Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 17


Starts off with Dean Ambrose

"All for the last 2 years all i heard is Seth Rollins is the smart one, Seth is the architect of the shield, look at that big brain on Seth. Seth is smart he knows that he couldn't beat me down by himself on Monday so he had his buddies Kane and Randy Orton to help him. And sure they put me in the hospital and if you think for a second that little 3 on 1 attack was going to keep me from being here tonight and most importantly getting my sister, an innocent child back in all this and from beating in your face. Well i got one question: is that all you got genius. Is that all the authority's got? That's not a rhetorical question because i plan to find out let's not wait till Sunday so GET OUT HERE RIGHT NOW! AND WHILE YOUR ADDED GIVE ME BACK MY SISTER!" Dean screamed.

"Dean! Dean! HELP! DEAN HELP ME!" Sarah cried.

Dean looks at the trion and there he sees his little sister crying, fighting, and struggling to get out of Seth's grip.

"DEAN HELP ME! DEAN!" Sarah cried.

The camera then turns back to Seth.

"Ambrose, Ambrose, Ambrose, you just don't get it do ya. Your so talented, but you can't seem to figure it out. With out me you're nothing, you're nothing but a babbling lunatic destined for a insane asylum. I'll give you this you got guts. So does miss missy here i see where she gets it from. After Monday you got more guts than brains i mean think about it shield vs shield. Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins. By the way i want to make a little wager in that match. If you beat me Sunday you get your brat of a sister back and we'll leave her alone. But if you lose she stays with me. There is nothing more i want in this world than to come down to that ring with this brat and make her watch as i curve stomp your face into that mat again. But unfortunately i can't do that i tweaked my knee Monday night i'm not medically cleared". Seth said.

"Looks like to me you're scared like my sister is scared right now just give her back and i won't beat as bad. And you should be scared it's time to face your fears and make daddy proud come take your beating like a man then give me back my sister or so help me i will end you myself once and for all". Dean said.

"Oh real clever go back to the daddy line. You're so tough Ambrose all these tough words for a tough guy like you always got something to prove. I'll give you a chance tonight to prove how tough you are, i just talked to Triple H and he wanted me to let you know you have a match not against me but with him". Seth said.

The camera is then then pointed on Kane and he move and fire comes out the corners of the ring.

"DEAN! HELP! DEAN!" Sarah cried.

The trion goes out with Seth picking up a fighting, kicking, and screaming Sarah. Dean then gets out the ring to go prepare for his match.

(skips a bit further)

Seth is in the authority's office with a tied up Sara.

"Let me go! I have nothing to do with what's going on with you or my brother you dingbat". Sarah said.

"Actually you do have something to do with this". Seth said sending a text on his phone.

"What do i have to do with this then?" Sarah asked.

"I know how your brother acts if you're in danger and when you're not. As long as i have you i'm in control of you and your stupid brother". Seth said.

"And you call my brother the lunatic, Seth you're the biggest moronic lunatic ever". Sarah said.

"Zip it brat i'm busy". Seth said.

"Bite me you big pathetic dingbat". Sarah said.

Seth then goes to Sarah and slaps her across the face quite hard. Sarah then starts to struggle against the ropes while tears stream down her face.

"After Sunday you need to be treating me with more respect because after i destroy your brother even more you're going to be staying with me". Seth said.

"Yeah right the only place i'm going after Sunday's with my brother you big headed moronic dingbat. You call my brother crazy you're the crazy one Seth". Sarah said.

Kane then walks in the room.

"Kane hey. Look i kind of wanna get on the same page here tonight i mean i know what happened on Monday. I wouldn't wanna take what Orton did to you personally. It was about the WWE World Heavyweight championship, you gotta understand that. But tonight it's different tonight is about Dean Ambrose". Seth said.

"I don't need your voice of reason. I'll deal with Randy on my own, in fact i hope Orton's watching tonight because i got plans for Dean Ambrose". Kane said.

"Plans? What plans? Leave my brother alone you mask wearing two bit freak". Sarah said.

"Shut up you little brat. Good good i like that just do me a favor. Just leave a little bit of life in him so i can finish the job at Battleground". Seth said.

Sarah then starts to cry and struggle even more while Seth gets on his phone.

"By the way on Sunday don't get any ideas on cashing in your money in the bank contract. Understand". Kane said.

Sarah continues to struggle against the ropes burning her wrist more.

"Try all you want you can't get out of those". Seth said.

"Seth do me a favor please". Sarah said.

"What?" Seth asked.

"Shut your mouth before i shut it for you". Sarah said.

"You sure are your brother's sister down to the temper and mouth". Seth said.

"Ya think? My brother taught me everything i need to know". Sarah said.

"Not everything. He didn't teach you to close your mouth at certain times". Seth said.

