On Instinct: Sate Your Mate | Yuta x Reader


Male. Alpha. Mated. Yuta never thought when he took the job at Northwest Regional that he would find his fated mate. Ever since its been a whirlwind romance that's completely changed his life for the better. Now she's pregnant with his child and he must take care of both of them, even if she drives him crazy in the process.

Erotica / Fantasy
Jonelle Phoenix
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


The number will have significance for you forever.

“I don’t care. I don’t care. Just fuck me, baby. I need you.” As soon as those 13 words left her lips, you knew that this was different. She was different. What you felt for her was unlike anything you had experienced in your life. Even though you knew she was in heat, you just couldn’t say no.

The need in you ignited in a way that scared the holy hell out of you. Her smell was drawing you in. Her unmarked neck -- was both a sense of temptation and fear. Temptation because you could wake up to that smell every day, and all it would take is one real bite and she would be yours. Fear because the topic was never discussed and to mark someone without their consent is frowned upon. There have even been cases that have gone to court over unwanted markings.

But fuck... you wanted too. She was so responsive to you. Her body tightening all around you. Her moans of pleasure making your dick harder and bigger the more you pumped into her. Then you noticed a gesture. It was small but you definitely saw it.

She moved her head so you could presumably claim her. Or at least that’s what you think she was doing. She was so far gone it could’ve been just an involuntary reaction. But the more her body moved in sync with yours, you could feel your will breaking. The Alpha in you wanted her for yourself. You couldn’t take the chance that she could wind up with someone else. So having made up your mind you bit down.

The sound she made was indescribable. You wish you could have it on a loop. Her back arched so beautifully. Her nails dug deep into your sides as you started to knot her. It was a surreal moment. She called your name but by that point, you had already come inside of her. The first time you had ever done that to a woman unprotected. You thought once the haze of her heat died down you would regret your decision, but you didn’t. She was here, she was yours. She was - crying?

Shit! What if I was wrong? What if she didn’t want to be mated?Fuck, she’s gonna hate me! You were so afraid that she would push you away, but then she dropped the bombshell of all bombshells.

“Fated mates.”

As she said it everything made sense. The need to see her, her smell being a non-stop aphrodisiac, the longing for the weekend to end just so you could see her at work. The way her voice sounded to you, how you found yourself jerking off at the thought of her. Even going so far as to get a chocolate-scented candle to replicate her smell. You jerked off repeatedly to her staff photo in the company directory online. It was like she was made to fuck your life up in the best way possible. And unlike you, she had known since the two of you met. How she managed to stay sane for as long as she did was absolutely amazing.

It wasn’t even hard for you to admit that you loved her. Truthfully, you knew since that first kiss at the club. The energy between the two of you was electric. But she still surprised you when she gave you the option of walking away. Like you could ever do that. She was your mate now and if she was pregnant you would take care of your own.

Knowing all these things it was an easy decision to ask her to mate you. And boy did she ever mate you. It was painful as fuck. Her limbs were wrapped around you, her body pressed firmly into yours as she dug her teeth in. Her arousal was swirling around the room, and you easily got swept up in it. Once it was done you felt different. You felt whole. You didn’t realize you were empty until she came into your life, but now it was undeniable. You would give this woman the world or whatever she wanted. She had you. Hook, line, and sinker.


When you found her on the mattress that day there was so much fear in you. Was it your own, or was it hers? You weren’t sure, but what was certain was that growl she gave you. It wasn’t playful, coy or sexy. It meant only one thing.

Stay the hell back or else.

But she was crying too. Her smell was different and not in a good way. When Alphas are mated to someone the need to protect their mate is increased. After your phone explained that she might be pregnant she curled up even more. Like she didn’t want you there.

That hurt, you thought to yourself solemnly.

But you couldn’t be deterred. So you dropped low, approaching her slowly keeping a small smile on your face. Stopping only a few inches from her. When she leaned in and smelled you her smell changed back.

Then the test said PREGNANT. You couldn’t contain your happiness. Sure, you would’ve preferred if this happened later in the relationship, but she made you whole and having a baby with the woman you fell incredibly hard for was more than you could’ve asked for.


Her doctor, Leslie, strolls in with her technician.

