Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 20

Smack down

(skips most of it)

Dean is about to go out for his match and doesn't know if he should leave his sister with Roman or bring her. Ever since Sarah stood up to Seth and the authority like her brother she isn't afraid anymore. Since she attacked Seth with all her might she feels like she can do it again if provoked enough.

"Sarah, do you wanna come with me or stay with Uncle Roman or someone else?" Dean asked.

"Hmmmm, i wanna come with you so i can watch you kick some butt". Sarah said.

Dean couldn't help but smile and he kissed the top of his sister's head. He sees it's time for his match but he tells Sarah something before hand.

"Sarah, princess this match is going to be very very dangerous so i need you to stay at the commentary table". Dean said.

"Alright. But if Seth comes out can i attack him. Please". Sarah asked.

Dean laughed and answered.

"Yea, just be careful and if you think you feel overwhelmed or dizzy call me immediately match or no match". Dean said.

"Right". Sarah said.

"Atta girl". Dean said.


"This is a No Disqualification match set for one fall. Introducing first being accompanied by Sarah Ambrose from Cincinnati, Ohio weighing 225 pounds Dean Ambrose". Lillian said.

Dean escorts his sister to the commentary table and puts a headset on her. She then kissed her brother's cheek and he kissed her forehead in return.

"Ladies and gentlemen we are now being joined once again by Dean's kid sister, Sarah. Sarah how are you this fine day?" Michael cole asked.

"Hi i'm fine Michael thanks for asking". Sarah said.

"Sarah in this match who does it favor more, Cesaro or your brother?" JBL asked.

"My brother 100% because my brother gets dangerous when weapons are involved and so do i". Sarah asked.

"What would you do if Seth Rollins came out during this match and hurt your brother or to get you?" Michael asked.

"Hurt him. I have my brother's temper and guts and i'm no longer afraid of Triple H's new lap dog Rollins. For all i care he can continue to work for him and be handed stuff that he doesn't earn. He didn't earn that contract it was given to him. My brother deserved that contract because he worked hard for it". Sarah said.

"What are your thoughts on people calling your brother a 'lunatic fringe'?" Michael asked.

"He can get crazy at some points but only if he can get provoked enough he'll go insane like i do to". Sarah said.

"One more question and we'll get to the match. What is the craziest thing you did while being here with your brother?" Michael asked.

"The craziest thing i ever did is attack Seth Rollins. I mean he kidnapped me a couple time just mess with my brother and every time my brother has had a match he had to ruin it and for what? Nothing". Sarah said.

They go back to the match and it goes underway.

(skips most of the match).

Cesaro is in control of Dean. Dean then puts half a dozen of chairs in the ring and while he is on the second rope Cesaro sets him up for the superplex and hits it perfect making Dean land on all the chairs and Sarah goes insane and runs to her brother.

"Dean! Are you alright?" Sarah asked closed to tears.

"I'm fine princess i'm alright go sit back down". Dean said in a weak voice.

Before she could a pair of arms grab her from behind. It's Cesaro and she starts to elbow him hard in the chest but he has a tight firm grip. Dean sees this and goes nuts. He then carefully without hurting or injuring his sister gets her out of his grip then slamming very very hard a chair against Cesaro's ribs then dropping the chair and checking on his sister making sure she is fine. The two siblings give a quick hug and before Sarah goes to sit down Seth comes out of no where and attacks Dean, getting sick and tired of him she picks up one of the chairs and slams it hard against his chest. She then starts to wail on him while Dean helps. Knowing this might get dangerous she goes back to the announce table and sits down. Cesaro then gets Dean back in the ring while Seth stalks Sarah. The match continues and Dean is very very weak from the superplex on top the chairs Seth hits him with a curb stomp letting Cesaro win the match. Sarah seeing this runs to her brother's side seeing if he's still conscious. Sarah then looks at Seth with anger in her eyes. She then goes for a mic.

"Seth you have gone far enough. I'm sick and tired of you coming out week after week beating up my brother for something you deserve. You deserve to get the crap beat out of you. You did the most unforgivable thing you turned your back not only on Dean and Roman but you turned your back on me. Yes i'll admit i was scared at first but i'm not anymore and yes i'll also admit this i've got guts to do this for me to be a 10 year old child. But that will not stop me from helping my brother in any way. So i want to make you a challenge right here right now". Sarah said.

Seth then goes for a mic.

"Really? You want to challenge me? Are you serious? Do you realise what would happen if i have a match with you. You'd get seriously hurt. Because i mean look at you 5'8 at 190. you'd have no chance against me". Seth said.