"You suck Seth. Ever since you turned your back on us i lost all trust and faith in you. Me and my brother trusted you to look out for us and me and you do till you turn your back on us and for what? A little fame and fortune you are just down right pathetic Seth, you turned your backs not only on your brothers but your niece. You turned your back on me to, i trusted you to look out for me, my brother, and Roman. I trusted you to protect me. You're nothing but a pathetic traitor who doesn't care about anybody but himself". Sarah said.

"Just for that if your brother does beat me Sunday you won't go back with him and you're going to watch as i stomp in his face. Now shut it before i get really mad". Seth said.

Main event match

"This match is set for one fall. Introducing first from Cincinnati, Ohio weighing 225 pounds Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

"And his opponent weighing 323 pound Kane". Lillian said.

Dean immediately jumps Kane knocking him out the ring and the ref is trying to get him to stop the attack the so match can start. The ref finally gets the two men away from each other and the match is underway.

(skips most of it)

Dean is in control and dominating Kane. Dean then jumps from the second rope flying out and pushing Kane on the floor with his bad shoulder. Kane then starts to fight back and throws Dean into the steel steps. He then tries to tombstone him from the steel step but Ambrose avoids the attack. Seth then drags Sarah down to the ring and makes her watch how he and Kane destroy Dean. Seth hits Ambrose on the shoulder with the briefcase. Sarah then tries to help her brother but is held back by Kane and she is yelling and screaming at him.


Seth continues to brawl on Dean while Dean is struggling to get up and get his sister back. Kane then puts Sarah down while he gets the steel steps for Rollins. Sarah looks with wide eyes as they position her brother for Seth's curve stomp. She then begins to scream and yell.


She then breaks free of her ropes and goes to get a steel chair. After her brother gets a curb stomp on the steel steps she then attacks Seth and Kane with all her might and strength. She bashes the chair into Seth's stomach and begins to repeatedly hit Seth's stomach. She then moves to Kane and since she is a bit weak from her attack on Seth she slowly hits Kane till she is out of energy and she collapses from exhaustion. Dean seeing this then runs to his sister.

"Sarah? Sarah? Wake up kiddo come on wake up, wake up you can do it. Wake up Sarah i have you now". Dean said.

Dean sees Kane helping Seth up so he takes this time to run to the trainer's room to have his sister looked at.

Trainer's room

Dean runs in with his sister in his arms still unconscious from her attack on Seth.

"Doc i need you to look at my sister". Dean said quickly.

"What happened". the doctor asked.

"She was kidnapped by Seth on Monday and he kept her tied up and when he brought her out she broke out of the ropes and got a chair and started to attack Seth then when she went to Kane she collapsed. I haven't been able to wake her up since i brought her back here". Dean said.

The medic looks over the young girl.

"Does she have any medical issues?" The doctor asked.

"No". Dean said.

"Well then she probably just got over heated and passed out. When she wakes up she will need to be hydrated and well rested or it will happen again". The doctor said.

Dean then takes his sleeping sister to his locker room to get his stuff for the night and go back to the hotel. Dean makes his way to his locker room and opens the door with one hand then gently and quietly he makes his way over to the couch and lays his sister down. He then quietly collects his stuff and puts it in his gym bag. Sarah then stirs awake and not knowing where she is she begins to panic.

"Where am I? Where am I?" Sarah cried.

Dean then looks to see his sister is awake and about to have a panic attack. She then looks up and sees her brother and runs straight to him.

"Hey hey hey calm down It's okay, it's alright. You're alright, you're alright". Dean said.

"What happened?" Sarah asked.

"You got overheated and passed out. What's the last thing you remember?" Dean asked.

"I was about to hit Kane then i fell after that i don't know". Sarah said.

"I'll say this you did a great job tonight Sarah. You were very very brave. You did something i'd expect other people to do. But i'm very proud of you, you helped defend your brother. And for that you deserve this". Dean said picking up his sister kissing her temple and swinging her around not too fast.

Sarah laughs and enjoys the time with her brother. Dean then sees the time and they have to head back to the hotel. Sarah take her brother's hand tightly and he throws his gym bag over his shoulder and they walk out. While they walk Rollins jumps them from behind he attacks Dean while Sarah runs and hides but is short lived when Kane grabs her and as soon as Seth is done with Dean he looks over and sees Kane has Sarah. He then goes to them and smacks Sarah across the face hard and then says something to her.

"You sure do have guts like your brother. And strength like Roman, they've been teaching you well but after Sunday i'll be teaching you and you will be working for the authority for ever or until your weak pathetic brother can get you back". Seth said.

"Bite me. My brother and Uncle Roman are two of the strongest guys i know and they will get me back one way or another". Sarah said.

"Yea will see". Seth said.

They then walk away with Sarah who is fighting and kicking. Dean then sees what happens and curses under his breath. He now has to wait for Sunday at Battleground to finally once again get his sister back from Seth and finally gets his revenge.

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