Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 19

Monday Night Raw

The show starts off with Triple H.

(skips most of it)

Roman Reigns then comes out with Sarah. He gets over the barricade then picks Sarah up since she is too small to get over by herself, she stays by his side since Randy Orton, Triple H and Kane are in the ring. She stays by his legs with her arms around his torso and his right arm around her protecting her and shielding her.

"If there's a conversation involving the WWE World Heavyweight championship my name should be added to that list. Because last time i check no one wants to see John Cena vs Kane. And don't nobody wanna see John Cena vs Randy Orton again. What people want to see is John Cena vs Roman Reigns. And if any of you make the wrong move and come after my niece you'll wish you would have never made that move. BELIEVE THAT!" Roman said.

With that done Sarah knew her uncle was going to attack but before he did she got out of the ring and watched as Roman superman punched Kane and stalking Randy. They keep glancing back as if they were going to go after his niece. Roman then picks up a mic.

"I dare any of you put your hands on my niece so help me i will finish and end each and every one of you". Roman said.

"I'll tell you what i believe. I believe right now Roman Reigns is gonna have a match. I believe that he is going up against Kane and Randy Orton. I believe that is gonna take place right now". Triple H said.

Sarah then gets back in the ring to hug her uncle and wish him good luck. As soon as Sarah gets out the ring Roman stalks them as they keep glancing as Sarah as if they are going to grab her or if this could be another diversion to get her.

The match then goes underway.

(skips most of the match)

Roman keeps wailing Randy with punches every where then Orton has had enough so he tags in Kane, he then goes in and Roman starts wailing on him for a while then Kane getting tired of getting beat on so he goes in to tag Randy in but Randy won't tag in so Roman punches Kane on the pole knocking Randy and himself down. Roman then sets up for a spear and hits Kane getting the win.

"The winner of this match Roman Reigns!" The announcer said.

Sarah then gets back in the ring running to Roman and he picks her up hugging her close.

"You did it Uncle Roman! You did it!" Sarah yelled excitedly.

"Yeah i did it baby girl i did it". Roman said.

They then go to the back and find Dean. They spot him coming out of the bathroom.

"Dean!" Sarah yelled running to her brother.

Dean looked seeing his sister make a beeline for him, he crouches down and she tackles him in a full force hug knocking him down. Dean then laughs.

"Hey you just the girl i was looking for. How was Uncle Roman's match?" Dean asked.

"It was awesome he beat 2 of Triple H's lap dog losers". Sarah said.

"Really?" Dean said getting off the floor picking his sister up while he's getting on his own feet.

"Yeah beat Orton and Kane". Roman said.

"Nice. Rome i gotta ask you something man". Dean said.

"What's up?" Roman asked.

"You've been teaching little miss here how to spear someone with full force?" Dean asked teasing.

"I try". Roman said laughing.

"Maybe when she gets a bit bigger i'll show her how to do dirty deeds and other stuff. Right now i'll show her basics". Dean said.

"You're the best Dean". Sarah said kissing her brother's cheek.

"Thanks princess". Dean said kissing her temple.

"Yeah Dean you're the best". Seth said sarcastically.

Sarah knowing the voice clinging to Dean but not hiding her face knowing she isn't scared anymore.

"Aww looks like someone isn't afraid of Uncle Seth anymore". Seth said sarcastically.

"For the last time you big pathetic piece of crap you are NOT MY UNCLE!" Sarah yelled.

"Why you little". Seth said. Reaching for Sarah but Dean stopped him and gave Sarah to Roman.

"You seriously have one death wish. Trying to attack my sister? In front of me? Yeah i'm the crazy one". Dean said.

"You should teach your sister some manners and not to mouth off to people she can get hurt that way". Seth said.

"Let's get a couple things straight right now. 1. i don't care if she mouths off to people like you, Orton, Kane, or the authority, she mouths off to any of you i don't care because all of you deserve it especially you. 2. Keep your damn hands off her, she is an innocent child in this whole thing you're just using her to get to me you want me come fine come and get me but you leave her out of this. 3. At least on smackdown i didn't get beat up by a 10 year old girl with a steel chair now am i? No last time i check you're the one who got beat up by a 10 year old girl. Rome doesn't that surprise you. A WWE superstar gets beat down by a child". Dean said.