“Hi everyone.“

“Hello, Doc,” the technician says, smiling warmly at Leslie.

“Hello,” you both reply back.

“So, what brings you two in here today?” Leslie looks at us knowingly, but still waits for a response.

“I took a pregnancy test and it says we’re pregnant. I just want to be sure.” Her voice is shaky as she keeps her hands folded on her lap. You sit beside her trying to show a calm exterior, but inside you’re nervous as fuck.

“Okay, so we’re just gonna do an ultrasound and see what we see,” Leslie explains. She rolls up her shirt and pulls down her pants for the technician so the gel can be applied on her stomach.

“Jeez, that’s cold,” she laughs to herself.

“Yeah, sorry about that. Even modern medicine has its limits I’m afraid.” Both of you laugh as the wand goes across her belly back and forth. At first, there’s nothing out of the ordinary but then a weird, fast-paced sound becomes louder until Leslie stops.

“There it is. Congratulations Mama and Papa, you are indeed pregnant. Judging by its size and when your cycle occurred, you are about six weeks along. So your due date should be in about five to six months. I’ll give you some paperwork and prescriptions you’ll need to fill. The paperwork will explain what to expect for the upcoming months. Are there any questions?” She smiles brightly at the two of you.

“Yes Doctor, what can I do to help her?” You want to help however you can.

“Your job, Papa, is to sate your mate. If she’s hungry, feed her. If her body is sore, give her a massage. If she’s sad let her be sad then cheer her up. And if she’s horny, have lots of sex. FYI, that last part is definitely going to happen so make sure you eat a lot and drink plenty of fluids. You might want to invest in a lot of Gatorade.” Her face goes red from her Doctor’s explanation.

“Oh come on now, this isn’t the time to be shy about these things. It’s only natural. Women, in general, can have increased sex drives during their pregnancy. Omegas are no exception.“

Which is why Omegas usually wind up with Alphas. Their stamina is better equipped for the task, you think slyly to yourself. You smirk at her playfully. She sticks her tongue out in return.

“We’ll need to set up your appointments. The next one will be in three weeks. In the meantime, follow the dietary plan, EXERCISE, I cannot stress that enough. Omegas have shorter pregnancies but harder labors. And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call. That goes for both of you.” Leslie smiles at you while the assistant finishes cleaning her up. They shake your hand and hers and leave you two alone. In her hand, she holds the pictures of your pup smiling at them. You move towards her and kiss her cheek.

“I love you, baby.” You whisper before kissing her lips. Even with the bullshit that’s going on at work she still exudes poise and confidence.

“Let’s go home,” she says taking your hand and lifting out of the seat.

Once you’re back at your place she goes to your bathroom, while you go to your kitchen and see if there’s anything you could make. Unfortunately, her dietary plan is somewhat strict and you don’t have enough ingredients to properly feed her.

“Babe, I’m gonna order some food. Can you come here and tell me what you want?” You yell down your hallway. Your back is turned as you hear her footsteps approach the kitchen.

“What do you- want?” She is standing in the doorway with no clothes on.

“You,” she growls.

She walks up to you and wraps her arms around your neck and kisses your lips. Your hands immediately go to her ass as you give it a firm squeeze. You’re immediately hard for her as she presses her body further into you. She grabs the nearby kitchen towel and gets on her knees -- rubbing your cock through your pants. She unhooks your belt and unbuttons your pants. She takes the zipper between her teeth and pulls it down. She looks at you as she does it.

Damn, could she be any hotter?

She fishes out your dick with her hands and licks her lips. A lustful moan leaving her. She presses her lips on the shaft. Her breath wrapping around you warmly. She kisses it all over, before moving to your balls. She licks them both before putting them into her wet and warm mouth. You feel tingles as she plays with them. When she releases them you’re cold but you don’t get to dwell on it. She wraps her mouth around your dick. She twirls her tongue around you while keeping a tight hold on your member by sucking in her cheeks. Your hand grabs her hair as she continues to work on you. The longer it goes on the more spit she produces. She occasionally releases your cock to spit all over it and pump it with her free hand.

“You gonna cum for me Daddy?” She talks lowly to your dick then makes eye contact with you.


She’s never said that before.

You like it. A lot.

