Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 14

Monday Night Raw

(skips most of it)

"This match is set for one fall. Introducing first from Davenport, Iowa Seth Rollins.

And his opponent from Battlecreek, Michigan Rob Van Dam". The announcer said.

The match goes underway

(skips most of the match)

RVD and Rollins are both weak. Rollins twisted RVD's body in the middle of the ropes. Right when RVD goes to get up Rollins catches him with a curb stomp and gets the pin.

"Seth Rollins last night". Renee said.

"Hey if you're gonna introduce me lady it's Mr Money In The Bank Seth Rollins to you toots. Hey hey you guys think it's arrogant it ain't arrogant when you can back it up. So in my opinion ya'll are just bitter that i was right and you were wrong. Cause you realize this here is my golden ticket and i get a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship anytime anywhere". Seth said.

"Seth. Seth". Dean said

Seth turns around to see Dean on the trion with his sister by his side with her arms around his torso and one of his arms around her.

"Seth. Listen puppet boy from one scumbag to another you really don't think this is over do ya? You don't really think you won last night did ya? You didn't win in fact your plan A failed miserably so your daddy Triple H had to bail you out by sending Uncle Kane by pushing me off that ladder. You know i'm not even upset about what happened at money in the bank. Because it might be more fun this way every time you think about cashing in that contract i'm gonna be there. I'm gonna haunt you. So make all the plans you want cause that briefcase doesn't hold a contract it hold TNT cause everytime you try and cash in it's gonna blow up in your face SETH. Believe that. And also believe this if you ever in your miserable life come around my sister again i will end you myself and all the people who will come and help you i will also end". Dean said.

Seth then gets a mic.

"Make all the threats you want Ambrose cause i don't care. And Dean know one thing. I can do what i want, when i want and how i want meaning i can come around anyone i want including my precious little niece standing right by your side". Seth said.

"Seth, Seth, Seth, I said this last night and i'm gonna say it Sarah is NOT and will never be your niece EVER again. And if you, your buddy Kane, Randy Orton, or your daddy Triple H ever comes near her or hurt her i'm gonna rip you all apart starting with you". Dean said.

Dean's music hits through the speakers.


Dean and his sister walk down to Roman's locker room and he notices something wrong with Sarah.

"Sarah what's wrong?" Dean asked calmly.

"I don't feel good". Sarah said.

Sarah then feels sick to her stomach and runs to the nearest trash can and empties the contents of her stomach. Dean then runs to her holding back her hair as she continues to puke and she cries. Dean knew anytime his sister got too upset she'd get sick to her stomach, he then ties her hair back with a ponytail he keeps in his pocket. As soon as she is done Dean take her to the bathroom to wipe her mouth and rinse it.

"Sit down princess". Dean said wetting a paper towel.

He then gently wipes his sister's mouth off and hands her a small cup of water.

"Rinse baby girl. Dean said.

She rinses her mouth out and sits down holding her knees to her chest rocking back and forth.

"Sarah, baby girl what's wrong?" Dean asked calmly.

"It's what he said earlier". Sarah said.

"Who? It's what who said princess?" Dean asked.

"Seth, how he said he was still was uncle. I don't want him to be my uncle ever again. He scares me and gives me nightmares". Sarah explained.

"Don't worry Sarah he will never be your uncle ever again the only uncle you have is Roman. I know he scares you ever since he turned on us you have been terrified of him". Dean said.

"I think he's been following me". Sarah said.

"What do you mean?" Dean asked.

"When i'm with you i think he follows me to find me. I think it's him, Kane, or Orton. Dean Dean don't let them get me. Sarah said close to tears and throwing her arms around her brother.

Don't worry none of them will ever hurt you or i'll hurt them much worse. Let's go see Uncle Roman". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Still scared Dean just carried his sister even with a hurt shoulder but he doesn't care, he'll do ANYTHING for his sister. Hurt or not. They make there way to Roman's locker room.

"Hey Rome". Dean said.

"Hey man. Hey Sarah". Roman said.

"Hey Uncle Ro Ro". Sarah said.

Immediately he knows something wrong with his young niece and looks at Dean giving him a look. Dean gave him a i'll explain look.

"Sarah, i have to talk to Uncle Roman just for a minute okay but we'll be right outside so go lay down on the couch okay". Dean said.

"Alright". Sarah said.

Sarah then kissed her brother's cheek and he kissed her temple then walks her to the couch lays her down and covers her up and kisses the top of her head. He and Roman then just stand outside the door of his locker room and Roman looks at Dean and he is fuming mad.

