Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 16

Monday Night Raw

Roman Reigns music hits and he makes his way through the crowd and jumps over the barricade and in the ring with a mic.

"Unlike some people i come to this ring i come with a point. When Triple H put me in the fatal 4 way match at the battleground ppv he says it's what best for business. Maybe he think i can neutralize John Cena which i can. He thinks Kane can neutralize me but he can't. Then if all that happens there's Randy Orton walking out with the titles but he won't. I asses in attack. I assessed this situation a thousand time and i'm gonna tell you it ain't gonna happen. And I understand i'm a wanted man around here but i got a trigger". Roman said.

The crowd then chants "Cena Suck"

"When Roman Reigns is in the house you damn right Cena sucks. And i don't care if the authority is here or not what i got to say is irrelevant. What Randy Orton what's is irrelevant because he's just a pawn in this game. Me no i'm not a pawn i'm just the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Believe that!" Roman said.

Kane's music then hits.

"So with their absence are you standing in for the authority now? Are you no longer the devil's favorite demon? Because lately you're just Triple H's lap dog. No let me correct myself, lately you have been Randy Orton's bitch". Roman said.

Roman then gets out the ring and makes his way to Kane and then them two have a brawl. Refs and business people then come out trying to break it up. Kane then chokeslams one of the refs. Roman then spears one of the business guys then superman punches Kane off the ring.

Roman's music hits and then he leaves the ring to go to the back. He sees Dean there fuming mad because of what happened Friday after smackdown went off the air.

"Hey man". Roman said to Dean.

"What's up". Dean replied.

"Just got done dealing with Kane. I'm not gonna ask but am anyway, have you found her yet?" Roman asked.

"No, i looked everywhere i swear if he touched one hair on her head i'll finish him". Dean said in an angry tone.

"You'll find her don't worry". Roman said.

"I hope i find her in time cause i got a rematch with that ass Orton later tonight". Dean said.


Seth prepares for his match with Cena later on in Raw. He then turns around and smirks because sitting in his locker room tied up in Sarah. He had jumped Dean after smackdown was over and kidnapped Sarah.

"Aww what's wrong? Not happy to see Uncle Seth?" Seth asked sarcastically.

"You...Are...NOT...MY...UNCLE! Your nothing to me anymore. Ever since you turned your back on us i disowned you as my uncle". Sarah yelled.

"Is that so?" Seth said.

Seth you're nothing but a two bit double crossing back stabbing traitor. Sarah said.

Seth then walks over and slaps her across the face really really hard and leaves a handprint then tears start to come down her face as she tries to struggle to get out of the ropes that bind her wrist and ankles.

"Try all you want you can't get out of those". Seth said.

"Why? Why did you turn your back on us?" Sarah asked.

"Because i bought in to what the authority has to say". Seth said.

"What they think is best for business sucks for business". Sarah said.

"I don't know where you started to talk like that but you better cut it out". Seth warned.

"Or what? Dean's already gonna finish you. Plus you forget i was raised by Dean so where do you think i got a smart mouth from". Sarah said.

"Dean can't do anything because he's has a rematch later with Orton". Seth said.

(skips later more into the show)

"This match is set for one fall. Introducing first from Saint Louis, Missouri, weighing 245 pounds Randy Orton.

And his opponent from Cincinnati, Ohio weighing 225 pounds Dean Ambrose". The announcer said.

The match goes underway

(skips most of the match)

Randy twist Dean's arm on the bad shoulder. Dean then gets out of the hold and hits Orton with a closeline to the chest and starts wailing on his head. Ambrose then goes for the figure four leg lock hoping to get Randy to tap out, Randy then gets out of it. Orton then throws Dean out of the ring and does a DDT from the barricade. He then throws Dean back in the ring and does another DDT from the second rope. Dean goes for dirty deeds but Orton slips out of it and out of no where Randy hits Dean with an RKO.

"The winner of this match Randy Orton". The announcer said.

Dean gets up and Seth then appears on the trion.

"Hey Dean what's up buddy". Seth said.

"I got one question for you Rollins". Dean said in an angry tone.

"What's that?" Seth said.

"WHERE THE HELL IS MY SISTER? Seth so help me if you hurt her i swear to god i will end you". Dean said.

"Oh she's here". Seth said.

Seth then turns the camera on Sarah and she is struggling to get out the ropes.

"Say 'hi' to big brother Sarah". Seth said.

"DEAN! HELP!" Sarah cried.

Seth then turns the camera back on himself.

"Well you saw her". Seth said.

"Give her back she has nothing to do with this. You want to come after me fine but you leave her OUT of this. She is a innocent child". Dean said.

"You want her come and find her". Seth said.

The trion then went out and with that Dean dropped the mic running off to the back going to find his sister. Dean looks in every room in the building calling out her name hoping she responds. He then hears something. Crying. He runs to where he hears it and it's coming from Seth's locker room. The door is locked so he starts to kick at it until it opens. The door finally breaks down and with it coming off the hinges it scares Sarah and she hold her head down.

"Sarah? There you are". Dean said calmly untying the ropes that bound his sister's wrist and ankles.

After she is free she jumps into her brothers' arms crying and clinging to him.

"Hey hey it's alright now. I'm here now princess, i'm here". Dean said.

He then carries her to Roman's locker room so they can inspect her for injuries. He knocks on Roman's door and he opens it with a smile.

"I see you found her. Where was she?" Roman asked.

"Seth's locker room tied up". Dean said.

Dean tried to put her down but she tightened her hold on him refusing to be put down.

"Sarah i'm gonna put you down just for a quick minute okay then i'll pick you right back up okay". Dean said.

Dean then put her down checking for injury. He sees her wrists are a little burned from the rope. He then continues to look and he sees something on her face sets him off.

"Sarah? What happened to your face?" Dean asked calmly trying to hide his anger.

"After i told Seth off he slapped me really really hard". Sarah said now crying again.

Dean holds his crying sister in his arms trying to calm her.

"It's alright Sarah it's okay. I'm here now, i'm here. I'm right here now princess i'll never ever leave you". Dean said to his sister.

Sarah then falls asleep on Dean's shoulder. Dean and Roman then watch the main event match.

Main Event Match

"This match is set for one fall. Introducing first he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena!

And his opponent Seth Rollins". The announcer said.

The match goes underway

(skips most of the match)

Cena is in control of Rollins, he then goes to the top rope only to be kicked down by Rollins. Rollins then goes for a knee to the face but Cena rolls out the way and he slams his knee into the mat. Cena then sets up for the five knuckle shuffle. And he hits it perfectly. Kane then comes out to help Rollins and the match is then called off. Rollins then takes the briefcase and hits Cena across his head hard knocking him out. He then takes this chance to cash in so he hands it to the ref and before the match can get started Dean comes out attacking Seth and he yells and screams at him.


Kane then turned his attention to Dean who is still attacking Rollins. But before he can Roman comes out and spears after that he helps Cena up and hold his hand up. Then Cena does it to Roman and Finally Roman does it to Cena.

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