"Yeah. I wonder how that looks a WWE superstar gets beat up by a child looks good because we've been training her right. One day she'll be so good no one will stop her because she'll have 2 great mentors". Roman said.

Sarah then whispers to Roman to put her down for a second. He then puts her down and she makes a beeline straight for Seth hitting him very very hard in the groin area knocking him down and Sarah then hits and kicks him while Dean and Roman stand there and watch smiling at what they are witnessing. Sarah then fixes her pony tails and moves hair out of her face and goes in front of her brother and uncle standing confident.

"And that will teach you to mess with me, my brother, and uncle. Do it again and you'll be dealing with me. Believe That!" Sarah said quoting Roman.

Dean and Roman put their fist out and Sarah puts her fist in like them. Dean then picks up his sister and he and Roman walk to Roman's locker room so Dean can prepare for his match later with Cesaro. They make it to Roman's locker room and sit to watch the rest of raw. Right now it's a 4 on 1 handicap diva's match. Nikki then goes to ringside and hugs her sister Brie who is a fan in the audience. Brie then calls Stephanie a vindictive bitch. Stephanie then slaps Brie across the face and then taunts her.

"If that were me and i were a diva and she slapped me she'd get more than a little slap to the face i'd give her my hardest spear and dirty deeds ever". Sarah said.

Dean and Roman laugh.

"Hey Dean you got a future diva on your hands". Roman said.

"Oh yeah. She's going to out beat all the divas' and the superstars better watch out because if they try and hurt my sister they won't know what hit them or what's coming to them". Dean said.

"Agreed". Roman said.

Stephanie then announces Flo Rida to perform.

After the performance Stephanie is arrested for aggravated battery and resisting arrest. Sarah still with Dean and Roman makes a side comment.

"Welcome to the real world princess". Sarah said.

Dean and Roman laugh shaking there heads.

"Where did you learn to talk like that?" Roman said laughing.

"Do you have to ask. I taught her everything she needs to know". Dean said.

"Yup Dean taught me everything i need to know". Sarah said proudly.

Dean smiles and kisses the top of his sister's head. He sees the time and knows it's almost time for his match against Cesaro. Only 1 more match till his.

"Sarah? Do you want to come with me for my match or stay with Roman?" Dean asks his sister.

"Hmmmm, i wanna come with you". Sarah said.

"Alright, but remember what i told you". Dean said.

"Get out if anything gets out of control, if i see Seth call you or run back to Uncle Roman". Sarah said.

"Atta girl". Dean said.


"This match is set for one fall. Introducing first being accompanied by Sarah Ambrose from Cincinnati, Ohio weighing 225 pounds Dean Ambrose". The announcer said.

Dean escorts his sister to the commentary table and puts a headset on her and she kisses his cheek for good luck, he kisses her forehead in return.

"Ladies and gentlemen we are now being joined by Sarah, Dean's kid sister. Hi Sarah, how are you?" Michael said.

"Hey Michael i'm good, how about you three?" Sarah asked.

"Were good thanks for asking". The 3 commentators said.

"So Sarah is your brother gonna win tonight?" King asked the young girl.

"Yup". Sarah said.

"Sarah what are your thoughts of Seth targeting you to mess with your brother?" JBL ask.

"As long as he doesn't hurt me, me, Dean, and Uncle Roman won't hurt him. I gave him what he deserved tonight and on smackdown". Sarah said.

"You hurt Seth Rollins? Money In The Bank winner Seth Rollins?" The 3 commentators ask in shock.

"Yup. Gave him my spear and just wailed on him for a couple minutes. On smackdown when had kidnapped me i got out of my binds got a steel chair and hit him a few times after he curb stomped my brother". Sarah said.

"Wow you young lady are a strong girl". King said.

