Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 13

Money In The Bank PPV


Dean is with his sister while getting ready for the contract ladder match.

"Dean?" Sarah said.

"What's up princess?" Dean said.

"You're gonna be okay right?" Sarah asked.

"I'm gonna be fine like your gonna be fine". Dean said.

"Well well well look who we have here". Seth said.

Dean turns around and sees his former friend and team mate Seth. He then gently pushes his sister behind him and she throws her arms around his torso and clings to him for protection.

"What the hell do you want?" Dean hissed.

"What it's a crime to walk around and come see my niece now?" Seth replied in a sarcastic voice.

Sarah then gets scared and tightens her hold on Dean.

"Let's get one thing straight right now Rollins. Sarah is NOT and will never be your niece EVER again and if you come near her again so help me you better run for your life and not look back cause if you do you will not like what i do". Dean said.

"I'm so scared. Seth said sarcastically.

You better be cause if you come near her and put your hands on her again and I find out about i will superman punch and spear you so hard it'll put you in the middle of next year". Roman said in a serious voice.

"Just watch her and yourselves". Seth said.

"Come near her and i'll end you". Dean said.

Seth leaves and Sarah lets go of Dean and they went to catering to eat but since Seth was around Sarah didn't touch a thing on her plate.

"Come on Sarah you have to eat even if it's just a little". Dean said.

"I'm not hungry". Sarah said.

"You can't let what he said get it you he's only saying it to get you upset and me more angry". Dean said.

Sarah eats some food on her plate. Then asks her brother something.

"Dean?" Sarah asked.

"What's up?" Dean replied back.

"C-can i come to ringside with you please please please i don't wanna leave you". Sarah said scared.

Dean sighed then answered.

"You can come but stay by the announce table because this match is going to be extreme and very much out of control so i just want you to stay back as far as possible and the first time you think Seth will come near you call me or run then i will get him alright". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

(skips most of the matches)

"The following is The Money In The Bank ladder match. The superstar who climbs the ladder and retrieves the briefcase will be guaranteed an opportunity for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship". Lillian said.

Everyone gets in the ring and waits on Dean Ambrose.

Dean's music hits.

"Being accompanied by Sarah Ambrose from Cincinnati, Ohio Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

Seth gets a smirk on his face knowing Dean would bring his sister so he creates a plan in his head. Sarah goes to the commentary table while Dean gets in the ring and goes straight after Seth.

(skips most of the match)

All the wrestlers are weak and outside the ring. Every now and then Dean would look back and check on his sister to make sure no one has gotten to her yet especially Seth. Seth has been glancing over at Sarah waiting for the right time. Soon Dean is taken out the match due to his shoulder when Sarah sees this she immediately runs to her brother but before she has a chance to get to him she feels a pair of arms around her, it's Seth. Dean still had his back turned so he couldn't see. Sarah then started to scream and yell for her brother.

"Dean! DEAN! HELP! DEAN!" Sarah cried.

Dean hears his name being called but the medics and refs are trying to get him back to the trainer's room but he fights around them to get to his sister who is being held by Seth. Dean finally gets to Seth and gently pulls his sister away then he starts to beat the living crap out of Seth. The refs and medics try to pull him back so they can check his shoulder. Dean goes to his sister and she throws her arms around his torso and cries, since they don't know the condition of his shoulder the most Sarah can do is hold her brother's hand. They make it to the trainer's room so they can bandage his injured shoulder and then Dean checks on his sister.

"Sarah? Are you okay?" Dean asked calmly.

"Yes. I'm fine". Sarah said with fear in her voice.

Roman walks in to check on Dean and Sarah since he saw what happened.

"Hey you guys alright". Roman asked.

"I'm fine Rome thanks". Dean said.

"How about you princess?" Roman asked Sarah.

"I-i'm fine Uncle Roman". Sarah said with fear in her voice.

Dean and Roman shared a look and turned back to see Seth climbing the ladder and Dean whispers something to Roman.

"Keep her with you till i get back i'm gonna go teach Rollins a lesson". Dean said to Roman.

"Right". Roman replied.

Dean looked down and kissed the top of his sister's head before leaving the room.


All the wrestlers are out the ring but Seth who is now climbing the ladder but then Dean comes running down the ramp and into the ring. He then starts to climb the ladder to get Rollins off the ladder and success he is reaching for the case till Kane's music hits. Kane comes down to the ring and fights Ambrose off the ladder then chokeslams him and holds the ladder for Rollins to climb up and get the case.

"The winner of the money in the bank contract Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth then picks up a mic.

"Hey Dean you should keep a better watch of your sister cause you will never know when or if i'll strike". Seth said.

With all that said and done Rollins gets out the ring and Triple H with Stephanie comes out. While Dean lies helpless in the ring. After a few minutes he manages to get up and make his way back to his sister and Roman. He knows that Roman took his sister to his locker room cause problems would starts with the authority or if Kane, Randy, or Seth would start something and take her as bait. He finally makes his way to Roman's locker room he knocks then enters what he sees breaks his heart, his sister is crying thanks to Seth. Roman looks over and sees Dean he gently taps Sarah's shoulders she looks up and immediately runs to her brother she tackles him in a hug and he picks her up, even with a weak shoulder nothing will ever in his life stop him from ever loving his sister and helping her.

It's okay, it's alright Sarah i'm right here. I'm here princess i'm not going anywhere. It's alright baby girl i'm here. I'm here. Dean said calmly. Dean is trying not to let his anger grow so he hides it.

"Sarah listen, i know you like to come to ringside with me for matches but i don't think you can anymore. Since this is thing with Seth is becoming a bigger problem i don't want to take that chance of him getting you again. I know i promised you he wouldn't get you but that's becoming a bit hard so when i ever have a match you're gonna stay with Uncle Roman, John, or any of the divas'. Alright". Dean said.

"Alright i understand". Sarah said sniffling. Sarah then stifles a yawn so Dean took her to lay down on the couch Roman has in the locker room.

Dean is in deep thought and Roman breaks him out of it.

"What's on your mind man?" Roman asked.

"Rollins. He's gone too damn far, he can come at me all day long but the second he brought Sarah in to this he crossed the line". Dean said.

"I know. Bringing Sarah into this is ridiculous it is. What goes on between you and him should stay between you and him. So are you even mad that you didn't win the contract". Roman said.

"Not really it'll be more fun this way". Dean said.

"Whatever you got planned is gonna work. I got to go its time for the championship match". Roman said.

"Good luck Rome". Dean said.

"Thanks". Roman replied.

Main Event

"This is a ladder match to determine the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion". The announcer said.

All the wrestlers get in the ring and the match goes under way

(skips most of the match)

Roman Reigns is demolishing everyone as he climbs the ladder someone tugs him off it's Orton. Orton then knocks Reigns out the ring. While Orton climbs the ladder Cena comes on the other side trying to knock him off it doesn't work so he takes Orton's head and slams it against the ladder many time till there is a cut in his head. Kane and Orton then tries to prevent Cena from climbing the ladder but doesn't work instead he delivers a AA to Orton then an AA to Kane on top of Orton then he climbs the ladder unhooking the titles and becoming the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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