She sucks you some more before you feel the coil ready to snap. You pump yourself as she plays with her breasts making her nipples hard. She swipes some of the slick from her inner thigh and presents her fingers to you. You bend over and take her fingers into your mouth. You both moan. Her from the sensation, you from the taste. You pump faster as she tilts her head back, keeping her mouth wide open.

“Oh fuck. God! Shit- fuck.” Cum shoots out coating some of her face before landing in her mouth and you holding your dick there. You twitch repeatedly as she plays with your balls. She sits there obediently as you get your legs back. You presume she’s waiting for you to hand her a towel, but she surprises you by taking her finger and picking up the semen from her face and licking it off her finger. She opens her mouth to show it all to you before closing her mouth and opening it again.

“Ta-da.” She winks at you as she shows her empty mouth.

Damn, I love this dirty girl. She stands up with a triumphant look on her face, wiping the corners of her mouth for any semen residue. You’re in shock as she walks out of the kitchen and toward your bedroom, hips swaying with seductive intent. She turns to face you. Her index finger rubs her clit quickly. You watch her take that same finger and coat her own lips with her juices. She puckers them before her tongue slowly comes out and licks the juices away. She bites her bottom lip giving you a wink. Then she quickly exits the room.

So that’s how you wanna play?

You look down at your crotch and it twitches.

You’re in trouble now.

You make your way to the bedroom to find her sprawled out on the bed- legs wide open. Her nipples are hard as she tugs and rubs them. You move closer until your knees are just a couple of inches away from the foot of the bed. Her hands move toward her pussy, opening herself slowly, giving you the perfect view. You can see her pussy muscles clench -- looking for something to fill it up. Which won’t be a problem since your dick is tenting in your boxers.

You unbutton your shirt slowly. Starting with the wrists then the shirt itself. She has a dark look in her eyes as she watches you undress. She likes the show. You take off your undershirt and let it fall to the floor. The only thing left is your pants. Since she already unbuttoned them you slide them down along with your boxers and socks. You stand there so the tension can build. Also, you’re thinking of exactly how do you want to fuck her. And then you get an idea.

You motion for her to come closer and she does. You pull the belt from your pants and hold it in your hand. Her eyes bulge as her breathing picks up. She probably thinks you’re gonna spank her but you grab her wrists and buckle them together. With her hands bound, you gently push her down onto the bed.

“Stay,” you instruct her. She nods her head as you examine her body. She goes flush as the anticipation mounts. You aren’t gone long as you come back to the room. She’s in the same spot you left her in.

“Good girl.” She moans at the praise. Her scent sweeps through the room. She’s eager to please you. Your Alpha nature wants to ravage her right now, but you refrain. Instead, you sit down beside her. She’s on her side looking at you expectantly. You caress her legs up and down and she flinches.

“Your hands are cold Daddy.” Her voice is hushed and small. It’s quite cute.

“Oh, that’s because of this,” you reach for the bowl of ice that is conveniently placed out of her view.

“I want to see how good your self-control is.” You open up an ice cream bar and signal for her to open her mouth. She does with confusion etched in her face. You guide the bar further into her mouth. Chocolate and vanilla coat her lips as you take the bar and bite some of the chocolate off. With the exposed vanilla you place it on her shoulder blade. She immediately flinches.

“So, your self-control needs work. Don’t worry we’ll fix that.“

You take a small ice cube from the bowl and pop it into your mouth. You move her body so her legs are open. She starts to breathe deeply as she begins to figure out what you mean. You take the slightly melted ice cube from your mouth and insert it inside of her.

“Yuta! Fuck! It’s cold! Take it out! Please!” She winces with her eyes wide and pleading. You shake your head no. She whines as she attempts to push it out, but you close her legs and hold them there.

“So, this is called Temperature Play and the game is simple. You need to stay still as I eat this ice cream bar. If you flinch, I put another ice cube inside of you. Got it?“

You grin at her unfortunate set of circumstances. She nods in understanding, tears threatening to spring from her eyes. You lick more of the ice cream which is now quickly melting. You guide the bar over her as she watches some droplets hit her hip. She sucks in her breath but doesn’t move. You move the bar further up. The droplets hit her ribcage and slide down her belly. This time she moans at the sensation but remains still.