"Alright what's wrong with her?" Roman asked.

"She got sick". Dean replied.

"How upset was she?" Roman asked.

"Extremely upset". Dean said.

"How'd she get like that?" Roman asked.

"Take a wild guess". Dean replied.

"That little low life". Roman said.

"But that isn't the rest. He said he can come around anybody that he wants including his precious little niece". Dean said.

"He does that i'll knock the crap out of him". Roman said.

They then hear a scream that came from Sarah. They rush in and see no other than Rollins with Sarah and she is fighting and struggling.

"Let her go Rollins right now". Dean hissed.

"Why should i? I just want to spend time with my niece". Seth said.

"You...are...NOT...MY...UNCLE! You lost that right when you turned your back on us and for what a little fame and fortune. You're pathetic. You're nothing but a back stabbing traitor". Sarah yelled.

"Do it Rollins give me a reason to take you out". Roman said.

"You want her? Here take her". Seth said shoving Sarah to Dean and Roman she then runs behind her brother and throws her arms around his torso.

Rollins then walks out the other door in the locker room. Dean then checks on his sister.

"Are you okay princess?" Dean asked.

"I'm fine". Sarah said.

"Can you tell us what happened". Roman asked.

"I was watching the rest of Raw when i heard the door open i thought it was you guys but it wasn't. It was Seth he tried to pick me up but i started to fight then i screamed then you guys know the rest". Sarah explained.

"Did he hurt you?" Roman asked.

"He bruised my arms i think". Sarah said.

Dean slides her sleeves up on both her arms and sees handprints that are turning into bruises and he quietly growls in anger.

"I have to go and my tag match with Cena is next. i'll see you guys". Roman said.

"See ya man". Dean said fist bumping Roman.

"Bye Uncle Roman". Sarah said kissing his cheek.

"Bye princess". Roman said kissing her head.


"This is a tag team match set for one fall. Introducing first the team of the WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena! And his tag team partner Roman Reigns. and their opponents are the team of the viper Randy Orton! And his tag team partner Kane". The announcer said.

The match then goes underway

(skips most of the match)

The legal men in this match are Cena and Orton. Cena delivers a five knuckle shuffle to Orton then sets up for the AA but Orton fights his way out of it. He then tags in Kane, Cena then sets Kane up for the five knuckle shuffle and delivers it. Before Cena can set Kane up for the AA Orton hits him with an RKO. Roman then throws Randy out the ring and sets up for the superman punch and delivered it to Kane then he turned his attention back to Randy and there fight went all the way up the ramp and backstage. The match is then called off due to disqualification. Kane then starts to attack Cena more and more. He then got Cena back in the ring and tombstoned him making Cena go unconscious and Triple H and the medic are checking him out, Triple H signs for Seth to come out and cash in.


Dean sees this and knowing Sarah can't come or be left by herself he leaves her with Nikki.

"Nikki, i need a huge favor please". Dean asked Nikki.

"What's up?" Nikki replied.

"Can you watch Sarah i have to do something". Dean asked.

"Sure". Nikki replied.

"Sarah you're gonna stay with Nikki just for a few minutes so remember the rule no wandering around by yourself and if you have have to use the bathroom or want to go to catering ask Nikki to bring you". Dean said.

"Alright Dean". Sarah said.

"That's my girl". Dean said.

"That's so sweet". Nikki said.

"Thanks again". Dean said to Nikki.

"No problem". Nikki replied back.


Seth handed over the case to the ref and before the match can start Dean tackles Seth to the ground and starts pounding on him while screaming.


Dean kept wailing on Rollins up the ramp and into backstage. Dean stopped wailing on Rollins and he went back to get his sister from Nikki.

"Hey thanks again for watching Sarah, Nikki". Dean said.

"It was no problem. But can i ask what did you have to do that Sarah needed to be watched?" Nikki asked.

"Seth is after her to get to me". Dean said.

"Oh well if you need me i'm happy to help and i can ask a couple other of the divas if they would mind watching her". Nikki said.

"Thanks so much. Now let me get her. Where is she?" Dean asked.

"She's laying down she said she doesn't feel well". Nikki said.

"I'll get her". Dean said.

Dean walks in the room and sees his sister lying down on the couch all sad, upset and not feeling well thanks to Rollins.

"Sarah? Come on princess time to go". Dean said.

"Carry me please". Sarah said in a weak voice.

Dean carefully picks up his sister and she wraps her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist and lays her head on his shoulder. He heads out and mouths to Nikki 'thank you'. She nods as in you're welcome.

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