Evolution's Revenge

Chapter 21

The show hasn't started yet, when Dean and his sister are on there way to the arena Dean looks at his sister and she is pale as a ghost, curled up in a ball hugging her knees close to her chest.

"Sarah? You okay baby girl?" Dean asked.

"No, i don't feel good". Sarah said.

Dean touches her forehead and she is burning up.

"When we get to the arena i'm gonna take you straight to Uncle Roman's locker room so you can lay down okay". Dean said.

Sarah nods.

They make there way to the arena and Dean throws his gym bag over his shoulder and winces, Sarah then slowly makes her way to her brother. Too weak to walk Dean picks her up and wraps her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist, and puts her head on his shoulder just like she always did when she was a little girl and got sick. When she got sick she did not want to leave Dean's side, he always stayed with her till she got better. They then make there way to Roman's locker room and knocks quietly knowing his sister is sleep. Roman opens up with a worried look on his face wondering what's wrong with his niece.

"She's sick. Mind if i lay her down?" Dean said to Roman.

"Sure". Roman said.

Dean lays the sleeping child down on the couch while Roman gets ready for Raw.

Monday Night Raw

They start off with John Cena

(skips most of it)

Stephanie is with Triple H and then an angry Randy Orton comes in.

"Hunter, Hunter. We need to talk. Now correct me if i'm wrong last week on Raw was the original plan was John Cena facing me at SummerSlam". Randy said.

"Yea that was the plan". Triple H said.

"Yea so that was the plan so Roman Reigns attacks me from behind and Brock Lesnar gets my title shot. You need to do what's best for business and make the main event for summerslam Randy Orton vs John Cena". Randy said.

"Randy plans change. Plans change when Roman Reigns gets involved. Can i change the main event match at summerslam and make it you vs John Cena, yea i can but i won't". Triple H said.

"Wait what, why is that?" Randy asked.

"Why is that? Because with Roman Reigns in the picture he will screw everything up for you. If i put you in the main event match at SummerSlam he will just come in and screw it up. So until he is out of the picture you don't get anything until he is out of the picture. That being a championship shot as well". Triple H explained.

"I'll finish him off tonight". Tonight. Randy said.

"Tonight he has a match with Kane". Triple H said.

"I have a problem with Kane, i sure as hell have a problem with Roman Reigns. Now i have a problem with you". Randy said.

Randy then leaves to figure out how to get Roman back for costing him a title shot. A idea just popped into his head, he knows he can get Roman physically but also mentally. He waits and waits around the corner of Roman's locker room. After a while he sees Roman leaves to go to the ring for his match then behind him is Dean going the opposite way to get his sister some stuff to feel better. Randy then makes his way to the locker room and quietly he sneaks in and grabs Sarah waking her up and she looks up to see Orton. He then carries her out while she is fighting and kicking. When Dean gets back to the room he sees his sister gone and he sees red with anger lit up in his eyes.


Kane is in the ring waiting for the match to start. Roman's music then hits and he makes his way down to the ring but before he gets over the barricade Randy jumps him and he sees a sick Sarah with Randy so he fights back. Roman tries to get Sarah away from Randy as much as possible not wanting to make her pass out or get sick in anyway. Randy continues the brawl on Roman while making Sarah watch. She then starts to get wide eyes when she sees Randy RKO Roman on the announce table then cries when the table breaks and Roman on the floor after the second RKO. Randy then picks up a mic.

"Roman let me tell you one thing. YOU DON'T TAKE WHAT'S MINE! Since you TOOK my title shot i'll take what's your's that being your precious little niece here". Randy said grabbing Sarah by the arm roughly.

Randy then drags her to the back and she is starting to feel dizzy and nauseous then can't hold it anymore she pukes all over Randy.

"Why you little". Randy said.

Sarah then runs away from Randy hitting a pair of legs and looking up to see Roman's cousins The Usos. They often care for her when Dean or Roman are in matches. Sarah refers them as her other uncles and Jimmy's wife Naomi as her aunt.

"Sarah? What are you doing back here? Where's Dean or Roman?" Jimmy asked.

Jey then picked up the sick child.

