted from excitement.

"Tell her that someone will be waiting for her in the dressing room once the contest is over all right? Don't tell her it's me, just tell her to come."

"Yes, I'll do that!"

"Thank you." I nodded and walked to the dressing room to wait, Macherie followed me.

I looked at myself in the mirror, "Chaz… just don't be a jerk for five minutes, how hard can that be? You can do it!" Then I sighed.

"Mach, Maach!"

"I know sweetie."

I could tell the contest was over because I could hear the noise outside. So I prepared myself, there was no turning back now. Seconds later I heard excited footsteps running toward the dressing room, I knew it was her. So I put on my calm, yet confident face.

"Lisia!" I heard her voice, "I won the contest! I'm so happy!"

I chuckled a little, she thinks Lisia is waiting for her. Wait a second… why… what is this happiness I'm feeling? Am I… am I actually happy for her? What is wrong with me? Oh gracious, I really must be changing.

She burst into the room with bright enthusiasm with Pikachu in her arms, I looked at her with polite consideration. Her face sank into a look of annoyed disappointment. Her Pikachu's cheeks started sparkling in a threatening way, an angry look on her face.

"It's me, Chaz the a-a-a-a-awesome! Heh! No Lisia today-too bad for you!" I noted teasingly. But it didn't help, "But try not to look so disappointed. Sheesh." I retracted.

"Mamach! Machee?" Macherie lamented.

"Guess it's too bad for you, too, Macherie. You missed your chance to see Ali, huh?"

May's eyebrows firmed angrily above her eyes, without a word she walked past me to the mirror, shoving me roughly. I stumbled backwards until Macherie caught me, after a moment of awe I stated, "Okay, I deserved that."

"Hmmph." Was all she said, picking up a tube of mascara and touching up her lashes. Pikachu continued to stare furiously at me. I found myself tongue-tied, something that had never happened before.

"So what do you want?" She coldly said, picking up some foundation.

I gathered myself, "If you're wondering where Lisia is, she's been spending all her time practicing moves with Ali lately. She's waiting for you to win all the Master Rank contests."

"Okay, that's cool."

"All right." I awkwardly noted.

"I'm not going away you know." She spoke.


She roughly placed the make-up container down and whirled around, "I'm not gonna stop doing contests because you're jealous! Get that through your overblown ego! I'm tired of you putting me down all the time!"

I saw the hurt in her eyes, despite the determination in her voice, "May, listen I'm not-"

She looked at Pikachu, "You can zap him if you want to."

Pikachu eagerly hopped off May's shoulder and began stomping toward me, charging up. I hastily retreated to the door, "Whoa, whoa! Hold on! Let's not get crazy here! I'm trying to say I understand! I'm sorry."

I saw May's attention perk, she looked at me again, "Pikachu stop." She gently commanded, "Come back here." Pikachu reluctantly stopped and went back to her trainer.

I sighed in relief, "Thank you. Lisia says she wants to become better than ever so she can do her best performance together with you. That's why she's trying so hard. She's practically never here anymore. She looks like she's having a lot of fun when she's practicing, though. I guess she wants to show you something that'll knock your socks off."

May continued to listen, "I'm looking forward to it."

"Honestly... I really wanted it to be me." Regret slipped into my voice, "That's why I acted like such a jerk… I wanted to be close to her. You're right, I was jealous… but I realized after she cut ties with me… that I was an idiot."

She started to look sympathetic. When she didn't say anything I continued, "Anyway, If you can't win all Master Rank contests, you'll never be able to stand toe-to-toe with Lisia... But you already know that, huh?"

She nodded, "I know that."

"M-me, I'll never be able to stand toe-to-toe with her." I glanced down.

Macherie gave a forlorn cry, "Maahh…"

"Cheer up, Macherie. You're my sweet and adorable girl! And that's why I'll never, ever make you do a Toughness Contest! I can't make a cutie like you try to increase your Toughness! No way!" I returned to my calm voice, "I'm still the best rival for Lisia. I'm not wrong about that. But it doesn't mean that...well...that you haven't got a part to play."

The wondrous look May was giving me made me flustered to be honest, fortunately Pikachu had her arms crossed but she tilted her head curiously. Which kept things somewhat more fitting.

"Lisia's not the type to care about beating somebody else or whatever... The point is that the contest lets you show off how fantastic your Pokémon are... Guess I'm saying...well...I'm behind you, too."

Everything appeared to freeze for the next few seconds, I couldn't believe I was saying this to her. But it was real, and honest. When May warmly smiled at me, I was certainly embarrassed.

"So, know... Just take this and give it your all. Macherie, could you open the box?"

Macherie revealed a box and presented it to May.

"You… got me something?" She quietly asked.

"Macherie, open the box."

The box contained a Lucarionite inside a pendant shaped locket. She gingerly took it in her hands, Pikachu scampered up to her shoulder to get a look.

"Thank you Chaz." She sounded sweet, "I'll do my best!"

I struggled to keep myself from grinning, then I remembered Lisia and felt sad, "I just wish I got the chance to apologize to Lisia before she went away…"

May smiled at me in a way that confused me, she leaned to the side, looking at the door behind me, "Hey Lisia, what do you think?"

"What the…?"

Lisia hopped into the room, Ali followed, "Apology accepted! Oh Chaz, I knew you would warm up to her eventually I knew you would!" She bounced all over the place. Ali mimicked her actions, "Trillleee!"

"Wha… I… agh…" I never felt so on-the-spot before…

"Don't be embarrassed Chaz, it's great you finally woke up! Now we can all enjoy ourselves to the fullest extent possible!"

May and Pikachu were matching impish grins at me, Macherie poked at me worryingly.

"I'm… fine Macherie." I smiled at her.

"Come on everybody! Group hug!" Lisia announced. Prompting everyone to close in on me, arms out.

"Seriously Lisia?" I asked.

Macherie approached us slowly and wrapped everyone in her arms tightly, "Macherie sweetie!"

A quick flash of light from the door caught everyone's attention, there at the door stood a journalist with a camera.

"Okay, this is SO going on the front page!" She perkily declared and ran off giggling.

My face felt so hot I could've melted the whole continent of Antarctica, "H-HEY YOU! GET BACK HERE!" I tore like heck after her. Macherie ran after me, enjoying herself thoroughly.

Lisia and I watched the door and started laughing.

"Okay that was so cool! I hope I see that everywhere, that must have been the best picture ever!" I admitted, as cheerful as Lisia.

"I know RIGHT!? I can't wait! Eeeee!" She fidgeted.

I took a deep breath, "So… we'll be facing each other on stage next contest."

"That's right!"

"I'll be giving it my all, you be sure to do that too." I winked.

"Hahaha! You don't have to worry about me May! You know I'll always do that! We better get started, Ali let's go! Bye for now May!" She left the room quick-paced.

Pikachu and I looked at each other with resolve in our eyes, "We'll win won't we Pikachu?"

"Pikaaaa!" She cheered.

I looked at the pendant Chaz gave me and giggled, I faced the mirror once again and locked it around my neck. It looked so… amazing on me!

"Chaz is a good guy after all." I declared in a low voice.

Pikachu hopped on the counter and nodded approvingly, "Pika pika."

"Well, let's get practicing!" I picked her up and skipped out of the room with joy in my heart.

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