Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 18

BattleGround PPV

(skips most of it)

The match has yet not started but Seth is preparing for his match with Dean while Sarah sits in a chair tied up struggling to get out of the ropes that bind her wrist.

"Seth please don't do this. Just let me go. Let me go back to my brother, do the right thing come back to us. To me". Sarah pleaded.

"Why would i do something like that?" Seth asked sarcastically.

"You don't know what they are capable of. What if they are just using you?" Sarah asked.

"There not now shut up the match is next and you got a very special seat by ringside because i want you to watch as i stomp your brother's face in then watch as i take you away from him for ever". Seth said.

Seth then goes out for an interview and before the interview is over Dean jumps Seth and Sarah moves out the way. She watches as her brother throw Seth around like a rag doll. It takes a few people to separate the two men and Sarah finally gets out of the ropes and helps her brother but is held back by Triple H, starting to get angry like her brother she kicks Triple H in the groin quite hard causing him to let her go. She then gets a steel chair and starts to hit Seth with it but after the third hit the chair is taken by Triple H he then has Dean thrown out of the building and holds a fighting and screaming Sarah.


Dean hears his name being called and what he sees sets him off more. Triple H holding his sister in a tight firm grip and won't let her go. He then fights his way around the group who has him surrounded and makes his way back to his sister. Sarah glances over and sees her brother running towards them and she gives a small smile. Dean then gets his sister away from Triple H and Seth and starts beating the holy crap out of Triple H for putting his hands on his sister. As soon as Dean is finished the group then gets him but he's no where to be found neither is Sarah. Dean is carrying Sarah to Roman's locker room. She is crying and clinging to her brother happy that she is finally reunited with her protector, Dean. She falls asleep on her brother and they finally make their way to Roman's locker room and Dean knocks on the door. Roman then opens up seeing his friend with his young niece.

"I see your back and with my favorite little niece. How'd you do it?" Roman asked.

"I jumped him and that idiot Triple H because Sarah starting beating Seth with a chair and Triple H got her then jumped his sorry ass". Dean explained.

"Wow i got a strong niece. We've been training her right". Roman said.

"Yea we have". Dean said.

Sarah then stirs awake looking at her surroundings seeing she is in a locker room. But whose? She lifts her head off her brother's shoulder and Dean sees she's awake. Dean puts her down on Roman's couch.

"Dean? Where are we?" Sarah asked sleepy.

"Uncle Roman's locker room". Dean responded.

"Hi princess". Roman said to Sarah.

"Uncle Roman!" Sarah yelled excitedly and running to him.

He then picks her up and holds her close, Dean sees this and gives a small smile.

"I'm sorry i couldn't get to you sooner baby girl". Roman said.

"It's okay it wasn't your fault. It wasn't your fault either Dean they got us from behind there was no way you could have done anything so don't beat yourself up". Sarah said.

"Thanks princess". Dean said.

Dean then looks to the screen and sees Rollins in the ring and just heard Rollins won by forfeit. He then looks at Roman and whispers something to him.

"Keep her with you, i've got something to finish". Dean whispered.

"Right". Roman said.

Dean kissed the top of his sister's head and walked out the room. Rollins is half way up the ramp before Dean comes out of no where and just starts attacking Rollins. After a few minutes of attacking him security comes out and picks him up by his arms and legs and carries him and he starts to fight the security guards and he is finally thrown out. Seth is then walking to his car with two security guards.

"Guys thank you but i don't need security". Seth said.

The guards then leave Seth and he looks around paranoid and then Dean comes from the trunk of the car and begins to attack Seth. Seth then gets in his car and speeds away leaving Dean in the parking lot. Dean then sneaks his way back in and goes to Roman's locker room and sees his friend and sister watching the rest of Battleground.

(skips the rest)

Sarah falls asleep on her brother's shoulder while Dean and Roman watch battleground. Sarah then starts to cry and whimper in her sleep alarming the two superstars. Dean then shakes his sister waking her up.

"Sarah? Sarah? Wake up kiddo. Come on baby girl. Wake up". Dean said.

After a few minutes Sarah's eyes shoot open and she clings to her brother more.

"Sarah? What was your nightmare about?" Dean asked.

"S-Seth. He curb stomped you hard and he took me back". Sarah said crying.

Roman and Dean looked at each other. Dean then quietly growls in anger and mentally cursing Seth in his mind.

"It's okay Sarah. It's alright, i'm here and i will never ever leave you. I promise". Dean said.

"I'll never leave you either baby girl i promise. It's alright were here and we won't let anything happen to you". Roman said.

Roman sees its time for the main event match.

"I'll see you guys later it's time for the fatal four way match for the championship". Roman said.

"Good luck man". Dean said fist bumping Roman.

"Thanks man". Roman said.

"Good luck Uncle Roman". Sarah said kissing his cheek.

"Thank princess". Roman said kissing her forehead.


Everyone gets in the ring and everyone is introduced and the match goes underway.

(skips most of the match)

Cena has the STF submission hold in on Randy. Roman then throws Orton over the announce table. It's now Cena and Reigns in the ring going back and forth to each other. Roman sets up for the superman punch but misses but comes back with another one and a spear. He then turns his attention to Kane and Randy, he delivers a boot to the face to Kane and spears Orton through the barricade. It's now Kane and Roman and Kane is stalking Roman. He chokeslams Cena and Roman. Randy then RKO's Roman, Cena then AA's Randy on top of Kane winning and retaining the championship.

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