Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 10

Monday Night Raw

(skips most of it)


Sheamus and Roman are preparing for the 4 on 3 handicap rematch later.

"Ready for a fight lad?" Sheamus asked Roman.

"You talkin to me?" Roman replied back.

"I'm talking about our 4 on 3 match later. I hope your ready". Sheamus replied.

"I'm always ready Sheamus. 4 on 3? Sounds like they need more people". Roman replied back.

"See that's what i love about you man, your intensity, your confidence, but um there is still a little doubt in my mind i remember a time when you and your friends were running around trying to find any excuse to attack my good self and anybody else in WWE. This Sunday at Money In The Bank it's every man for himself". Sheamus said.

"If i wanted to take you out, you'd be unconscious right now". Roman said.

Sheamus laughs then replies, "See i love that confidence Mr. Roman Reigns. It's gonna be fun tagging with you tonight, but it's gonna magical Sunday when i walk away the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion".

"Magical? I don't believe in magic. I believe in Roman Regins and so should you". Roman said.

Roman walks out and sees Dean and Sarah.

"Uncle Roman!" Sarah yells in excitement.

"Hey baby girl". Roman said.

"What's up bro?" Dean said to Roman.

"Nothing much just getting ready for this rematch later. How about you?" Roman replied back.

"Nothing just bringing her around and waiting for who shall not be named". Dean said.

"Uncle Roman?" Sarah asked.

"What's up?" Roman asked.

"Can i come to ringside for your match?" Sarah asked.

Dean and Roman look at each other.

"You might have to ask your brother then he if says it's okay then you can". Roman said.

"Please Dean please please please". Sarah begged her brother.

"We'll see, i'll let you know later right now i have to get ready for something, so would you mind keeping her?" Dean replied.

"Not a problem". Roman replied.

"Sarah remember mind Uncle Roman whatever he says goes and no wandering around by yourself. Got it". Dean said.

"Got it Dean". Sarah replies.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

Triple H now comes out and announces the rest of the competitors for the Money in The Bank contract ladder match.

"Not only will there be a championship ladder match there will be a traditional contract ladder match. A match in which the winner will climb the ladder and get the briefcase and inside is a contract that guarantees a championship opportunity. Last week i announced Seth Rollins as the first participant. Up first is a former united states and intercontinental champion and tag team champion that person is Kofi Kingston. Up next is a former Money In The bank winner and who then later became the World Heavyweight champion The Real American Jack Swagger. Up next is a man who many of you think i just don't appreciate the talent of but i'm here to tell you for that very reason he is in this match Dolph Ziggler. Up next is a man that can fly and need be go to the extreme Rob Van Dam. And if you thought that was it well i love doing this i'm afraid i've got some bad news. Bad News Barrett. Now any of these men you can make an argument that would be the favorite to climb that ladder and retrieve the contract but if i was asked who my favorite would be if i was asked who i would believe would win this. It would be Rob Van i can't even say it with a straight face. Hell i'll go as far to say he'll win this that man Seth Rollins". Triple H said.

Seth Rollins music hits and he comes out and gets in the ring and everyone boos him.

"Oh come on guys you're not over it yet really. It's been 3 weeks since that happened give me a break. You really haven't moved on yet. Well that's too bad i'm over it. I've moved on and if you love Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns then you should be thanking me because for every waking second i'm responsible for all their success. I took the shield as high as we could go and i have every right to tear down what i built. Roman Reigns can scowl and growl and Dean Ambrose can get all twitchy eye blah blah blah it's not gonna change a thing. I created the shield i have every right to destroy the shield. I even kept his little sister safe. The whole time when we were together and beating everybody i kept her safe cause at the time she was like my niece so i helped keep her safe now since the tables have turned its up to her pathetic older brother Dean Ambrose to keep her safe. How long though? How long can he keep her safe cause you will never ever know when or if i'll strike. It's no secret that the shield got me this far. I and I alone will climb the ladder and get the briefcase and you can call me a sellout all you want but after Sunday you will be calling me Mr Money In The Bank". Seth said.

Then RVD's music hits and he is at the top of the ramp with a mic.

"Hi guys. Hunter. Seth. You know i can't help but feel like you guys don't take me seriously". Rob said.

"No Rob i take you very seriously. In fact i'd take you more seriously if this were 2005". Seth replied back.

"Ohhhoo. Right cause you were asking mom and dad to stay up late and watch me cause you wanted to be a wrestler. You might have forgot about this but i use to be a former Money In The Bank winner. Actually i'm a former WWE champion. And dude i know for a fact that, that man standing beside you totally remembers when i crushed his trachea at the first Elimination Chamber match. Good times. But Hunter as your saying time and time again it's lame to brag about the past. So i'll say this let's live in the present we have this Money In The Bank ppv this sunday but now what if i beat your new golden boy right now". Rob said.

"Great. Let's get a ref out here and get this done". Triple H replied back.

The ref and RVD goes to the ring and the match goes underway.