"Never say never Seth because this isn't an ordinary match. It's a no disqualification lumber jack match. You see my brother just had one so i figured if he's good with weapons then i'll have no problem plus you must have a memory lapse because after Evolution kidnapped me my brother, Roman, and YOU, started to train me and ever since that day i've been training as a wrestler and all the lumberjacks will not help you because no one likes you anymore Seth. The only people who like you is your daddy Triple H, your mommy Stephanie McMahon, and your buddy Randy Orton. Know one thing Seth i bet the second they turn on you, you're gonna be running back to us and when that day comes we won't want you back. BELIEVE THAT!" Sarah said.

Dean is then carried to the trainer's room to get looked over and Sarah is at her brother's side not leaving him. The doctor then looks him over and say his back is gonna be sore after the superplex. The doctor then leaves Sarah alone holding her brother's hand and she begins to cry and she is fuming mad. Roman then comes to check on her.

"Sarah? Babygirl you okay?" Roman asked.

She sadly shook her head no and jumped in his arms crying in his shoulder. Roman holds his crying niece and rubs soothing circles on her back to calm her. After a few minutes she's calm.

"I saw what you did out there. You did a excellent job standing up for yourself, Dean, and me. And what i liked the best is you challenged him to a no disqualification lumberjack match. You're gonna do great in that match and Seth will never ever bother you again". Roman said.

"You think it's the right thing? I wanna do this for me and Dean, i wanna finally show him enough is enough and he can't mess with us anymore". Sarah replied.

"You can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it. If you wanna wrestle than that's what you choose". Roman said.

"Your right". Sarah said.

Before Sarah leaves she kisses her brother's cheek and whispers something to him.

"I'm gonna do it Dean i'm gonna do it for you, me, and Uncle Roman. I'm gonna finally beat Seth like you planned to". Sarah whispered.

Dean then turns his head toward his sister and caressed her cheek smiling at her.

"I know you're gonna make me proud princess. Go for it". Dean said.

He then signs for Roman to go to him.

"What's up man?" Roman asked.

"If Orton, Kane, or anyone tries anything to hurt her take their asses out". Dean said.

"You got it". Roman said.

Sarah then leaves to change and prepare for the match with Roman. She is dressed in a small white t shirt with a black vest on top, black cargo pants, and black combat boots. She is dressed as a mini version of how her brother use to dress the only difference is she has a ponytail. She then starts to train for a little bit. By the time she is done training she has perfected Roman's superman punch, spear, and boot to the face. She has also perfected Dean's dirty deeds on the first try. Finally she learned Seth's curve stomp so she can beat Seth with his own move. By the time she is done training it's time for the match and Roman will escort her to ringside.

Sarah when you go out who's music do you want to use mine or Dean's? Roman asked.

Dean's. Sarah replied.


This is a lumberjack no disqualification match. Introducing first the lumberjack, Big E, Kofi Kingston, R Truth, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, The Miz, Bo dallas, The Usos, Titus O'neil, Xavier Woods, and Zack Ryder.

Dean's music hits and they all turn and see Sarah at the top with Roman.

"Introducing next being accompanied to the ring by Roman Regins from Cincinnati, Ohio weighing 195 pounds Sarah Ambrose". Lillian said.

Roman walks with her down the ring and passed the other superstars. They agreed to do this because when Dean or Roman were in matches she sometimes stayed with one of them and they adore her as there own little sister and will help her with anything.

Seth's music then hits.

"Introducing her opponent from Davenport, Iowa, Seth Rollins". Lillian said.

Seth makes his way to the ring but before the match starts he grabs a mic.

"Before this match starts i wanna make a wager". Seth said.

Sarah then gets a mic.

"What do you want?" Sarah asked.

"If you win i'll leave you alone and never bother you again. But if you lose you come back...with me and be my helper forever or until your pathetic brother decides he gets you back". Seth said.

"Deal". Sarah said dropping the mic.

The ref then starts the match and it goes underway.

(skips most of it)

Seth has been kicked out the ring 3 times and has been jumped by the lumberjacks and thrown back in the ring each time. Sarah then goes for a kendo stick under the ring and gets it. She then starts to beat the hell out of Rollins till it breaks. She starts to get a bit dizzy and overwhelmed so she goes out for a second, none of the lumberjacks attack her but guard her. Roman checks on her and she says she's fine. She then goes for a steel chair and beats Rollins on the back with it till it broke. He then lays his head on the second rope and she gets out the ring running alongside it giving Rollins a boot to the face just like Roman. She then sets up for the superman punch and when Seth turns around she hits him straight on the jaw. She then sets up for a spear and hits it perfectly. She starts to get winded a little causing Seth to give her a punch to the ribs and slap across the face making Roman growl and curse under his breath. He then gets in the ring and punches Seth hard in the nose. Just then running down the ramp and past all the superstars is Dean going to help his sister, Dean then starts wailing on Rollins. He then has to go back to get checked out by the doctors to make sure he didn't damage anything too bad. She then hits him with a low blow knocking him down. She then asks for a steel chair and Ryder gives her one. She sets the chair up and while Seth is down she hits a dirty deeds on the chair without harming herself, she then kicks the chair out the ring and doing another dirty deeds perfectly. She then asks Big E to bring in the steel steps since she is too small to carry them. He puts it down center of the ring and setting Rollins up for a curb stomp. She then jumps back on the rope and hits Seth with his move. Big E then takes the steps out and Sarah runs back on the rope hitting Seth with a second curve stomp. She then pins him getting the win.