"Remind me not to mess with you". JBL said.

"Thank you". Sarah said.

"Sarah one more question then we'll get back to the match. Who's training you in wrestling?" Michael asked.

"My brother and Uncle Roman. So far i can do a perfect headlock, a full on spear, and right now i'm learning dirty deeds, so one day i can be like my big brother". Sarah said proudly.

Cesaro has Dean's bad shoulder twisted but he won't give. He then starts to fight back with his one arm, Cesaro then has him trapped in a corner of the ring. Dean then drops Cesaro to the floor wailing on him, Dean then throws him over the top rope and he then jumps over only to get hit by an uppercut. Cesaro then walks over to the commentary table to grab Sarah, she knows if she fight him her brother gets disqualified but before he makes it over there Dean jumps him from behind and throws him back in the ring. Cesaro then again twist his bad shoulder hoping he will get Ambrose to tap out. Dean then gets out the arm twist and is thrown out the ring only to be saved by stopping and rolling back in the second rope.


In the back Triple H while on the phone is watching the match along with Randy and Seth who is still a bit sore from Sarah's attack. Randy then starts to laugh.

"What are you laughing at Orton?" Seth ask.

"You. You got beat up by a 10 year old girl, she beat you with a chair on smackdown then attacked you here? Yeah that's hilarious". Randy said laughing.

"Can it Orton i'll get my revenge soon". Seth said in a serious voice.

Yeah if you say so. Randy said.


Cesaro now has Dean sitting on the corner, then kicks him hard in the chest causing the pain to go in his shoulder. Cesaro then sets Ambrose up for a suplex but Dean starts to fight out of it.

"LET'S GO DEAN! YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT DEAN! YOU CAN DO IT BIG BROTHER!" Sarah yelled cheering for her brother.

Dean then from the top rope delivers a dropkick to Cesaro's chest. Ambrose then hits a clothesline and starts to wail on Cesaro's face and head. He then headbuts Ceasro into the pole. He then send Cesaro to another part of the ring and from the second rope hits a tornado DDT. Dean then sends him over the top rope and Cesaro stares at Sarah like he is going to attack her, Dean then comes out flying out at the second rope landing on Cesaro and causing him to drop on the floor. Dean then throws him back in the ring only to be kicked and he caught himself and brought himself back and delivered a closeline to Cesaro. Dean is then on the pole and kicks Cesaro in the chest. Cesaro then wails on him then Dean throws him into the pole, he then gets out the ring and gets a steel chair and hits it on Cesaro's shoulder hard causing the match to get called off. Dean then starts to attack Cesaro with the chair a couple more times before getting more chairs and throwing them in the ring. Sarah then gets 2 mics, one for her and one for her brother.

"I got a message for Seth Rollins, The authority, and any other superstar. Mess with my sister and that will be the LAST thing you ever do". Dean said.

"Mess with me and i'll take you out with my ultimate spear and hardest dirty deeds ever. Believe that!" Sarah said quoting Roman.

Dean then picks up his sister and the two siblings go backstage and see a smiling Roman.

"Let me have my favorite little diva". Roman said.

Dean then gives Sarah to Roman.

"You were awesome baby girl a natural just like your brother". Roman said.

"She was raised by the best you know". Dean said smirking.

"Oh i know she was she is a mini you right down to the temper and mouth". Roman said.

Sarah then lays her head on Roman's shoulder closing her eyes.

"I think she's asleep". Roman whispered.

"Yeah she wore herself out tonight". Dean said.

They make there way back to Roman's locker room and lay the sleeping child down on the couch and covered her up with Dean's old shield sweatshirt, they both kiss her forehead.

"I'll be right back". Roman whispered.

"Right". Dean said.

They watch as Triple H announces John Cena's opponent for Summerslam. Randy's music hits and slowly makes his way to the ring and before he gets in the ring Roman comes out of no where and attacks him bringing the fight in the back. Paul Heyman then comes out and says Brock Lesnar is John Cena's opponent for Summerslam for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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