(skips most of the match)

RVD and Seth Rollins are weak. Rollins is down on the mat and RVD delivers a rolling thunder. He then goes for the five star frog splash. He misses and hits him with a headbud to the stomach area. He then slams Rollins into the mat and tries the frog splash again. Rollins then rolls out the way while RVD hits the mat with full force of the frog splash. He then throws RVD in the back corner and hits him with the curve stomp and goes for the pin but before he can Ambrose comes out and attacks then the match is called off. Ambrose throws his former partner Rollins around then stops the attack then he continues to brawl until Rollins is out of his reach.

"They uh might as well put me in that Money In The Bank ladder match cause uh if they don't i'm still gonna show up in Boston anyway. I'm still gonna bash Seth Rollins face in. I'm still gonna grab that briefcase and walk away with it. I'll screw up the whole ppv. I'm coming to Money in the bank and i ain't gonna play nice. And Seth so help me if you do what you did last week you better run, run for your life cause if you ever come near my sister again and lay your hands on her i myself will personally end you forever". Dean said.

(skips a little more of the show)

Seth Rollins is now asking for Ambrose to be in the ladder match. Triple H agrees to it and now enters Ambrose in the ladder match.


Dean goes to find where Roman and his sister are. He finds them in catering knowing its time to feed his sister.

"Hey princess, hey man". Dean said to Roman and his sister.

"Hey Dean". Sarah said.

We saw what happened out there. I do the same thing if i were in your shoes. Roman said.

"You were good Dean. But what if he does it again? Sarah replied.

He won't cause if he does i'll end his miserable life". Dean said.

"But can i still go to ringside with Uncle Roman for his match please Dean please". Sarah said giving the puppy dog face.

"Yes, but you cannot stand near ringside it's too dangerous you can only can stay at the commentary table and the second it gets out of hand you get out of there run as fast as you can back to me. Capiche". Dean said.

"Capiche". Sarah replied.

"Oh and if anyone at all come up behind you kick them with all your strength where it hurts okay". Dean said.

"Got ya Dean". Sarah said.

"That's my girl". Dean said kissing his sister's forehead.

Once his sister goes out in the hallway to wait on Roman Dean pulls him aside for a moment.

"Rome the second it gets out of hand you get her out and if anyone goes near her especially that ass Orton take care of them". Dean said.

"You got it". Roman said.

The main event match

"This is a 4 on 3 handicap match. Introducing first from West Newbury, Massachusetts weighing 251 pounds John Cena. Introducing his tag team partners first from Dublin, Ireland he is the United States Champion Sheamus. Second being accompanied by Sarah Ambrose from Pensacola, Florida weighing in at 265 pounds Roman Reigns".

Sarah walks closely behind Roman. When he jumps over the barricade he then picks Sarah up since she is too small to get over by herself.

"Remember Sarah you're gonna sit commentary so go sit and like your brother said the second it gets out of control you go run to him and if anyone gets you from behind kick them where it hurts with all your might ok". Roman said.

"Got it Uncle Roman good luck". Sarah said.

"Thanks, now go sit down cause if someone hurts you me and your brother are gonna hurt someone very badly". Roman said.

"Ok Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

"Introducing their opponents first Bray Wyatt. Second being accompanied to the ring by Paul Heyman the king of swing Cesaro. Next from San Luis Potosi, Mexico weighting 239 pound Alberto Del Rio. Lastly from Saint Louis, Missouri weighing 245 he is the Viper Randy Orton". The announcer said.

The match then goes underway starting off with Cena and Orton.

(skips most of the match)

Sheamus is in control of Cesaro. He then beats his chest over 10 times. Orton gets back in the ring and attacks Cena goes for the RKO but Cena counters the move and hits him with the AA. Del Rio then attacks Cena but Cena once again counters the move and hits another AA. Cesaro hit Cena with an uppercut. Roman is outside the ring and talks to Sarah.

"Alright this is out of hand go back to your brother but be careful alright". Roman said

"Alright be careful Uncle Ro Ro". Sarah said with fear in her voice.

I will now go. Roman said.

Sarah makes it to the ramp then out of no where someone grabs her it's Orton. Roman is distracted in the ring but not until he hears Sarah calling him.

"Uncle Roman! Help!" Sarah said fighting.

When Roman sees this he jumps out the ring safely he gets Sarah out of the way and throws Orton back in the ring.

"Sarah? You okay baby girl?" Roman asked.

"I-I'm fine i'm going to go find Dean". Sarah said close to tears.

"Alright you do that and i'm gonna get Orton". Roman said.

Sarah then runs to the back to find her brother. She then finds him.

"Dean!" Sarah said running to her brother.

Dean hears his name being called and with the look on his sister's face he's not happy. At all.

"What happened princess?" Dean asked calmly.

"I did what you and Uncle Roman told me if it got out of hand to come find you but as i was running Orton got me from behind and i kicked and fought but he was stronger than me but Uncle Roman got him". Sarah said.

"It's alright Sarah, it's okay". Dean said.

Back to the match

The match is then won by Sheamus, John Cena and Roman Reigns.

Kane then comes out and chokeslams everybody but Randy Orton. Triple H then comes out and says something.

"Ladies and Gentlemen meet the 8th participant in the championship ladder match. The demon Kane". Triple H said.

Roman Reigns then spears Kane.

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