"Randy grabbed me from Uncle Roman's locker room. He told Uncle Roman he doesn't take what his and since Uncle Roman took his title shot for summerslam he said he'll take what's Roman's and he said that's me". Sarah said close to tears.

Jimmy and Jey glance at each other, then running down the hallway is Randy and when he gets close enough Sarah hides in Jey's chest clinging to him terrified of Randy. To Sarah, Randy was much more dangerous when he got angry and it terrified her. Jimmy and Jey look at each other then acknowledges Randy.

"Something we can help you with viper?" Jimmy asked.

"Yea you can start by giving me that little brat, she puked all over me and needs to be dealt with". Randy replied angrily.

"Why would we give her to you?" Jey asked.

"Because if you don't i will take her from you". Randy said.

"I like to see you try". Jimmy challenged.

Randy goes for her but Jimmy stops him and throws him into the wall and starts to beat him with a chair while Jey tries to keep Sarah calm. Jimmy is done the attack on Randy and makes his way over to his brother and niece.

"Mess with her again you'll get much worse. And we ain't talking about us doing it". Jey threatened Randy.

The Usos will do everything to protect Sarah if Dean or Roman aren't around. Back when The Shield was formed she was always left with The Usos because Roman has trusted his cousins to watch his niece and that they did. Sarah warmed up to The Usos a bit quick because majority of the time she was left with them and then after a while they became her uncles. Then when Jimmy married Naomi she became the young girl's aunt. They then look around looking for Dean knowing Roman is in the trainer's room. They finally see Dean wandering the hallways looking for his sick sister.

"Dean!" Jimmy yelled.

Dean hears his name being called and sees his sister safe with The Usos and he runs his way taking his sister from Jey, she sees someone trying to take her but clings to Jey more.

"What's wrong with her?" Dean asked.

"Randy got her, apparently from what she said Roman took Randy's title shot when he attacked him last week, then she told us what Randy said". Jimmy said.

"What'd Orton say?" Dean asked with anger laced in his voice.

"Randy said that Roman shouldn't take what's his and since he took his title shot he'll take what's his being Sarah". Jey replied back.

When Dean heard this he was beyond angry, Orton used his sister to get to Roman. Oh boy was Randy gonna pay. Big time. Jey gently tapped her shoulders and she lifts her head up and seeing Dean, he took her out of Jey's arms and she wrapped herself around him tightly and buried her head into his shoulder and he was rubbing her back with one arm and holding her head with another.

"So how'd she get away from him?" Dean asked.

"Apparently she puked on him ran and found us". Jimmy explained.

"Anything else?" Dean asked.

"Randy reached for her but Jimmy stopped him". Jey said.

"Thanks guys i appreciate it". Dean said.

"No problem man, you know we do anything for her". Jimmy said.

"Yea we'd do anything for our little niece". Jey said.

Dean smiled, The Usos thought of his sister as there niece and help protect her if Dean or Roman weren't around to do it. The Usos and Dean said their farewells for the night and Dean took his sister back to Roman's locker room. Dean laid her down and put a bucket beside her and not even a few seconds later she was emptying the contents of her stomach while Dean rubbed soothing circles on her back and put her hair back. She rinsed her mouth out and fell asleep while Dean watched the rest of Raw.

(skips more of it)

Triple H is in the ring with Stephanie and after a few minutes Chris Jericho came out and sang "Bad Boys" embarrassing Stephanie. Triple H then puts him in a match later that night with Rollins.

(skips to the match)

"This match is set for one fall. Introducing first Chris Jericho. And his opponent Seth Rollins". The announcer said.

The match then goes underway.

(skips most of the match)

Jericho is demolishing Rollins he then from the second rope lands a summer salt and hitting Rollins perfectly. He then hits the codebreaker then tries to pin Rollins for the win but before he could The Wyatt family comes out and attacks him calling the match off.

Stephanie then makes her way to the ring to confront her situation about Brie. Brie makes her way through the crowd and confronting Stephanie. Brie agrees to drop all charges against her if Brie gets her job back and she has a match at summerslam against Stephanie. Stephanie agrees then attacks Brie and they have a fight till 3 security guards and Triple H comes to break it up.

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