"The winner of this match Sarah Ambrose". Lillian said.

Sarah then jumping up and down all excited she hugs all the superstars who agreed to be lumberjacks and Roman finally gets in the ring picking Sarah up putting her on his shoulder.

"I did it Uncle Roman! I really did it! I won my very first match". Sarah yelled in excitement.

"I know babygirl i saw. I'm so proud of you". Roman said.

Seth starting to stand asks for a mic.

"H-how did you just do that? No one beats me. NO ONE". Seth yelled.

Roman puts Sarah down and she gets out the ring to go with Roman's cousins The Usos to see what Roman's gonna do.

"Seth i DARE you to make a move cause if you do that will be the last move you make tonight. I guarantee it". Roman said.

Seth makes a move and Roman gives him a hard spear.

Roman then gets out the ring and makes his way over to Sarah who is with Jimmy and Jey. He thanked his cousins for watching her. They said no problem. Roman takes a ecstatic Sarah back to Dean.

"Dean! Dean! I did it! I won my very first match. Thanks for the help Dean". Sarah yelled in excitement.

Dean couldn't be more proud. His sister, a little child beat Seth Rollins just with a little bit of help from people since she couldn't do some stuff. He then picks up his sister and hugs her close then kisses her temple. He holds his sister close to him and she lets out a cry of pain.

"Sarah, what's wrong?" Dean asked.

"My ribs hurt. Seth punched me in my ribs". Sarah said crying.

Dean looked at Roman and he answered.

"I took care of it i punched him square in the nose". Roman said.

Roman then leaves for his match. A doctor then comes in and Dean asks him to check on Sarah.

"Doc, can see look over my sister to make sure she's fine so far she said her ribs hurt i wanna make sure she's okay". Dean said.

"Sure Dean. Sarah i'm gonna look you over and press on your chest to see if anything hurts, if something hurts let me know okay". The doc said.

"Okay". Dean can you hold my hand. Sarah asked.

Dean nods his head and moves to his sister holding her hand. The doctor then pushes on her chest and ribcage when he pushes gently on the lower right side of the ribcage she cries out in pain squeezing Dean's hand tightly.

"I believe you young lady have a bruised rib, it's nothing bad but since you're smaller and how much force Seth punched you with he bruised a few of your ribs so i'm gonna have you sit up so i can wrap it". The doctor said.

The doctor then wraps Sarah's injured ribs. Dean then puts his sister on his lap just hugging her close and kissing her temple. He then just wants to check to see if she is dizzy, or needs help in anyway.

"Sarah does your head hurt? Do you feel dizzy or nauseous at all?" The doctor asked.

"My head hurts a little, i don't feel really dizzy, and i feel just a bit nauseous". Sarah replied.

"Ok, Dean make sure she eats just a little bit of food but not too fast, make sure she drinks plenty of water, if she starts complaining of headaches give her a aspirin and make sure she rest for a few days, so for the next few days take it easy don't do anything but rest". The doc said.

"Thanks Doc". Dean said.

"No problem". The doctor said.

Dean then feels something heavy on his shoulder, his sister fell asleep on his shoulder. He then picks her up leaving the room and making his way to pack up his stuff while Roman is in a match with Alberto Del Rio.


"This next match is set for one fall. Introducing first from Pensacola, Florida weighing in at 265 pounds Roman Reigns. And his opponent from from San Luis Potosi, Mexico weighting 239 pound Alberto Del Rio". Lillian said.

The match then goes underway.

(skips most of the match)

Roman goes for a boot to the face but misses, Del Rio then jumps out knocking Roman down. Del Rio then starts to wail on Roman for a few minutes then throws him back in the ring and Roman gets some energy back then goes back to Del Rio with a few punches. He then positions himself to deliver a boot to the face and nails it. He then sets up for a superman punch and hits Del Rio right on the jaw with it. Del Rio is so out of it he doesn't know what is going on or where he is then he goes to attack Roman only to get hit by a spear.

"The winner of this match Roman Reigns". Lillian said.

Roman then shakes his hair out and gets on the second rope doing his pose.

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