Contest Competition

Chapter 8: Turning the Page

No doubt in anyone's mind, this contest, was THE contest. May, Lisia, Wallace, and Chaz appeared on the stage ALL at once. The contest hall was so full, that people were gathered outside. Luckily for everyone, there were monitors broadcasting the inside action so nobody would miss a moment.

May stood victorious, with Lisia coming in second. The cheers and applause were beyond anything May had ever dreamed.

"Tee hee! It's hard to believe we've made it this far already, huh?" Lisia stated.

I smiled brightly, "This is so awesome! I can't believe Wallace made it here too!"

She giggled and winked, "Speaking of, I have to tell you something! Let's all head to the dressing room now!"

With the help of security guards clearing a path, the contestants managed to make their way to the dressing room. Chaz was the last in, and he locked the door behind them.

Lisia wasted no time bubbling with energy, "Yaaay! Finally, we all got to appear together! May! Let me properly introduce you! This is my uncle, Wallace. Uncle Wallace, this is the girl I've been telling you about!"

This was the first time I had heard this, "Say what!? Wallace is your uncle?"

Wallace smiled positively, "No introductions necessary, Lisia. I would say that May and I… know each other quite well already. She defeated me when we battled. And if that were not enough, she is also a great Trainer who carried out splendid deeds for Hoenn."

"Huh? You do? Oh! I get it! You ARE a Gym Leader after all, Uncle Wallace."

"Of course. So May, it's been some time. You appear well."

"I'm doing great! It's good to see you again." I replied.

Lisia walked over to Chaz, "And this is my friend, Chaz! He debuted in contests the same day Ali and I did. Chaz, this is my uncle Wallace!"

"Hi, how do you do?" Wallace asked in a friendly way.

Chaz answered coolly, "Nice to meet you."

Taking a step forward, Wallace explained, "Lisia has been so enraptured by the contest spectacles that I felt compelled to see them for myself. It has been many years since I last took part in the likes of a contest… And here I find you once more. It is not only in my own Gym that you have defeated me, but you have bested me in contests as well. It seems I still have much to learn…"

"Never mind, Uncle Wall! We had fun and that's what matters!" Lisia beamed.

He chuckled, "I suppose you're right." He faced me, "May… I'm sure you've grown to understand this already. No matter whether you stand in a Pokémon Gym or a Contest Hall, a Trainer who holds to her belief in the Pokémon beside her… The Pokémon that battles on, believing in the Trainer with whom it stands together… The settings may differ, but their labors come to fruition in a way that honors their bond! There is equal beauty in both!"

Lisia sounded dazzled, "That's a lovely thought, Uncle Wall. Really wonderful!"

"Yes… And confoundedly elegant!" Wallace struck a pose.

Lisia bounced in a dance, "And so very, very... ...Glorious!"

"…Glorious!" He struck another pose.

Chaz and I met each other's awkward gazes and silently laughed.

Wallace returned to his normal stance, "All of you have shown yourselves to be fine Trainers, with bright futures ahead of you."

Lisia clapped her hands, "I know! It's just so exciting!" Her stomach growled, "Now all this joy has made me hungry! I'm going to get some lunch!"

As she walked to the door, I was giving Chaz silent encouragement; telling him what to do without saying it. Chaz took the hint, and a chance.

"Wait Lisia!" He called.

She stopped, "Sup?"

"Maybe… we could go to lunch. Together?"

She smiled brightly, "Sounds good let's go!" She took him by the arm and they ran out, Chaz looked over his shoulder at May and gave her an affirmative face.

I waved and nodded, "Have fun you two!" I teased, those two really do seem cute together!

The door shut again, leaving Wallace and May alone in the room with their Pokémon.

"So…" May turned to Wallace, "Can you tell me about Lisia?"

"Hm? Oh yes. Lisia is the daughter of my elder sister and does not live in Sootopolis any longer. She was tucked safely away during that infamous incident, so she would probably be quite shocked to learn your part in it."

"Good to know that she was safe during that." I nervously chuckled, "So… she doesn't know?"

Wallace smiled impishly, "Not yet." And the two shared a laugh. Wallace took a deep breath, "Ah, finally its quiet. Such a pleasant feeling…"

But I had one more question, "You did contests before huh?"

"Yes, I once tried my hand at contests. But Lisia has a natural talent for them that greatly surpasses mine. She became an idol almost overnight. As a result, I was able to apply myself fully to my role as Gym Leader. After this, I almost feel as though I should give Contests another try. Or perhaps I should steal the title of Pokémon League Champion from you. That could be quite amusing…"

"Hey…" I smirked, "Don't think it'll be easy."

"Heheheh… I know that." He sighed, "I imagine Steven must be gnashing his teeth over missing today's Contest Spectacular."

My eyes lit up, "Steven! I haven't seen him in a while! I wonder how he's doing."

"You should go pay him a visit? Do you know where he lives?" Wallace suggested.

"Yeah, I know! I'll go see him now! See you later Wallace, today's contest sure was fun!"

I picked up Pikachu and bolted out of the room, Wallace sat in a seat. Now relaxing in solitude.

Lisia and Chaz were now walking through Mauvile City, trying to find the food court in the populated place. Eventually Chaz was getting nervous from the silence, so he decided to strike up a conversation.

"So Lisia… Tell me about Wallace. You had said he did contests, was it before you?"

"Yeah, it was because I saw my uncle doing contests that I decided to try, too. He's my mentor. He taught me all about competing in contests! And Uncle Wall has a mentor of his own, named Juan... I wonder if someone will ever look up to me as a mentor. Who knows?"

Chaz grinned, "I think that's already happened."

She inquisitively turned to him, "Huh? Chaz?"

"Oh come on Lisia. May sees you that way! Tell me you don't know that."

Lisia smiled back, "I guess I did scout her…"

"You also taught her everything, it was because of you that she made it this far."

She grew excited, "You're right! Oh, yeah, she battled Uncle Wall too! Oh, I should have asked her, Is he really as strong as they say? All his friends seem to be super-strong Trainers, too. Like that one guy obsessed with stones, or that Trainer that looks like a star... Hmm. And she still beat him. I guess that means that…"

"She's amazing?"

"Bingo!" Lisia leaned in and gave Chaz a light kiss on the cheek, which caught him completely off guard. His eyes widened and his face grew red.

"So Chaz, after we eat, maybe we could go for a walk on the beach?" She looked in his eyes eagerly.

He chuckled, "Yes, I'd like that very much."

"Yay! We can stop by the place that sells soda while we're there!"

"You've read my mind."

Lisia took Chaz's hand and took off running with him, "Awesome! Let's get going!"

Chaz somewhat struggled to keep up with her, as his shoes aren't meant for this kind of physical activity. But he didn't care, he felt happy. The kind of happiness that he'll admit he hadn't felt in a long time.

May, Lisia, Wallace, and Chaz had given their audiences a show that they'll never forget. Their outstanding moves and spectacular performance captivated the audience and made the day even brighter.

So ends May's ascend in the world of contests! But her journey is far from over. There are still pages in her Pokedex that need to be filled, there are places to go and people to see. May intends to see it all!

The possibilities are endless, and adventure is always there, in the world of Pokémon.

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