Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 11

Friday Night Smackdown

"Welcome to Smackdown. you know in this business people refer to things in eras. There was the golden era, the rock n wrestling era, the attitude era, the ruthless aggression era, today i heard it to be called the reality era but i think it should be called the authority era because the authority is making history. For example at the Money In The Bank ppv we will witness history when Randy Orton walks out the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and when Seth Rollins walks out as the contract winner". Triple H said.

"Hunter you're absolutely right that is what's best for business. This Sunday at the MITB ppv when i not only become the viper or apex predator but i will be the new WWE World HeavyWeight Champion again". Randy said.

"Also on Sunday i will defeat 6 other superstars including Dean Ambrose. And i will climb the ladder and forge my own destiny and win the MITB contract ladder match and if things don't turn out well like Hunter said there is always a plan B. As for Dean Ambrose i know how to take care of him cause i do know 1 important thing: his weakness. I know his weakness and if i wanted to i could use that against him again". Seth said.

Ambrose is backstage with his sister and he looks down and sees his scared sister's face.

"Sarah look at me". Dean said calmly.

Sarah looks at her brother.

"He will not get you and if he does i will bash in his face and will end him. Plus you will always be with me, Uncle Roman, or you will stay with John, or any other superstar or diva". Dean said.

"But i still don't get why is he after me? I didn't do anything to him". Sarah cried.

"He's after you to get to me. He knows that if he gets you he will make me do things to get you back. He wants to mess with my head and he can do that through you". Dean explained.

"C-can i come to ringside with you? I don't wanna leave you". Sarah asked.

"Yes, but only sit at commentary. If you see something that might get out of hand or see Seth you run, run as fast as you can back to Uncle Roman's locker room". Dean said.

"Alright Dean". Sarah said.

"Good girl". Dean said.


"This match is set for one fall currently in the ring from Preston, England he is the intercontinental champion Bad News Barrett". Lillian said.

"Introducing next being accompanied by Sarah Ambrose from Cincinnati, Ohio Dean Ambrose".

Dean escorts his sister to the commentary table. He then gets in the ring and the match goes underway.

(skips most of the match)

Dean hits Barrett with a close line then hits dirty deeds.

The winner of this match Dean Ambrose.

Sarah then goes in the ring to her brother but then Swagger and Colter comes out. Dean gently pushes his sister behind him. Swagger then attacks Barrett then turns his attention Ambrose, Sarah gets out the ring to safety but is short lived when Rollins comes out and attacks Dean and hits him with a curb stomp. After that he turns his attention to Sarah who is cowering in the corner of the ring. He goes to her and picks her up and she starts fighting and kicking. he grabs a mic.

"I told ya Dean i know your weakness and said if i wanted to use it against you again i will". Seth said.

Sarah kicks Seth will all her might where it hurts he lets her go and she runs to Dean who is getting up after being attacked by him. She runs to Dean crying he picks her up and she cries into his chest clinging to him. Dean then starts to scream and yell.

"You'll pay for this Rollins i swear you'll pay. You won't get away with this". Dean screamed.

They finally get back stage and Dean puts his sister down to see if she's hurt.

"Sarah? Princess are you hurt?" Dean asked his sister.

"N-no. Dean!" Sarah cried throwing her arms around his neck and he picks her petting her head trying to calm her.

"It's alright baby it's okay. Big brother's here. I'm right here, i'm not going anywhere". Dean said calmly.

(skips everything else)

Dean finally calms his sister and they go find Roman.

"Hey man". Dean said to Roman.

"What's up. I saw what happened earlier how is she?" Roman replied.

"I finally got her to calm down but other than that she's a little freaked". Dean replied.

"Where is she?" Roman asked.

"I put her inside so she can lay down". Dean replied.

"I know that look Ambrose". Roman said smirking.

"So you know what i'm gonna do then". Dean said.

"Right just don't get too hurt bad she doesn't need or want her brother hurt bad". Roman said.

"I won't but i will make sure he pays". Dean said.

"I gotta go it's time for my match with Kane". Roman said.

"Good luck bro". Dean said.

"Thanks man". Roman said.

Main event match

"This match is set for one fall introducing first from Pensacola, Florida weighing in at 265 pounds Roman Reigns". Lillian said.

And his opponent weighing 323 pounds Kane.

(skips most of the match)

Reigns slams Kane back into the pole of the steel steps. Kane then gets Roman back in the ring and Reigns gives Kane a close line then sets up for a superman punch. He then delivers it he sets up for the spear but then he sees Orton coming to the ring to help Kane he then superman punches Orton then chokeslammed by Kane. He then waits a few minutes and spears Orton then Kane.

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