Contest Competition

Epilogue: Steven Stone

"A spectacular with May, Lisia, Chaz, and Wallace as the contestants! No doubt this was the contest of the ages that will live on in everyone's memories for decades to come! With May taking home the title of the winner, it was truly a sight to behold!"

Steven Stone stared at the television screen proudly while the enthusiastic reporter continued to speak. Once the report was finished and the program cut to commercials, he stood from the couch and left to run errands.

He opened the door to a clear sky and watched as the birds that gathered around his door flew into the vast blue.

"May… I know you can't hear me now but… congratulations. I'm proud of you." He whispered.

In the Pokémon Market, while waiting in the long line, he picked up a contest digest magazine and flipped the book open. The first picture he saw, was a clear image of May, Lisia, Chaz, and their respective Pokémon wrapped in a group hug.

It appears that this group has finally buried the hatchet after a long suspicion of Chaz's strong dislike of May, a rising contestant!

"Oh my gosh!" A lass behind him galvanized, "May is my favorite contestant ever! She is so beautiful and cool! I can't believe that Chaz didn't like her, I mean who wouldn't like her?" She looked at Steven, wanting his opinion.

He shrugged, "I don't know."

"Can I see that magazine please?" She gave him an eager face.

He chuckled, "Sure thing." And handed it over.

The young girl excitedly took the magazine and shared it with her friend, also a lass.

"Oh wow, look at this picture! At least he realized the error of his ways!"

Her friend giggled, "Tee hee! I wonder if they're going to… like… hee hee hee!"

Steven purchased his supplies and left the store, not being able to hide his amusement at the gossip from the lasses behind him.

Back in Mossdeep City, May skipped happily to the door of Steven's house. She didn't know that he wasn't there.

She knocked on the door, "Steven, it's me May!"

Receiving no answer, she knocked again, "Steven? Are you there?"

Out of curiosity she twisted the doorknob lightly and noticed, "Oh, hey the door's unlocked."

She opened the door and stepped inside, "Steven?"

The house was completely still and quiet. She shut the door behind her and wandered around slowly.


On his table, she saw a piece of paper accompanied by a Poke ball. She approached the paper and read the writing,

Dear May… I have something in mind, so I will be away in training for some time. I do not expect to return to my home anytime soon. Which brings me to a request. I want you to take the Poké Ball that you should find on my desk. The Beldum inside is one of my favorite Pokémon, so I hope you'll treat it like one of your own. Trusting we will meet again,

Steven Stone

"Beldum?" She took her Pokédex out of her pocket.

"Beldum, the Iron Ball Pokémon. Beldum floats by emitting magnetic waves from its body to repel the Earth's magnetic field. They launch their claws into cliffs where they sleep."

She smiled, "Hm, interesting." Then eyed the Poke ball sitting on the desk. She gently took it in her hands, and felt it somewhat tremble in her hands.

"Come on out Beldum!" She sent the Pokémon out of it's poke ball.

The robotic Pokémon was faced away from her at first, but then it turned around and watched her curiously.

May smiled and waved, "Hi."

Beldum responded by spinning around her cheerfully, making her giggle, "You're cute!"

Putting her hand on the Beldum's head, the two walked out of Steven's house.

May's words to the Beldum, "You'll do just fine!"

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