“That’s it. You’re doing well babe. Brace yourself now.“

You turn her so she’s lying on her back. Her nipples are hard and she sporting goosebumps. You use the bar to paint her breasts in ice cream before dragging it over her nipples. She manages to stay calm for both, but when you lick everything and take her nipples into your semi-warm mouth she moves.

“So close baby.“

You take another ice cube and put it in your mouth before placing it inside of her. Her toes curl as you push her legs close again. She whimpers as the water and her own juices mix together and trail down her thigh.

“You embarrassed baby?” She nods her head unable to answer. You grin on the inside.

“Don’t be. I love it,” you move some loose strands out of her face.

Mission complete.

Seeing her come undone and left an absolute mess makes you feel so powerful. She’s the strongest Omega you’ve ever known in both mind and spirit. But in the bedroom, she switches to a partner who likes to be pushed out of her comfort zone.

There isn’t much of the ice cream left so you go to your second favorite spot on her body. You take the remainder of the ice cream and smear it on her neck. She stays still but she’s shivering somewhat. You could say that it counts as a movement but she’s trying her best despite how vulnerable she is feeling. So you let her off the hook. You lick the spot and nip her mark.

“Alpha.” Her voice goes up an octave. You drag your fingertips over her body. She trembles as moans and whines escape from her.

“What is it, Omega?” You lightly tap the hood of her pussy before ghosting over her clit with your fingers.

“I want- mmm fuck.” She struggles to finish her sentence. You want to laugh at how cute it is but you hold it in.

“What do you want?” You trail over her stomach watching her tremble further to the stimulation.

“Please. Make love to me.” She looks so innocent. A far cry from the woman who sucked you off and swallowed your cum not too long ago.

“Love? Hmm, I don’t know. You sure you want that? My love is hard baby,” you answer directly in her ear. Your voice taking an edge that only occurs when an Alpha is exerting his or her dominance.

“Yes. Oh God, please. I can’t- please I want you inside of me Daddy.“

Her voice is dripping in want as is her pussy. Her inner thighs are shiny with her juices and the water that has melted inside of her. You growl near her ear as you lick her mark. The smell of her slick hits your nose and you know that you’re done playing with her. You turn her body back to its side as you enter her. She gasps at the sudden warm intrusion. From this position, you can easily play with her clit and tits as you thrust into her at a slow and strong pace. Her eyes are tightly shut as you fuck her.

Fuck, she sounds so good.

Her pussy is wet as fuck.

And her being bound is even sexier.

Her body bounces as you push her leg further up, allowing you deeper entry.

“Oh yes, that’s it right there. I’m getting close. Oh shit!” Her moans get louder as she uses her bottom leg to match your thrusts.

That’s right. You fucking love this shit.

“This body is mine. You understand?” You start to speed up as her voice gets higher.

“Yes -- Alpha.” She responds immediately biting her lip as she clenches around your dick.

“I’m coming. I’m coming.” She can’t grab anything so she hides her face by bringing her arms up. You quickly move them down so you can see her.

“You trust Alpha right?” You are going faster and faster -- your own orgasm getting closer to the surface.

“Yes! Yes! I do. Fuck!” She shouts as her moans flood your ears.

You use your fingertips to put pressure around her neck, squeezing just a bit so that her air is slightly blocked. Her moans come out distorted as she cums. You pump into her until you cum inside of her, your mind going blank as the feeling of release washes over you. She quivers as she rides out her orgasm.

“Shit- Yuta. That was- intense.” Her voice comes out one-half breathy the other half moan.

I love it when she sounds like that.

“I’m starting to regret telling you things I wanted to try,” she smiles at you lazily as she raises her hands to be released from your belt. You playfully smack her ass and squeeze it, before placing a sloppy kiss on it.

“That, baby, was just the beginning. Alpha is always gonna take care of you.” You unbuckle the belt and kiss her wrists softly. No matter what babe. Alpha’s got you.

Welcome back everyone to the follow-up installment of On Instinct. Thank you for reading and supporting my work. As you can see this story will overlap the original story before continuing forward. I look forward to bringing you more romance, drama, and SEX. Lots and lots of sex!

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