Evolution's Revenge


Dean has to protect his little sister Sarah during the feud with The Authority.

Other / Drama
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Name: Sarah Nicole Ambrose

Birthday, December 15, 2004

Family, Dean Ambrose (brother), Roman Reigns (uncle), Seth Rollins ( uncle)

"Hi, I'm Sarah Ambrose. Yes you heard right Ambrose. The leader of the shield Dean Ambrose is my big brother. My brother has raised me since birth i don't know why all i care about is him. He always LOVED wrestling. Right now he is signed with WWE. He is talking with my two uncles, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. I call them my uncles because Dean is more like my dad and brother rolled into one and since they are brothers they are my uncles. I speak my mind when i get mad like my brother, all though they don't like leaving me with certain superstars since they attacked half the roster so they keep a close on me. I stay in the hide out so no one can find me but them because if any superstar messed with me to get back at my brother or uncles they won't like what happens.

I have to go i see my brother and two uncles. Bye".

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