Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 15

Friday Night Smackdown

Seth Rollins music hits.

"Last Monday on Raw i was seconds away from cashing in my MITB contract on John Cena. John i got a message for you, you got lucky on Monday night you got lucky but the clock is still ticking. Not even 24 hours into your 15th title reign as champion you were flat on your back unconscious laying the the middle of the ring. Now that doesn't go well for you John cause everyone's survival rate drops to zero. And sooner than later i will cash in this contract and be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Look at this face, look at it real hard because this is gonna be the new face of the WWE". Seth said.

Dean's music then hits.

"You're delusional Rollins, you're talking crazy. You really think your gonna get your hands on those titles? No, no not while i'm around, i warned you no matter where you are, what you do, or how many plans you and your sugar daddy Triple H plan i'll be there. I mean how'd your little championship coronation play out for you last Monday night". Dean said.

Dean plays the footage.

"Watch that footage, what it over and over again cause that's your life for the next year. You think that briefcase is a blessing no it's a curse cause it's every excuse i need to ruin your life, your future and that precious little face". Dean said.

"Yeah, you think i care if you show that footage over and over again. Look i know you better than anybody, you don't have what it takes to keep this up for a year. You got lucky on Monday night, you can't keep this up for a year and you can't stop me from cashing in this contract and becoming the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Speaking of precious how's my little niece doing". Seth said.

"Rollins i'm gonna tell you this for the last time, STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTER. SHE STAYS OUT OF THIS. It's because of you she's upset and sick, it's because of you she is always scared, it's because of you she can't do anything because of how scared she is. And of course i'll start right now". Dean said.

Dean runs down into the ring and makes a beeline for Seth. Then shortly after that Randy comes down to help him then Roman's music hits and he slides in the ring to help Dean. They all have a brawl till Orton and Rollins make there way out the ring and up the ramp then Triple H's music hits.

"Alright i see you guys have made your point, now it's time for my point. Ambrose i see you like to fight so your gonna get a fight tonight when you go one on one with...The Viper Randy Orton. And Roman if you interfere in that match you lose your opportunity for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Battleground ppv. Good luck boys". Triple H said.

Roman and Dean get out the ring and go check on Sarah. They make it to Nikki's locker room and knock. She opens up and tells them to be quite since Sarah is sick. They make there way over to her and gently shakes her.

"Sarah, princess come on". Dean said.

She stirs and sees her brother and uncle.

"De? Uncle Ro Ro?" Sarah asked.

"Yes baby girl it's time to go so your brother can get ready for his match". Roman said.

"Okay. Dean can you carry me please?" Sarah replied.

"Yea, come on". Dean said picking up his sister. she then wraps her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist, and lays her head on his shoulder closing her eyes.

"Thanks Nikki". Dean said.

"Yeah thanks for keeping an eye on her". Roman said.

No problem i hope she feels better. Nikki said.

They carry the sleeping child to Roman's locker room and gently lays her down on the couch covering her up with a blanket. They then kissed her forehead and Roman sat down watching smackdown while Dean prepares for his match against Randy.

(skips later)

It's time for Dean's match against Randy.

"Hey Rome my match is next would you mind watching her?" Dean asked.

"No problem you know i'll watch my niece any time". Roman replied back.

Thanks man. Dean said.

He then walked over to his sister and kissed her head and whispered something to her.

"I love you princess". Dean whispered.

Dean then walked out the room and went to the gorilla.

"This next match is set for one fall. Introducing first from Saint Louis, Missouri weighing 245 pounds Randy Orton".

"And his opponent from Cincinnati, Ohio weighing 225 pounds Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

The match goes underway

(skips most of the match)

Dean throws Orton into the barricade then back in the ring. He then runs and attacks Seth while yelling at him.


He then turned his attention to Randy in the ring. Dean gets Orton for the pin and kicks out. Dean then goes for dirty deeds but Orton countered the move. Orton then hits him with a body slam, he then goes for a DDT from the second rope Ambrose then counters and throws Randy over the top rope. Ambrose then flies out the second rope only to get hit on the bad shoulder by Rollins with the case. The match is then called off and Randy and Seth then and go attack Dean. Then after a while of getting beat Roman comes down to help. Then Roman superman punches Orton and then sets up for the spear but Rollins gets him out of harm's way up the ramp.

After the show end they go back to check on Sarah. They get to the locker room and what they see is Sarah crying because she just got finished getting sick.

"Dean, Uncle Roman!" Sarah cries running to them.

"Hey it's alright Sarah it's okay. Were here". Dean said.

"Come on let's get you cleaned up". Roman said.

They make there way to the bathroom but before they can they are attacked from behind by Orton and Seth leaving Sarah to hide since she can't fight neither guy since she is too small and they are stronger than her. Dean and Roman are knocked out cold. The two men then turn their attention to Sarah who is hiding behind a corner where her brother and uncle were just attacked. She peeks her head out to see if Orton and Rollins were gone, they were but then as she starts to run to her brother Seth clamps a hand over her mouth and picks her up carrying her away from everything. Dean and Roman start to come to and help each other up but they noticed something isn't right. They can't find Sarah instead they find a note on the ground.

I have something you want. Seth wrote.

Dean then gets angry and starts to throw stuff around knowing now that Seth kidnapped his sister.

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