Contest Competition

Chapter 7: A Star is Born!

The tension was high, the waves were rough. The whole world seemed to stop as Lisia and May stood upon the stage together. The moves were beyond outstanding and the competition was more than just fierce. It was almost like a blaze had ignited within the contest hall.

It was a close shave, but May emerged victorious. The cheers and squeals became so deafening within the hall that all the contestants had to cover their ears. Outside, May and Lisia met up quickly and rushed to the dressing room before the paparazzi could catch up.

Once inside they slammed the door shut, and caught their breath laughing.

"Tee hee... I lost! May, you and your Pokémon have already gone beyond our reach. You were totally amazing out there. And you've got tons of fans, too! You're a force to be reckoned with!"

"Thank you so much Lisia! You're the best, you're the one that taught me everything. I'm here now because of you!"

Lisia gazed at her grown pupil, "I said the other day that I wondered what made you so special... I think I've got a better idea now what it is."

May's eyes grew slightly, "You think so?"

"See... It's probably 'cause you don't do just contests, May... You're out there filling your Pokédex, taking on Pokémon Gyms, and all kinds of other things! You and your Pokémon shared all those experiences... That's why you can show off the real appeal of your Pokémon better than any one of us can!"

May giggled, "I suppose you're right!"

"I've started thinking that I should do the same, Gyms and Pokédex and all."

"Shall I teach you?" May responded, alluding to how Lisia taught her about contests.

"Of course!"

Another voice burst in, "My, my, my. If that's the case, then I'll be your rival in each of those as well!"

May jumped, "Chaz!? Why are you sneaking up on us like that?"

Lisia was thrilled, "Oh, Chaz! Did you come to say congratulations, too?"

Chaz blushed, "Wh-what!? Why would I do that? I still don't see that this little squirt has anything special in the way of skills."

The girls looked at each other, smirking.

"I guess he's still sore about that photo the journalist took." May giggled to herself.

Chaz continued, "Humph! I might beat you myself one of these days, Lisia. And then I'd be just as good! The only reason I'm here is to tell this upstart to watch out, because I'm next!" He was acting his old ways again, but that's all it was, acting.

Lisia saw right through him, "Hee hee hee! Truth is you're happy she won, huh? But if you really want to beat me..."

He interrupted, "Then that means I have to beat all the Master Rank contests. I know. I've decided to put Macherie in the Toughness Contest. Macherie is cute, and even if she gets tougher, she'll always be cute. She's my adorable Macherie, after all!"


"She's willing to try it out too!"

Lisia chuckled, "Chaz, that's..."

"Alalalala." Ali spoke.

"Yes! Give it your all! Don't stop till you drop!" That's what Ali wants to say. Right, Ali?"

The Pokémon appeared confused, "Aliii!?"

Chaz sighed, "When I watched May winning contest after contest like that, I realized it was time to let go of my stupid hang-ups. Anyway! Since we've decided to go for it, me and Macherie are going all out in toughness training from now on! We'll challenge Gyms and do whatever it takes! We're headed for some strength training right after this, in fact..."

"Hey, Chaz!" Someone else shouted from the door, "It's workout time!"

May's jaw almost dropped, "Brawly!?"

"May!?" He returned the shocked tone, "I didn't know you knew Chaz."

"Oh, well. We do!"

"Huh! Well how about that? I've never watched a contest before, but if you and Chaz are in it, I should watch at least one contest! OK, Chaz, let's go!"

Chaz answered Brawly, "Yo! Yessir! We'll be right there, Brawly, sir! Come on Macherie!"


"Bye Brawly!" May bid.

"See ya May!"

"DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" Chaz suddenly shouted.

Everyone noticed that same reporter from last time standing there with her camera. She rolled her eyes playfully with a smile and put the camera down. Chaz then left quickly and Brawly went after.

"I just wanted another picture since the last one went so well!" The young lady remarked. May and Lisia laughed.

"You can take one of us!" May invited.

"Yay! Thanks!"

May, Lisia and their respective Pokémon put their arms around each other in a buddy pose while the journalist took pictures.

"These are awesome too! Thanks ladies!" and she took off.

"Bye!" Lisia and May waved.

"That Chaz... He's a pretty good guy after all." Lisia stated.

May nodded, "He really is. I hope he stays this way and doesn't go overboard though!"

Lisia jumped and struck a pose, "This marks the final chapter in the brilliant story of May! "A Light That Never Dies! The Glittering Contest Star!"

"Hahaha! Thanks Lisia! We've got some fantastic stories for generations to come! Don't we Pikachu?"


"I'm so glad that you're the one I scouted that day, May! I'm so glad I'm a contest idol! I really hope you're as happy as I am about making it this far. I'm going to keep trying hard at different things! And then I'm going to evolve the contest scene into something even greater than it is now!"

May started bouncing on her toes, "That's right!"

"Impressive contest skills... Equally impressive battle skills... May, I've gotta tell my uncle about making friends with a star like you! He's great at contests and battling, too! You've gotta meet him, May!"

"Your uncle huh? I'd love to meet him!"

"Pika!" Pikachu answered.

"Great! Come on, let's get going!"

The four left the room with great joy, and May, she had an extra sparkle in her eye like she had never felt before. She felt like flying, or walking on air. It didn't matter, as long as she was in the sky!

It's shaping to be that way too, forever and always.

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